Jessica Fogle

Jessica Fogle

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Versatile pianist meets edgy poet-philosopher. Influences range from The Beatles to Fiona Apple to Aimee Mann to Sesame Street. Likes peanut butter, walks in the park, and people who deal with their feelings. Dislikes: freckles (just kidding! love em!).


Jessica Fogle has been writing songs since she was 3 years old, starting out with the poppy casio hits "A Nickle and a Shank" (she doesn't know what that means) and "Let's Dance!". She later won statewide songwriting competitions in elementary school by writing moving ballads about world peace and children governing. Now she writes thoughtful and/or quirky songs as a solo singer-songwriter, blending folk-rock-pop with jazz-influenced piano and experimental/confessional lyrics...sort of like if Fiona Apple ate Kurt Vonnegut and washed it down with some Beatles or Liz Phair, and then, bloated, went swimming in a mellow moody film score. And perhaps dried off taking a walk on Sesame Street.

She also has an MFA in musical theatre writing, which infiltrates her style at times, and an obsession with Chopin and Beethoven, which was beaten into her fingers from an early age and at the conservatory where she was often expected to "TRANSPOSE!"

To date, she has written over 12 albums, however you've never heard of most of them because they are kept hidden in her personal vault. Du Bist Einen Fogle!, her 2nd full album and first studio release, is NOW AVAILABLE! (May 2010). (*her first album, Melancholy Frog, can be purchased only at a live show, re-release date TBD).

She is also a regular person, and lives in Chicago, buttering her bread as a piano teacher. Although she doesn't actually eat butter. But she has 30 students who don't know that. She is also living out her lifelong dream of having a soulmate named Ray, and they share a home w/ their cat Mushroom.


The Ballad of Driftwood and Bubbles

Written By: Jessica Fogle

He holds the gun halfway down his throat
and I’m complaining about the noises
He holds a list in his fist and a lighter
and I hold checking account statements

Baby I know I’m right
Turn out the light.

He tempts the gods with his fatalist potions
and I am trying to straddle fences
He blurs his focus and finds bigger meaning
and I am squinting at bugs on concrete

One of us can’t be right
Isn’t that right?

Don’t leave the light on
Don’t wake me up when I’m dreaming.
Just my luck-
I’m always dreaming


Just tell me I am right
So we don't fight

He loves my nephews and I love my nephews
and he is drifting and I am drifting
He is like wood and I am like bubbles
and he is drifting
and we are drifting

Maybe we both aren’t right
So turn out the light
Just for tonight.

I'll Get A Cat

Written By: Jessica Fogle

I'll get a cat
sometime next year
A cat
that much is clear
A cat
to keep me here
and make this my home.

I'll get a cat
the answer's plain
A cat
to hear the pain
A cat
to keep me sane
and keep me from you.

And she'll be my savior
And she'll guard my door
And she'll make sure
that you don't come around


And if I go
out in the night
Alone and losing sight
and can't
put up the fight
and fall at your door

Here on my knees
I'll see her face-
My cat
who sits and waits
and her love
guides my fate
to bring me home.

And she'll be my savior
She'll wait at my door
And she'll make sure
that I don't go around

And someday...

I'll be my savior
and I'll guard my door
and I'll make sure
that I don't go around

The Psychology of Holes (2010)

Written By: Jessica Fogle

There's a hole
There's a hole
in the bottom of my soul
Where feelings come
and feelings go
and they fall through into

It's a void
a black hole
Diving into the unknown
I pour my coffee down it
Try to see where it goes...

I try to talk
try to talk about it
I try to understand
the psychology of holes
Try to fill it with
with people
with god...
but it all

So where does it go?
I don't know.

There's a hole
There's a hole.
Can I patch it?
I don't know.
Cuz I've tried so sincerely
so many times before!

Maybe you have a hole
in the bottom of your soul
We could speculate together
on the origin of holes.

Was it your father?
Was mine my mother?
Do you remember coldness
and reaching for more?
Was there a loneliness
that went on in your heart
long after you closed
that door?

There's a hole
There's a hole
That's beyond my control
I can be in the world
and still feel alone.

So here I go
Here I go
Tryin to remedy this hole
But I've tried so sincerely
so many times before!

So many times before!

Someone to Save (2010)

Written By: Jessica Fogle

Oh how I'm changing my mind
Thoughts streaming in and around
My heart is on hold
As I'm growing old
Feel like a miserable clown

Caught in this cage in my head
Questioning under and over
Making a break
I'll make my escape
Until I remember I like you

And then we touch
and thoughts slip away
This celebate life
leads me to stray
But you must wait til I initiate
Otherwise the demons won't open the gate

Making these bombs in my sleep
Waking with ammo from dreams
Ready to stir up
The growing dust in my bed

Moving as fast as I can
Losing this race I can't win
Cause it's not a race
and yet I keep thinking it is.

If you were a painter
I'd ask you to paint
If you were a sinner
I'd look for a saint
If you were a loser
I'd leave you to win
There's not too much hope
for this mess that I'm in

So I write my resignation
Draw a map to somewhere else
Where is GOD in all of this?
Am I really by myself?

Fleeting moments
of connection
Moments with a purpose here
Mostly I'm
too scared to wait
and so I plan my big escape!

I know my words are hollow
And yesterday's words aren't today's
I hope you weren't just looking for
someone to save.

Maybe there isn't an answer
And maybe the questions aren't true
Or maybe I'm too scared to be with myself
so I spend my time staring at you.

And you are the frog
And I'm in a class
I'm learning the rules
as you sit on your ass
And I've got my scalpel
and you've got your pride
Why are you still here?
Won't you push me aside?

And will I ever trust you?
Will I ever trust myself?
Will I stop this guessing game
and learn to live for
Something else.

Static (is the sound of the universe breathing...)(2010)

Written By: Ray Brazaski/Jessica Fogle

*poem by Ray Brazaski, music by Jessica Fogle

Where is it...
Rabbit ears on the T.V.
Can't watch your shows
Come this evening

12 channels of nothing
Remote on a pile of clothes
Static is the sound of
The Universe breathing

Lay your head on my shoulder
When we look up
And see the star's
Light making us travel through time

A lack of batteries
When I found your clothes
And the remote
Did not work...

Where is it...
This control for me
And the thing we watch (T.V.)
Or just a light in the sky

A swing into the drawer
That holds my shit...
A conflagration of information
Me and you and all my tries

Warm hand on my face when
I want to scream to the stars
And now

Look to the stars
And hold the hand in mine
While we watch the static that is
The Universe breathing...




WERE THE WORLD MINE (2008, movie soundtrack). Original music by Jessica Fogle, score/arrangements by Tim Sandusky.

Set List

The Psychology of Holes
The Ballad of Driftwood and Bubbles
You & Me (Astigmatism)
The Call*
cover song (Aimee Mann/Fiona Apple/Beatles/other)
I'll Get A Cat
Head 2 Head
Someone to Save

encore: The Inside of My Microwave

(sample set, roughly 45-60 minutes. these songs and others from 1st two albums, in varying orders based on crowd response, i.e. rocking vs. meditative audience).

*songs from upcoming 12 albums (already written/awaiting production), rotating different new songs in each show.