Jessica Horn

Jessica Horn


"This is country music with a good attitude." "Excellent songwriting, high energy performances, a captivating voice, and an endearing disposition make Jessica easy to love and hard to forget. The band as a whole is just fantastic."


The members of the band have over 55 years of combined experience playing music in the studio and on the road for a long list of artists, including household names. They bring a high degree of professionalism to the show, but they also keep it light-hearted and fun. The Jessica Horn Band was named 2006 Country Band of the year by Bands Across Kansas City, and they've proudly completed recording of their 1st full length CD "Stretch of Road", released August '08. Call it Red Dirt or Texas Country or Cross Country. Call it what you will. It's new, it's different, and it's good. As well as original tunes, the band is able to perform a wide array of cover material. They have a little something for everyone. Jessica is not the only talented singer in the group, so you can bet you'll hear the guys belt out a few, too. If you are looking for a high energy professional performance, JHB will deliver. See for calendar and individual band member bios.
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EP "Jessica Horn" Demo 2006 received streaming and radio play in US and Europe
NEW! LP "Stretch of Road"released 8/2008 already receiving radio play in US!

Set List

From short showcases to four hour shows, every event is customized to fit the venue and audience. Jessica plays both original material as well as covers from classic country thru the hits on the radio today and new red dirt music. There is truly a little something for everyone. Also, with talented male vocalists in the band, and with Jessica's broad range, this group does not limit it's material to the work of female artists. Inquire for artist/song list.