Jessica Garcia

Jessica Garcia


The purpose of my music is to give a gospel centered message. Its mostly acoustic inspirational. I have a nack for ballads but i love to write upbeat songs that call people to worship. I want to use my music for the glory of God. My music is easy to follow and extremely catchy.


My name is Jessica Garcia and i've been singing and writing since i can remember. My mom has a video of me at age 4 randomly singing a song a wrote about my day. At age 15 I picked up a guitar of my moms and was determined to teach myself. In the first two weeks i wrote my first song and in the next month i was leading worship for my christian school. Since then i have not stopped writing. My music is a gift from God and i am determined to give it back to him. I'm strongly influenced by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman, two great christian songwriters. Everyone who hears my music does not understand why it hasn't gotten me further. But honestly I am just now pursuing it. I do know that my music is completely worth your time.


No i do not

Set List

My songs are typically about 4 mins but can range to 6 during live performances.