Jessica Erlendson

Jessica Erlendson

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Jessica is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, jazz baby who's empathetic views are expressed in music that contains a blend of all styles. Described as the next generation of jazz and mostly compared to Joni Mitchel, it is uplifting, funny and quirky pop.


Jessica Erlendson writes songs from the perspective of every person who's struggled with expectations and modern lifestyle issues. As she's grown, her songs have as well. Her rich experience and ability to "tell it like it is" has drawn audiences in everywhere she has played. She is a multi-instrumentalist, which is interesting to watch but also means that each song gets it's own unique treatment and style to best get the message across. She has been playing and writing with Martyn van Remmen on bass for the last 12 years and recording/performing with various percussionist during that time. The full length album is now out titled "Over The Edge". Once you've realized the dream and gone over the edge, you have to fly or fall!


Have To Go

Written By: Jessica Erlendson

Have To Go
© Oct 26, 2005 J.Erlendson

I can draw you a picture
Set it up paint by numbers
Turn on the light and sit with you
At the table
Give you tools to use
And a cup of inspiration…

But you’ll have to go
You’ll have to see it for yourself
You’ll have to feel it all
You’ll have to know

I can set a good example
Be your cheering section
Stay calm in the drama
Open the door and show you where
I can read books,
and share ideas too…


Written By: Jessica Erlendson

Perfect – Jessica Erlendson

I’m not perfect
In man’s eyes
But we are perfect
From up high
Just look at us
From the sky

Baby, you know it’s true
I’m not perfect and neither are you
But I wanted you to know
That I decided to just let go

Been travelin’ that lonely road called heart ache
and blamin’ it on you
saw the light, now I welcome the world
from a new view

Baby C'mon

Written By: Jessica Erlendson

Baby C’mon J.Erlendson Dec 2003

So Baby C’mon and take me somewhere
We could get high on chemistry on electricity
Oh don’t be afraid if you want me just let me know
And you can touch me it’s all good
and I wish that you would.

I’ve noticed that it’s a good fit when you’re right up close to me
There’s not much that I can see that stands in the way
There is no chasm here
No draw bridge to construct
It’s just takes a moment, just a moment.

So Baby C’mon and take me somewhere

I’ve seen you look at me and I’ve noticed the twinkle in your eye
And I wrote this song to tell you that I’m glowing inside
Can’t you see it’s written
All over my face
Just take a chance, take a chance

So Baby C’mon and touch me
Oooh, touch me
Oooh, touch me


"Over The Edge" fall 2007 (full length CD with 16 original songs)
"On Top" EP fall 2006
"The Bedroom Project" 1998
"Raw" 1997
Many indepedent CD's and tapes since 1989

Set List

Set lists are complied based on venue and what is desired. Generally 10 songs for a 45 min set. We can do covers, but usually focus on choosing from over 100 originals.
"Big Yellow Taxi"
"Three Little Birds"
"Send In The Clowns"
"Four Strong Winds"
"Old Man"