Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake


Intelligent pop/rock, unpredictable melodies, metaphoric lyrics, I want to bring the actual good songs back and not so much the tricks and gimmicks. As a band we take the audience on an emotional journey, have a lot of fun, and love to share what we've got!


The cover of Jessica Drake’s self-titled debut CD is a reflection of her psyche, hinting of ideas springing from her mind as quickly as she thinks of them, writes about them, and moves on.

She’s been viewing things differently than most since the days her father drove her to school and she’d create new lyrics and new parts to songs they’d listen to on the radio. In class, she’d silently recite alternative versions of the songs and wonder why the artists didn’t write it her way.
She’d also look within when others talked about the weather, or superficial topics that failed to stimulate her desire to understand, question the obvious and look beyond.
“I can look at a crayon and I write about it using all my senses,” she explained. “The smell, the look, the feel and the memories all open my brain allowing me to intercept details I would normally overlook.”
Learning from her mother, who was a passionate writer, Jessica used words to combat the mundane, followed by piano and guitars when she became a teen. And although barely out of her teens, she’s had more than her share of experiences to contemplate.

Her biggest inspiration and challenge came when her mother suffered a stroke. That’s the day she realized that all things are possible, both good and bad, and that the only certainty in life is the moment.

“Change occurs in the blink of an eye, and I don’t know who exactly who I will be tomorrow, or next week, or next year,” she said. “The only thing that’s certain is what’s happening now.”

Fresh out of Berklee Music School in Boston, Jessica is finished her debut album with producers at Hit Music in her home state of North Carolina, and she will tour the mid-Atlantic in support of her new CD, which is available at iTunes and other on-line outlets.


LP (Debut Album) Jessica Drake.
Streams on Pandora Internet Radio,, occasional local/east coast radio airplay

Set List

Call Them Gone
Little Star
Nobody Wants You
Patches and Pins
Paper Moments
The End
Slow it Down
It's a Game
Over Love

Typically I do 45 minute to 1 hour sets. However depending on venue, I can do plenty of covers.