Jessica Dawn

Jessica Dawn

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"Jessica Dawn’s incredible vocal talent and memorable lyrics make her singles ,“Houdini”, “Post-it Note”, "Red Electric" and "Shotgun" sure to appeal to a broad cross-section of listeners and fans." - Randall James, CEO of Global Maximus Records.


Jessica Dawn has been honing her craft as a performing songwriter and polishing her sound for many years. She wrote her first song when she was only eight years old. Jessica then realized her dream of being a singer/songwriter and continued to write on an old Casio keyboard and even recorded her early material on her Mom’s retro tape player. From piano lessons in her pre-teens to voice lessons and then teaching herself guitar at eighteen, Jessica continued to embrace her love for creating music. After high school, she started performing her original songs in Virginia Beach, VA, where she was born and raised. She consistently performed shows, both solo and with bands that she herself put together, for many years. Then with much hometown success and experience under her belt, Jessica packed everything she owned into her Chevy van, with a suitcase full of dreams, and made her way to Nashville, the songwriting capital of the world. Since her move to Music City in 2003, Jessica has fearlessly held onto her dream with determination and persistence, even through such a fickle and tough industry, by constantly writing songs and performing; doing what she loves. After many years of playing shows and releasing a few EP’s along the way, she continues to make a name for herself and finally signed a record deal with indie label Global Maximus Records in 2011. Jessica not only keeps growing as an artist, but her loyal fan base continues to grow as well. Audiences are moved by her unique sound and compelling lyrics and captivated by her passionate performances



Written By: Jessica Dawn

My heart was tough like a Chevrolet
I was cruisin’ on the highway
Love was going okay
‘til his hit and run made a wreck of me

And I crashed and burned
Now I can’t get these wheels to turn
Now I’ve learned
That I can’t depend on my safety

‘cause I’m smokin’ and I’m chokin’

Check engine light
Tells you to make me right

Please someone take me in so I can start again

Who will fix me up
Who will make this motor run
Who will tune me up
Who will be good enough
to ride shotgun

Trusty Mechanic
I need somethin’ automatic
The damages are drastic
Won’t you fuel my carburetor?

Inspect me please
Charge my battery
I’m losin’ power quickly
Yeah, well I can’t love with no alternator

Transmission is in bad condition

Check my viscosity
Yeah, maybe that’s the key

I’ll be runnin’ great with a new V8

So let’s take her for a spin
take her for a test drive
Fasten your seatbelt baby
And enjoy the ride
Let’s go get a full tank at the station
Yeah, we’ll tear up the roads all over this nation

Come on baby love me
Come on baby try
Come on baby love me
Come on baby try

Post-it Note

Written By: Jessica Dawn

I see your ghost in my bed
I reach over and the sheets feel cold
Memories replay in my head
I’m haunted more as the day unfolds

And I have to remember to forget you
I have to remember to forget you

Clocks are ticking but my world has stopped
And I still make coffee for two
My mind has made your smile a snapshot
I paint my room a shade of blue

And I have to remember to forget you
I have to remember to forget you

Doesn’t matter how many photographs I burn
You’re still there everywhere I turn

I need a post-it note, I’ve got to write this down
‘cause I feel your hands on me, though you’re not around

Someone give me faith in love again
Remind me that it’s worth believin’


Written By: Jessica Dawn

You hypnotize
Master of mystery
but I realize
it’s not reality
you want a surprise
so you set the scenery
and dress up your lies
they look pretty
in disguise

You’ve got something up your sleeve, baby
You kill the lights and just leave shady
I don’t want to believe a Houdini
‘cause your love is an illusion
So now it’s my turn to disappear

You can’t hide
All of your bag of tricks
Hands untied
No, I don’t want the risk
Eyes open wide
‘cause your moves are slick
Mirror's inside
And the smoke is thick
My faith has died

Your magic is tragic
Your Magic is tragic
You are the king of cards
You want to play with my heart
You are the king of cards
You want to play with my heart
Trap door’s in the floor
Trap door’s in the floor
I was blind but now I see

Red Electric

Written By: Jessica Dawn

Sometimes you feel so disconnected
Nobody knows that you’re hurting inside
Trying to find that open circuit
It’s hard to keep that spark you have alive

You are much braver than you think
Just look fear in the eyes

You can burn brighter
You can start a fire
You can be a hard-wire
Turn on the power when it’s dark
And light up your red electric heart

When days are long and the nights get colder
You have no energy to keep on fighting
You’ve got to be the change and be a charger
If you just love yourself you’d be like lightning

You are much stronger than you think
Just look yourself in the eyes

You are like Paris at night, such a sight to see
So don’t you dare hide from your life; it’s time to be

Turn on your power, light up your heart (4x)


-Jessica signed with indie label Global Maximus Records in 2011!!! The singles,
"Post-it Note",
"Shotgun" and
"Red Electric"
are available on iTunes and Amazon!!!

-EP, "Graffito" featuring the songs Shotgun, Most Wanted, and Walkin' Revolution in 2008.
-EP, "Listening Room" in 2004.
-EP, "Jessica Dawn" in 2001.

Set List

Jessica Dawn usually performs a minimum of 30 minutes or an hour and can play up to almost 2 hours of all original songs. Here's an Example Set List that is an hour long:

1. Try Me On
2. Houdini
3. Post-it Note
4. Mr. 3000
5. Suncatcher
6. Boomerang
7. Catching Air
8. Bad News
9. Red Electric
10. Handywoman
11. Painkiller
12. Shotgun