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"Jesi Erin Performing For Our Troops Overseas"


While still riding the wave of the national release of her single "First Taste of Summer", Jesi Erin is heading overseas to perform for our troops!

About Jesi Erin:

Nashville singer/songwriter Jesi Erin has been busy preparing to travel overseas to perform for our troops! She will be performing in the Balkans over Memorial Weekend for the troops who are stationed there. Jesi has been a long-time supporter of our military and is thrilled to have this opportunity!

Jesi's music has been played on "Friday Night Lights" and "All My Children". She has opened for acts such as Montgomery Gentry and Darryl Worley, among others and has performed at many notable sporting events such as the Jeff Fisher (Tennessee Titans) Annual Charity Softball game, and most recently for St. Jude's Country Music Marathon. Jesi has traveled all over the country performing at major fairs and festivals such as the California State Fair and the San Diego County Fair. She has also performed at renowned venues such as The Bluebird Cafe, 12th & Porter, Joe's on Weed, Whiskey A Go-Go, and The Viper Room.

Jesi is very excited and honored to be performing for our troops and can't wait to share her "First Taste of Summer" with them, and she is excited to share it with you too!

MPJ Entertainment · 444 Garfield Ave. · LaSalle · IL · 61301 - MPJ Entertainment Press Release

"Interview with Jessica Erin"

By: Jeffrey Kurtis

I first had the chance to hear Jessica Erin when she opened up Darryl Worley's show in Chicago back in November and instantly knew that Jessica was an artist to keep an eye on. With her new album "Free To Be Me", out now, she took a moment of her time to chat with us about the album, her plans, and more. I want to take this moment to thank Jessica for her time.

1. What can someone expect to hear when they hit play on your debut album "Free To Be Me?"

A very fun, upbeat album with the occasional love song. What I really love about my album is it is very relatable, and a lot of people can connect with what I am singing about.

2. How did working with producers Billy Chapin and Chris Omartian help you find your sound and shape the style of the album?

What I really love about both Billy and Chris is the fact that they would push me vocally and emotionally to a level I didn't even think was possible. They truly brought out my personality in this album, and the songs are completely "me". I love the sass and the heart that is present in "Free To Be Me" and it wouldn't be the album it is without them!

3. "Chicago Bears Fan" a spin on your "All-American Girl," has gotten you a lot of notice in the Chicagoland area and has gained you a ton of local airplay and opportunities. Why do you think people have been drawn to this song and did you expect it to hit the way it has?

You know, at first I was a little taken aback by all of the positive feedback I was receiving, but then I just realized that the song truly is great and Chicago is known for their fans. I think people are drawn to it because it puts a modern twist on sports songs and gets people really revved up!!!

4. With "Chicago Bears Fan" gaining you local attention, have you decided on a single that will take your music more nationwide?

I am looking to release "Girl's Night Out" as my first single because it is very light-hearted and fun to listen to. It is also very catchy and I think people will like to dance to this one!!

5. Which one song is your personal favorite on "Free To Be Me" and why?

Oh my gosh! You are going to make me choose?? Haha!!! That is really tough…Umm…Can I pick a couple?? I really love "Follow Your Heart" because it gives me this feeling inside that if I really put my mind and heart to something, I can do it. I hope others feel the same about it! I also love "Bad Girl" because it talks about all of my flaws and I think it is really funny to poke fun at myself sometimes! Okay, just one more too!! Haha! "Say Goodbye" is a really deep heart-felt song that I co-wrote about losing someone you love and not wanting to let go. It really hits you hard when you listen, and the vocals my Producer captured are incredible.

6. At the beginning of November you started the promotion for the album by opening for Darryl Worley at Joe's Bar. How did that opportunity come to you and how did it benefit you the most?

My team works really hard to get me gigs and I owe that to them! They sent my EPK over to Joe's Bar and they liked what they heard, and offered me the gig to open for Darryl!!! I think I benefited in many ways because not only did I get exposure, but it gave me the opportunity to get on stage in front of a crowd and perform with high energy and receive a great response. It definitely boosted my confidence!!

7. What did you learn from watching a veteran like Darryl Worley perform that you have started to incorporate into your own show?

What I really liked about his show is he is totally laid back and real. He doesn't try too hard, he just gets out there and does his thing and is good at it! He is also a really nice guy, and great to his fans.

8. What are your plans going forward as far as touring and what areas will you be heading to?

Well, gosh! I hope all over the U.S.! Haha! I will definitely be performing in Nashville, and heading back to my home roots in Chicago after the New Year.

9. Have any record labels started to spark an interest in you and what one thing would a label have to offer you in order for you to sign with them?

The most important thing, the NUMBER ONE MUST, is trust!!! If I feel comfortable with the people and I think they will do all they can to help further my career, that will make my decision above anything else. I have learned throughout the years that if you cannot trust someone, you don't have anything. I want to have a mutual respect with the label, and I want them to work hard for me, as I will bust my butt to do all that I can!!! I do have quite a few labels I will be visiting within the next couple of months! Keep your fingers crossed!! :)

10. What piece of advice can you offer a young artist that is looking to break into the music industry right now?

Sing what you want to sing, don't let people influence you to do a genre that maybe you may not care for, or lyrics that you cannot relate to. It is all about being who you are, because if you really feel the music you are performing, it shows through and makes the songs that much better. Stay close to those you have trusted ever since you were little because they are the ones who truly want what is best for you. Finally, understand that nothing good comes easy, but if you want it bad enough, keep your nose to the grindstone, and don't give up!!!! I promise you, it will be worth it! - Gone Country Magazine

"Singer to Open for Darryl Worley"


A former LaSalle resident is making her dreams come true with the release of her debut CD "Free To Be Me".

Jessica Erin will celebrate her CD release in Chicago at Joe's Bar, where she will open for country music star Darryl Worley.

The CD will be available online at Her CD also will be available soon on iTunes,, and other websites. It also will be available at several local merchants in the future.

"Jessica's CD is country with some rock influences", Jessica's Manager Lita Morgan said.

Jessica has been working on her CD with record producers Billy Chapin of Florida and Chris Omartian of Nashville, TN.

Along with performing on the CD, Jessica co-wrote several of the songs.

"I didn't want to perform anything that wasn't personal", Jessica said. "You can feel that in the album".

She is releasing the album independently and has several labels interested, she said. Jessica has meetings with them in January. For now, she has performances coming up in Florida as well as radio and television interviews. Jessica then plans to head back to Nashville to perform.

"Now we are ready to shop it to the labels", Jessica said.

Jessica grew up in the area and has been performing since she was 8 years old and working toward a professional singing career since she was 14. She admitted it has been a long road filled with broken promises and untrustworthy people, but now she has a close knit group of friends and professionals to help get her career on the fast track.

"I feel extremely blessed", Jessica said. Earlier Jessica reworked one of the songs on her CD, "American Girl", into an anthem for Chicago Bears' fans, titled "Chicago Bears Fan". The song was featured on several local and Chicago radio stations and she performed the song live on CBS Chicago and NBC Chicago TV last year during the Bears' Super Bowl frenzy.

"The single, "Chicago Bears' Fan", will be available by the end of November for all of you Chicago Bears' fans", Morgan said.

By Brock Cooper
News Tribune Reporter - News Tribune

"Darryl Worley With Flynnville Train, Jessica Erin"

Joe's Bar in Chicago, IL

JESSICA ERIN- Chicago newcomer had the task of revving up the crowd that was still filling in as a majority of them seemed to be there to support headliner Darryl Worley, but it only took the opening notes of "Free To Be Me" for the crowd to realize that Jessica Erin was worth watching. As she rolled into her set with another up-tempo song, "Sorry," the crowd was with her as she danced around the stage. She paused to mention that her debut CD was available for the first time tonight as she played her first slow song of her 10-song set, "How's It Gonna Feel." As the song came to a close someone in the crowd shouted out, "I love you," prompting Jessica to say back, "Oh, I love you too" with a huge smile on her face as she seemed to know that she had won over the crowd.

She continued to roll into her mostly upbeat set with "Big Way," and had the front of the crowd dancing along with her. She paused to thank everyone and mentioned, "well what's a country CD without a few heartbreak songs," as she rolled into "I Can't Let You Go," and as she captured the crowd with her honest lyrics and sincere vocals, she grabbed the attention of the females in the crowd when the song came to a close and she jokingly said, "those darn boys. We can't live with em and we can't live without em, right girls?" She then played "When Words Won't Say," which as she describes, "Is a happy love song that is about the feelings you have for someone that words themselves can't even describe."

"Okay everyone, we're gonna turn it up a notch now. Or maybe 2, 3, or heck 4 notches,' as she blasted into "Bad Girl" and quickly rolled into "Girls Night Out," which she dedicated to all of the girls in the crowd. Jessica took a moment to thank everyone for coming out and continued, "I have been doing this for a long time and there have been people that make promises and then break them, but then there are those people who stand by you. I want to dedicate this song to my mother, father, and sister," as she played the inspiring "Follow Your Heart," before she closed out her song with local favorite, "Chicago Bears Fan."

1. Free To Be Me
2. Sorry
3. How's It Gonna Feel
4. Big Way
5. I Can't Let You Go
6. When Words Won't Say
7. Bad Girl
8. Girls Night Out
9. Follow Your Heart
10. Chicago Bears Fan
- Gone Country Magazine

"Jessica Erin to Have Song on TV"

Country singer Jessica Erin has one of her original songs from her debut CD, "Free To Be Me", airing in the 7 p.m. Friday episode of NBC TV's "Friday Night Lights".

She originally wrote the song, "Girls Night Out", for her and her friends to listen to while getting ready to go out on the town.

The scene in the television program will show some of the actresses talking outside of a bar, and the song playing in the bar behind them will be "Girls Night Out".

She currently is residing in Los Angeles, co-writing new material and performing.

Her music is available at iTunes,, or

She can be found online at,, www.twitter/jessicaerin1, or - NewsTribune

"Jeff Fisher & Friends Softball Game"

Jessica Erin sings the National Anthem during the "Jeff Fisher & Friends Charity Softball Game" at the Nashville Sounds' Greer Stadium in Nashville, TN. - The Tennessean


By Charlie Johnson, News Editor

Well-known community volunteer, U.S. Army veteran, songwriter, and entertainment entrepreneur Thomas B. Vaughn is always on the lookout for new musical talent. When he recently learned about "Jesi & Jay", a dynamic new duo of singer/songwriters who met while living in Los Angeles, he was immediately taken by their talent and personalities.
The pair put together a successful tour across the Southern and Midwestern United States, eventually making their way to Nashville. The duo has recorded a CD titled "Tethered", filled with both ballads and up-tempo tunes Vaughn feels are sure to please the public.
Jessica Erin and Jay Denton decided they loved music early on in their lives, and never looked back.
"I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was probably around 10," Jay said. "My dad played guitar and used to play James Taylor songs as my sister and I would go to sleep, so I always wanted to play. That just kind of continued and progressed from there."
Jessica's experience was similar in that she began singing as a child, impressing her family with her talent.
"I was singing around the house as a little girl all the time", Jessica said. Things from Disney, "The Sound of Music" was a big one. My parents were listening to me and their friend came over and asked "Have you ever really listened to her sing?" And they were like, "She can actually carry a tune!"
Like Jay, music also ran in Jessica's family. "My mom can sing really well and my grandma has a Masters in Music, so that's on my mom's side", Jessica said. "My dad likes to think he can sing like Elvis", she added with a grin.
Jessica went on to appear on stage, performing the lead in the musical "Annie". "Then I started to appear in fairs and festivals, competitions here and there", Jessica said. "Honestly it's like I was born doing it."
Her talent has taken her to some pretty impressive venues, including opening for Grammy Award winners Montgomery Gentry, Country star Darryl Worley, The Blues Travelers, and the BoDeans, to name a few. She has performed at the California State Fair, several times to a sold out crowd at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and at the famous Joe's Bar on Weed St. in Chicago.
According to his bio, Jay's music comes from his experiences. "He writes about the reality of the world that he has seen through living on all seven continents. His songs are written memories of his life, writing a song while camping on the side of a cliff in Australia, suspended 200 feet above the South Pacific waves as the sun rose, to working at an orphanage on the Amazon River in Peru, or running through the hills of East Africa, his relation ship with God and so much more."
Jesi & Jay will be appearing at 12th and Porter in Nashville on Thursday, July 14 at 7 p.m. Vaughn says, while they are in the area, the duo may be able to make their way to McMinnville for an appearance at the Southern Standard's Back to the 60's event at the fairgrounds. - Southern Standard

"Today's Country Interview"

Today’s Country Magazine
Jessica Erin Interview

After being approached by Broadway and the pop music world, Jessica Erin followed her heart and dreams of making a modern country album and took to Music City to pursue that dream. With her debut album, "Free To Be Me," out now, Jessica has found herself opening shows for country stars Darryl Worley, Montgomery Gentry, etc... With a re-location to sunny California on the horizon for her, a solid debut album, and more on her plate, Jessica Erin recently took the time to chat with us about all of it.

1. What can someone expect to hear when they hit play on your debut album "Free To Be Me?"
I like to think my music is upbeat and fun with a lot of sass. Haha!! Ever since I was a little girl my dad called me “sassy Jessie” (pronounced Jassie to rhyme it) and I think it is just in my nature for that to come through in my music. Also, the ballads are extremely heartfelt and major tearjerkers, so we only put a few on the album. We want people to have fun J
2. Which song from the album is your personal favorite and why?
Don’t make me choose! It is so hard! If I have to, I would have to say either Say Goodbye, which is a song I wrote after the hardest break-up I have ever gone through, or Bad Girl, which is a song I wrote about all of my bad habits. I think they express who I am a lot. Say Goodbye is just so relatable and emotional. Bad Girl is so funny because I poke fun at my bad habits, which I know a lot of girls can relate to!!!
3. How important have internet outlets like myspace been for getting your music out there to people?
Well, if it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my fans. I think it is so important to build a relationship with them because without them you are nothing. It is awesome because I am able to write blogs about everyday things so they can get a glimpse inside my life. Also, my music can be heard everyday, all day, around the world. There isn’t any better exposure than that!!!!
4. To celebrate the release of your album you shared the stage with Darryl Worley. How did that opportunity come about and what was that experience like?
Well, my “team” worked their magic and got me booked at Joes bar in Chicago, which is the number one country bar in the city. It was cool to think I would be sharing the stage with someone like Darryl. He was a really, really, nice guy and he gave me a few tips on the business. I soak everything I possibly can in. I am yearning to learn more and more of the ropes of the business and it was a great opportunity to be able to do so. It was awesome to be able to get on stage and sing all of my original music in front of a crowd and see such a positive reaction. I will never forget it.
5. You also recently returned to your hometown of LaSalle/Peru, IL to open a show for Montgomery Gentry. What did you learn from watching them that you have been able to put into your shows?
They have amazing energy. They get on stage and PUT ON A SHOW!!! There is no doubt they love what they do, and it shows on that platform. There is a lot you can learn from experienced artists. Particularly with Montgomery Gentry, they bring the audience in and have a good time, and love every second of it. It’s great to see people enjoy what they do for a living, and they definitely do.
6. At the age of 15 you were approached about a career on Broadway, but turned it down. What made you turn that opportunity down and have you ever thought of giving it a shot now that you're older?
I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do Broadway. I have Sooo much respect for the artists on Broadway, the long hours and hard work they put into the shows. I hope to be able to get on stage with them someday, because it blends acting with singing, and that is the best of both worlds. When I was 15, it was just a matter of bad timing and gut feeling. I honestly think if I were to have gone, I wouldn’t be who I am today. God has a plan for all of us, and at that age you are not aware of all of the things you can do to make a difference with fame. I think I would have been a brat!! Haha! Now I have an appreciation for all the hard work and dedication in the business, and I know there is a lot I can do to make a difference with my fame. I am not selfish in that aspect, and at 15 I probably would have been. Timing is everything.
7. You also had an opportunity to record a pop album prior to your move to Nashville. What made you decide to take the country music route instead?
Country is the most loyal genre of music. Pop music you can be in today, gone tomorrow. I think Country is very soulful. People listen to the lyrics, feel them, and love them as much as the artist. That is very important to me. I want my fans to be able to come along with me on my journey and see me grow and listen to my stories. Country music has that, and the fans are the best. I love all genres, though, and would love to dip my foot in all of them…well, maybe not ALLLL of them…haha.
8. After spending the past year or so in Music City, you are relocating to California in September (2008). Why are you moving to California and will you still be pursuing a country career out there?
Absolutely!!! California is where it’s at! Haha! I love California, and my entire team is there. We will be able to work closer and I will be able to make appearances more often on red carpets and whatnot. It is a business move, and I think a step in the right direction.
9. Once you make the move to California and get settled in, what is next for Jessica Erin?
There is just so much I want to do!!!! We will be working on getting some shows booked there, maybe a small tour. I will be working with an acting agency out there, Encore Talent, which I am thrilled for. I will be working on some new material, writing and recording. And I really want a reality show. Haha! But a REAL reality show. I want to show the process of what artists go through to get to where they want to be. I get asked all the time, “How did you get to where you are now?” and it is so difficult to answer that question because it is just SO much. So, I want to be able to show people what it is like firsthand.
10. What piece of advice can you offer to someone that is looking to break into the music industry?
Dream Big, and don’t listen to the people who try to bring you down. Turn them into your inspiration to succeed that much more and be able to one day say, “I told you so J ” Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from your biggest dreams, because that fear holds you back from possibly the most amazing life ahead of you. Give it your all, because then you have the satisfaction of knowing you did the best you could, and that’s what matters. Stay true to who you are and don’t let people try to pull you in a direction you don’t feel comfortable taking. Listen to your heart and your gut!!!! And, always have faith!
- Today's Country Magazine

"Music City Soul, Windy City Attitude"

By Mark Gregory
Managing Editor

Illinois native Jessica
Erin may have the right combination to be
a country music star.

Whether she is singing her
heart out or just holding a
conversation, there is one
simple word that can sum up
country music hopeful Jessica
Erin — Genuine.
An up-and-coming singer
with a southern-influenced
sound and midwestern authenticity,
Erin hopes the two
fuse to create a lethal combo
for the music world.
A native of LaSalle, Illinois,
a town roughly 90 minutes
from Chicago, Erin knew she
wanted to make singing a career
at 8-years-old when she
started performing in musicals.
“Since I was a little girl, I
wanted to be a singer, a veterinarian, and to save the world,”she said. “I realized I couldn’t be a veterinarian because I
couldn’t stand seeing animals
hurt and bleeding. And saving
the world, it will have to be
one person at a time. I guess I
hope I can do that through my
Erin has had chances to
make non-country music a career,
but knows things work out for a reason. “When I was 15, I was offered to go to Broadway, but I
would have had to move to
New York and that just wasn’t
possible then,” Erin said. “I almost
did a pop album, but I
didn’t trust the major people that I
would have worked with. It is
hard to walk away from something
when you want it so bad,
but in the end you have to follow
your own values. Things
happen for a reason. If I would
have started in the business when I was younger, I would not have had the respect that I do now for
how much work it takes.”
Along with her natural
twang, Erin said the country
scene also fits her beliefs and
lifestyle better.
“In the pop world, it is
more about who is dating who
and what magazine they are
in. It is not so much about talent,
but more about what they
did last Friday night,” Erin
said. “People in the country
industry are more trustworthy
and are more down home.”
Erin moved to Nashville to
pursue her career a little more
than a year ago from South
Florida where she had relocated
from Illinois.
She has released her first album,
“Free To Be Me,” which is available
on iTunes and
Erin’s young, fresh, freespirited
rock sound is evident
on many of her songs, including
“American Girl,”“Just What
You’re Looking For” and “Bad
She also brings a sensitive
yet seductive innocence to
ballads like “I Can’t Let You
Go” and “When Words Won’t
“Say Goodbye,” a heartfelt,
love-gone-wrong ballad is a
diamond on the album and
shows a tender, genuine side
of Erin that is as real in her
lyrics as in person.
“I was screaming,” she said
of first holding her album. “My
mom and I were jumping up
and down. That is the biggest
accomplishment so far in my
Since releasing her debut
album, Erin has been working
on building a solid fan base
and performing for as many
fans as possible. After opening for Darryl Worley in November at Joe’s
Bar in Chicago, nominated
this year by the Academy of
Country Music for best nightclub,
she played last weekend
at the Florida Music Festival
in Orlando. Erin will be home Saturday, June 14, opening for
multi-platinum, grammynominated
artists Montgomery Gentry at Cedar Point Sportsman’s Club in LaSalle.
Tickets are $33 and can be purchased by calling Lou’s LaGrotto
in LaSalle at (815) 223-3083.
Proceeds from the show will
go toward the Illinois Freedom
Run to help veterans. The concert
will feature a fly-over,
motorcycle ride and raffle for
a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Merry Noonan, co-owner
of Lou’s LaGrotto, said it’s
great to be able to bring Erin
in to perform.
“She’s a great girl and I’m glad that we can have her perform here,” Noonan said about Erin, a former server at the restaurant. “I hope we can help her further her career.”
Erin is looking forward to performing
in front of her hometown faithful.
“I might be a little nervous
because I will know so many
people out there, but it is a
great cause,” Erin said. “I
hope a lot of Montgomery
Gentry fans take a liking to
me. That is how you grow a
fan base.”
Erin wants to continue
building a fan base before approaching major recording labels.
“In this business, the labels
want you to have an album, a fan base and everything done before you approach them,” Erin said. “It is
great to have an album and go
out there and say, ‘Here it is.
This is what I have done.’
“I will be meeting with labels but
I want to make sure that
I have done performances
and have a fan base before I
go, so that is the next step.”
The Internet era offers
artists like Erin a chance to
get personal with fans.
“It is nice that you can get
a personal connection
through the Internet. Without
fans, you are nothing,” Erin
said. “I personally respond to
people on MySpace because
it is important to interact and
have that personal relationship.”
Reach Erin via MySpace at
Erin’s goal is to attract fans
nation-wide and knows she
has a good start in Chicago.
“Chicago has the best fans
for everything. Sports, music,
whatever. They are devoted.
That is one thing that you
can’t get anywhere else.
Chicago has heart,” Erin said.
“It is a big advantage coming
from there. There really aren’t
many country artists from
Chicago. Chicago is a huge
country market with the radio stations and Joe’s Bar is a great venue to play.
“That is a big advantage
for me. I would love to move
to Chicago, but right now I
have to be in Nashville.”
One of her biggest fans is
Mike North, radio personality
host of the “Mike North
Morning Show” on the Score,
Erin dropped a CD off at
the Score studios on a whim
and North took a liking to it.
“I got to work one day and
there was a CD that Jessica
and her mom had left for me,”
North said. “I’ll be honest and
admit that I get a ton of those
and don’t always get around
to listening to them. But I
looked at the cover of her’s
and she is just a doll, so I put it
in the CD player and it was
‘Whoa, she really sounds
North admits that he is
not the biggest fan of modern
country music, but said he
knows talent when he hears
it. “She is going to be a star,”
North said. “She believes in
herself and she has a tremendous
drive. She wants something
and is working hard to go get it. I respect that because I wanted something in my life and I went out and worked to get it.
“It was a reach for her to get
the CD to me at a sports station.
That would be like me sending a sports tape to Ramblin’ Ray (a radio personalityat Chicago’s country station, US99.5). But she had listened to my show and she knew that we don’t just talk about sports.
“We talk about politics and
music and she took a shot.
Within four or five years, she
will be a big star.”
“Mike is a go-getter and he
roots for the underdog because
he was once in that same situation where he had a lot of dreams and aspirations and he just put his heart into it and I admire him for
that,” Erin said.
Erin performed at a remote
broadcast of the Mike North Morning Show at Riverside
Mall in Riverside. “We had her out to perform at the remote and there
were a lot of fans there that really
liked her,” North said.
“She told me she always wanted to perform at U.S. Cellular Field, so I called Jerry Reinsdorf and got ahold of the marketing rep and got her a
chance to sing the National
Anthem and she rocked the
“At the remote, he told me
to sing it right now because
you never know who is listening,”
Erin said. “So, it was like
8 in the morning and I belted
out the National Anthem and
Mike had the guys from the
Sox listening and they heard
me and that got me in to do it.”
Erin still has dreams yet to
be fulfilled, like being a
household name and a staple
on country radio like some of
her influences, Martina
McBride, Rascal Flatts and
Keith Urban.
She understands, however,
she can't get upset if it doesn’t
happen overnight.
“You cannot give yourself
a time limit because people in
music work on their time and
they don't care. It is not something
where there is a deadline.
“I just hope I can keep getting
my name out there.”
And as she continues to
fight to break into Nashville’s
inner circles, she will do so
with the blue-collar, finger-to-the-
bone work ethic that is in her Chicago blood.
- Prairie Times

"Today's Country Music Review"

Today’s Country Magazine
Music Review

Album: Free To Be Me
Label: Self-Released

Sometimes you have to stick to your heart and take a chance on what feels right rather than go with what is being presented to you at the moment. This is the case for Illinois native Jessica Erin. After being approached by Broadway in her teens, and then faced with the decision to record a pop album, Erin stuck to her heart and pursued her dreams of making a country album with the end result being her debut album "Free To Be Me." Her attitude is displayed right from the start of the album as "Just What You're Looking For" kicks in. The upbeat, radio-ready music and wonderful delivery of the lyrics about all the contradicting aspects of her that make her the perfect one for you will catch your attention right away. The upbeat style, with a knack for spilling out who she is through the lyrics continue on the tracks like "Bad Girl" and "American Girl," while her sassiness is displayed on "Girls Night Out" and "Sorry." With the upbeat tracks and great vocal delivery of the well crafted lyrics it is a safe bet that Jessica Erin is easily going to find a place in many CD players that usually will spin the modern country albums, but above all this is her ability to deliver heartfelt songs. She makes you feel the pain of losing the one you love on tracks like "Say Goodbye," and "I Can't Let You Go," which her strong voice mostly carries and drives home the lyrics on. Wrap everything around the positive track, "Follow Your Heart," which basically is a thank you letter to her family for supporting her dreams and you have found your self one of the best-undiscovered talents out there right now. A must have album fro fans of modern country with a pop influence mixed in.
- Today's Country Magazine

"Best Vocalist of the Month"

Jessica Erin, a promising country/pop singer & writer based in Los Angeles, CA (originally from Illinois), has won the April Singer Universe “Best Vocalist of the Month” Competition, for her performance of the new song, “I Can’t Let You Go” (written by Guy Walker). This song is featured on her debut 11-song album Free To Be Me, which she released independently in October 2007.

“I Can’t Let You Go” is a very commercial, radio-ready ballad which provides a fine showcase for Erin’s clear, expressive vocals. This song is well crafted – it features a big pop chorus and strong bridge section. This recording was expertly produced by Billy Chapin & Chris Omartian, and features solid music tracks by Guy Walker (lead guitar) and renowned producer/musician Michael Omartian (piano and organ).

Erin was born and raised in a small town named LaSalle, which is in Illinois (southwest of Chicago). She was inspired early on by listening to such artists as Celine Dion, Martina McBride and Christina Aguilera. During high school, she was chosen for the All-District Choir. Erin has also won other accolades for her singing, such as first place in the Tri-County Fair for an acoustic performance, first in team singing for the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA), and she was a finalist in Fashion Rock’s female vocalist competition.

Following high school, she pursued her music career fulltime and subsequently recorded her debut album Free To Be Me, with producers Billy Chapin & Chris Omartian. “It was great working with Billy and Chris, and I love ‘I Can’t Let You Go,’ which was written by my lead guitar player, Guy Walker.” The album was recorded in Nashville and Edgewater, FL. Notably, Erin co-wrote three songs on her album: “Girls Night Out,” “Say Goodbye” and “Bad Girl”.

Erin has been actively promoting her album, marketing her music online at iTunes, CDBaby, and on her own sites. In addition, she has recently performed live at several top clubs in Los Angeles, and she just performed at a Navy Seals benefit concert in San Diego, which was sponsored by 105.3 radio station and Dirtbag clothing. Erin has previously opened shows for the BoDeans, Darryl Worley and Montgomery Gentry.

Currently, Erin is shopping for a label deal, and she’s hoping to secure a slot opening a tour for a prominent country artist. Erin has also written several songs for her next album project, and she’s looking for collaborators to write additional songs to complete the album.
- Dale Kawashima/Singer Universe

"8 great acts to catch at Temecula’s MusicFest..."

Talented bands and musicians from far and wide will be performing as part of the 16th Annual Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival this weekend at Tower Plaza in Temecula.

Each artist brings a unique sound to the stage – whether it’s hip hop, jazz, rock or soul. Read on for just a sampling of the musicians and their performance schedules:

...Jessica Erin – If you’re looking for a country sound, then pop singer and writer Jessica Erin is sure to stir your saddle. And she’s gaining attention, too. Her song “Girls Night Out" was aired on NBC’s hit show “Friday Night Lights.” Performance time: 12 p.m. on Sept. 18 on the Main Stage.

Read more:’s-musicfest-this-weekend#ixzz10215exwb - Kerri Mabee, SWRNN

"Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Award"

My song "Sundays Without You" has been nominated for Best Country Song for the 2010 HMMA's! Say a prayer for me :)

"Jessica Erin's "Sundays Without You" Named September "Best Song Of The Month""

Jessica Erin, a promising, country/pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, has won the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest for September, for her song “Sundays Without You” (co-written by Nick Lawhorn & Ryan Demaree). This song will be released independently as a single, and will be featured on Erin's second album project, which she is currently working on.

“Sunday's Without You” is a heartfelt, deeply emotional ballad, which has a starkly realistic lyric about a woman's husband (or boyfriend) who is a soldier and goes off to war, and is killed in action. The song starts off gently, with just acoustic guitar backing, and then gradually builds into a powerful music arrangement. The song reaches a stirring peak in the bridge section, which Erin sings with passion and intensity. "Sunday's Without You" was expertly produced by Nashville producer Chris Omartian, who played most of the instruments on this recording.

Erin grew up in the small town of LaSalle, Illinois, which is southwest of Chicago. She started writing melodies & lyrics when she was 13, and she began performing in regional talent contests. She has been inspired by three of her favorite artists: Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera and Keith Urban.

When she was 18, Erin moved to South Florida, where she met producer Billy Chapin. They hit it off, which led to Chapin and his friend Chris Omartian both producing cuts for Erin's debut album Free To Be Me, which was released in October 2007. Erin co-wrote four songs on her debut CD, including "Girls Night Out," which was played in the hit TV series, Friday Night Lights.

In 2008 Erin moved to Nashville for a year, before deciding to move to Los Angeles, where she lives now. However, Erin is frequently on the road touring--she recently played shows in Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Florida. "I love being on the road and performing my music in front of new audiences," she said. "I've been touring with Jay Denton, who is a talented artist & musician. We're also writing new songs together."

When asked, Erin took time to discuss the serious, war-related lyric theme of "Sundays Without You." "Music is the way that I can speak about some serious situations," explained Erin. "It's the reality of the situation, that people die in wars. The reality exists...people lose their loved ones. I knew this would be a tough lyric subject to write and sing about, but it was real, so we decided to go there."

This fall, Erin will be releasing "Sundays Without You" as a single, and she has completed a high-quality video, which was directed by Michael Monaco. - Dale Kawashima, Songwriter Universe

"Jessica Erin"

Free To Be Me

Jessica Erin kicks off her debut album with a track called "Just What You're Looking For," and while that song is a catchy, pop driven country song about being the perfect girl for that special someone, I think the title of the song really says it all about Jessica's debut album "Free To Be Me." If you are looking for something fresh, fun, and new that hits you on many different levels then Jessica Erin is indeed just what you're looking for. She will hook you in with her mainstream ready pop country songs like the upbeat "Girls Night Out," and the ultra catchy "Sorry" and "Bad Girl." However, when you dig a little deeper than those songs, all of which will make you bounce and sing along, you will find that Jessica Erin has a perfect voice to hit your emotions right where they need to be hit. On a song like "Follow Your Heart," Jessica sings an open letter of thanks to her family and friends that helped her follow her dreams and on tracks like "Say Goodbye" and "I Can't Let You Go," her haunting vocals will have you feeling your heart breaking as she sings the songs of her lost loves. There truly is something special about this album that includes something for any fan of today's mainstream country music. This is without a doubt a new artist that you have to check out and keep your eyes on and I have no doubt that she is going to be a star soon so jump on the band wagon now. - Gone Country Magazine

"Illinois Entertainer CD Review"

Jessica Erin hails from Chicago, but her sound is pure Nashville. It didn’t take her long to perfect the formula, as her debut Free To Be Me is chock-full of Shania-influenced crossover country pop. All of the right elements are in place: smart songwriting, catchy hooks, and Erin’s charismatic vocals. Opener “Just What You’re Looking For” might be just the type of single country and adult contemporary radio is looking for. And to remain true to her roots, she even re-recorded “American Girl” as the song “Chicago Bears Fan,” and has already performed it all over Chicago radio and TV. (
– Carter Moss
- Illinois Entertainer

"American Girl Review"

Jessica Erin - American Girl (Buy, Dang It)

Jessica is an up-n-comer who still calls Chicago home but has recently moved to LA to explore the music biz. Her website says we shouldn’t worry, she’ll always be a Midwestern Girl at heart. I was really glad to get her CD. This song is perfect for a patriotic month like July.

Don Cudd (aka Hoss)
July 2, 2009 -


First Taste of Summer -Radio Single
Free To Be Me - Full-length CD
Chicago Bears Fan Song - Single



Jessica Erin recently returned from a tour overseas performing for our troops stationed in Eastern Europe. Jesi had previously performed for our Navy Seals in San Diego and for our Marines over in Japan. She loves to perform for and support our troops whenever given the opportunity.

Jessica's summertime single, "First Taste of Summer", which was released to national radio this summer, charted in the Top 100 on the Music Row Country Breakout chart and is being played throughout the country. You can listen to it here on Sonicbids.

Jessica recorded her independent debut CD, "Free To Be Me", with renowned Record Producers Billy Chapin and Chris Omartian in Nashville, TN. Jessica's song "Girls Night Out", which is on her debut CD, was aired on an episode of the hit NBC TV show "Friday Night Lights", and her song, "Follow Your Heart", has been aired on the soap opera "All My Children".

Jessica has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the following acts:

* Montgomery Gentry
* Darryl Worley
* Blues Traveler
* The BoDeans
* And more

She has performed at these well known fairs and festivals:

* California State Fair
* San Diego County Fair
* Florida Music Festival
* Temecula Film & Music Festival
* Ashland City Summerfest
* Holtville Rib Cook-off
* Mecosta County Fair
* Tri-County Fair
* And more

And at these notable venues:

* Bluebird Cafe, Nashville
* 12th & Porter, Nashville
* Hotel Indigo West End, Nashville
* Taps & Tapas, Nashville
* Joe's Bar on Weed, Chicago
* Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles
* The Viper Room, Los Angeles
* Poor David's Pub, Dallas
* And many more

And for these major sporting events:

* St. Jude Country Music Marathon & 1/2 Marathon (32,000)
* Jeff Fisher Annual Charity Softball Event (Final Farewell)
* Chicago White Sox (Attendance 28,000)
* Any many others

Jessica will always be a mid-western girl at heart, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. She re-worked and recorded one of her songs (American Girl) as a tribute to her favorite hometown sports fans, entitled "Chicago Bears Fan". Jesi has performed her “Chicago Bears Fan” song on CBS and NBC Chicago TV and has received major radio airplay of her anthem for Chicago Bears' fans. Jesi has been featured on Fox Sports Radio with Mike North. You may have heard her many times on the number one rated “Mike North Morning Show” on Chicago’s “WSCR 670 The Score” radio. Jessica has also been on the air with the legendary Jonathon Brandmeier on 720 WGN Radio "The Voice of Chicago".

Jessica and her songs have been featured on special guest segments on WKDZ 106.5 FM, WUCZ 104.1 "The Ranch", WOWF 102.5 "WOW Country", Renegade Radio Nashville, 103.3 WKDF, WOW Country 105.3 FM, WALS 102 FM Country Radio, Q 103.3 “The Q”, K95.3 “The River”, and WGN Radio’s “Steve and Johnnie Show”. She also receives airplay and has her music featured on many internet stations across the country.

Jessica has an all-embracing talent encompassing Country, Rock, and Pop. It has been said that Jessica has Music City soul with a Windy City attitude. Please listen for yourself.