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Jessica Wolfbird

St. Joseph, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

St. Joseph, Michigan, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"New & Notable (2017)"

Dreamy, intimate experimental pop, part of the artist’s challenge to herself to write and record a song every single day of the year. - Bandcamp

"Album Review of "Upward: A Quarandream" (2020)"

"What Stands Out: This is the latest release from the Michigan-based indie artist “Jessica in the Rainbow.” The soft and subtle textures of piano, synth pads and Jessica Fogle’s ethereal vocal stylings stand out as something fully unique. This six-track album moves slowly around themes of dreams, flying and light; the same transcendental and surrealist themes are featured in the artwork. Listening to the album is like peering through a window into the subconscious of a gentle and inquisitive mind.
Digging Deeper: Notably every song on the album is an improvised one-take performance, all recorded on the same day. The textures and midi instrumentation that give the album dynamic life were added later to round out the original performances. It’s a profound achievement for a stream of consciousness album to come together this clearly and cohesively. Jessica has a prolific number of projects available at, so fans of this project have a deep pool to choose from.
Perfect For: Fans of Sigur Rós and Regina Spektor, laying on a yoga mat outside at night and watching the stars." - Local Spins (Jamie Brackman)

"5 Acts to Catch at Lamp Light"

"Mellow and ethereal, Jessica in The Rainbow’s songwriting and composition experienced on its first album, “Catalysts,” are true to the [artist's name]. The songs seem to float effortlessly among the clouds and through space with the lush, delicate vocals and colorful songwriting of Jessica Fogle tying it all together. A classically trained pianist with a degree in Musical Theater Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the Grand Haven artist boasts a long list of musical accomplishments that include writing the score for the movie musical, “Were the World Mine,” (a project that gained notoriety in its own right, having won 15 awards, including “Best Music” in the 2008 Nashville Film Fest) and an invite to be an artist in residence at Island (now Crosshatch) Hill House in northern Michigan - Local Spins (Ricky Olmos)

"New & Notable (2020)"

This remixed reissue of Jessica in The Rainbow's 2017 album brings out new levels of detail in its tiny winning bedroom pop songs. - Bandcamp

"Isolation Inspiration"

Even before the pandemic hit — forcing all of us to socially distance from one another — Grand Haven-based singer-songwriter Jessica Fogle had what she calls a case of “reverse writer’s block.”

Starting three years ago, Fogle, who performs as Jessica in the Rainbow, set four creative challenges for herself as a way to channel her own creative time and energy at home.

The first was a YouTube project, where she released 365 songs in 365 days, beginning on Inauguration Day 2017 and running until February 2018. She ended up writing 447 songs, culminating in a group song written over livestream.

Fogle followed that with 12 Albums in 12 Months, where she organized the enormous amount of content she created into something more listenable than a YouTube playlist.

Then last year, she began 52 Dreams, where every week she drew a different creative task out of a jar and took on many of the side hustles independent musicians explore — Visual Podcasts, TED Talks, music videos, and more. Sharing it all on Instagram and Facebook, she invited others to join her in the process and encouraged them to move on making their dreams a reality.

She finished her nearly four-year-long, self-assigned “creative school” with 444 Hearts, where she took on cover songs every day.

The whole experience taught her plenty about creative output, flow and continuing to work despite discouragement. Facing down the unrelenting challenges of the music industry, Fogle was seemingly ahead of her time, venturing into the virtual realm many musicians find themselves thrust into now because of the pandemic and discovering a way to turn creativity into therapy.

“I’m incredibly introverted, so it’s actually been fine. Maybe even a relief, in a way,” Fogle said.

“There’s a huge expectation that all artists should play shows, and I do enjoy low-key DIY shows or the occasional bigger show when it’s something really special — not to mention many of my fans are super introverted too! And lately, they have been coming from all over: other states or countries, from Bandcamp and YouTube.”

Fogle is a conservatory-trained pianist meets “freak-folk” lo-fi artist. Describing her own songs as mostly on the quiet side, best suited for meditative listening, she has used this unique time to start voice lessons, which she admits is ironic to do after releasing 20 albums.

With all her experience, going back as far as 2008 when she first took part in a global songwriter challenge, Fogle said the advice she’d give to others looking to tap into their creativity right now is make it an assignment to allow the ideas to flow, then get out of your own way.

“I see flow as childlike. The best thing I ever learned is the idea that our creative brain is on one side and our analytical, editor brain is on the other — and the secret to never having writer’s block again is this: Don’t try to use both parts at the same time. When you’re creating, don’t edit or analyze.

“When you’re editing, don’t expect yourself to create or feel creative. It’s like trying to play with your toys and clean them up at the same time. It doesn’t work.”

Most recently, Fogle has released two giant compilation albums with friends, finding a sense of community in spite of all this isolation. This month, they’ll put out their third release, inspired by the house shows Fogle used to host pre-pandemic, at her DIY home venue called In the Clouds (

“I guess it’s been clarifying and focusing, actually, this social distancing,” Fogle said. “It’s helping me learn that existing ‘mostly online’ musically is actually a good fit for me and, if anything, I’ve been able to focus more on the work itself.” - Revue West Michigan

"Review of Tiny Traumas, adding up (out of body, in your skin) III"

Meandering, curious, floaty and surprisingly strong piano based compositions with soft vocals. Insanely rich and dreamy sound with free flowing poetic lyrics. The fact that no one is talking about this is shocking. Big rec. -Yungimas (Poland) -

"Everything's True, pt 1: review"

Jessica in The Rainbow has released a mini solo EP titled Everything's, True pt. 1. It is a vocal/piano only leak to preview an upcoming release she has planned, featuring orchestrations by Elisabeth Blair and cello by Hunter Zhao. This sweet two song EP leaves us haunted by Jessica Fogle's siren-like voice. Listening to these two tracks feels like walking down a sparkling, snowy path lit by the moonlight while gripping your lover's hand tight for warmth. The melodious piano accompanies Fogle's voice flawlessly and it sparks an emotional response as authentic as the artist herself. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to float atop a cloud within the make-believe heavens, Fogle has graced the world with the musical equivalent. Do your heart a favor and get yourself a copy here. - Melolagnia

"Review of Michigan Dreams"

Songs about feeling lost. There's a lot of imagery of flying, trying to find yourself, attempting to understand God's will and fighting it, all delivered with comforting, breathy vocals and arrangements so sparse and slow yet so engaging and easy to get lost in. Painfully honest and intimate, with so many memorable moments that legitimately really moved me. I love it.
Jessica in the Rainbow is an incredibly talented songwriter - the way she writes her compositions really appeals to me - and I'm in complete awe that no one knows about her or her vast discography. This is easily one of the best albums I've heard all year." - Yungimas (Poland) -


Everything's True, pt. 1 (2023)

As Jessica in The Rainbow:

Tiny Traumas, adding up (out of body, in your skin) II (2021)

Time & the Sky (in your mind) (2021)

1010108 or, Everything is Connected (2021)

Dreambird in Rainbowland (the prototype) (2021)

Make-Believe (2020 remix) (2020)

Upward: A Quarandream (2020)

Known / Unknown (2020)

Friend Ship (to the sky, in your mind!) - THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (2020)

Tiny Star (imasgrohn feat. Jessica in The Rainbow) (2020)

444 Hearts vol 1(+done) (2020)

Trigger Warning (EXPLICIT) (2020)

Michigan Dreams (2019)

JiTR's Greatest Hits vol 1 lol jk (sort of) (2019)

Friend Ship vol. 47 (a.k.a. 365 Days vol. 6) (2019)

December, 2015 (*my 1st improvised album*)(2019)

Tiny Traumas, adding up (out of body, in your skin) III (a.k.a. 365 days vol. 5) (2019)

Friend Ship vol. 269 (a.k.a. 365 days, vol. 2) (2018)

Colorado feelings (2018)

If you really want to understand you have to listen to yourself and that includes all the voices wanting to be known by you (don't be afraid of becoming who you already are when you're alone in your mind)...(or, 'a day in September, 2018')...(a.k.a. 'hey, moment!') (2018)

Friend Ship ( the sky, in your mind!) vol. 1358 (2018)

Childhood (2018)

365 Days vol. 7, or 'Misfits, in love with the World'

Make-Believe a.k.a. 365 Days, vol. 4 (2017)

Catalysts (2014)


Released as 'Jessica Fogle':

Du Bist Einen Fogle (2010)

Melancholy Frog (2007) 



“Dreamy, intimate experimental pop.”
-Bandcamp, “New & Notable”

"Like peering through a window into the subconscious of a gentle and inquisitive mind."
-Local Spins (MI)


Jessica Wolfbird (f.k.a. Jessica in The Rainbow / Jessica Fogle) is a conservatory-trained pianist and award-winning indie singer-songwriter.  She was most recently featured as the songwriter/composer for Cheetos Hands Free ad campaign, but has been winning songwriting awards since 5th grade – when she won her first of three statewide songwriting contests, followed by winning numerous piano competitions and arts scholarships, including an ‘IDEA Fellowship,’ an award granted to highly creative people, which funded a term of study in London, England.  During these early years, she also wrote dozens of songs and albums in her free time, from Casio dance-pop to serious piano ballads, and recorded most of these early albums on her dad’s home studio equipment.

Her first professional success was as the composer for 11 songs in “Were the World Mine” (2008) – a cult-favorite independent film that won 16 awards, including Best Music at the Nashville Film Fest.  Around this time, she left the professional music directing world (after 20+ musicals in NYC, Chicago, and the Midwest) and began focusing on her dream of being a performing singer-songwriter.  She performed all over Chicago, before being discovered by Ethan Stoller (music editor for Showtime’s ‘Work in Progress,’ ‘Sense 8,’ and more), who proceeded to record her first studio album pro bono.  “Du Bist Einen Fogle!” came out on April 23rd, 2010, released under her maiden name (Fogle).

Upon moving to Michigan in 2012, she invented the pseudonym / rotating band name ‘Jessica in The Rainbow,’ and became involved in the Grand Rapids music scene, performing at Lamp Light Music Festival and on-air at WYCE 88.1 along with many other favorite area venues.  She eventually founded a music festival ‘Ladyfest at the Lakeshore,’ which raised money for charity, and co-ran a house show venue in Grand Haven called ‘In the clouds,’ which hosted local and nationally-touring artists.  During these years, she opened for Johanna Warren, Gaelynn Lea, Briana Marela, and shared shows with Jonnie Baker (Florist), Mutual Benefit, and more – in addition to being part of the indie band cloudlight, which was featured on Bandcamp’s “New & Notable” front page.  In June 2020, she created a three volume ‘In the clouds compilation album series’ featuring many of the past performers, with proceeds going to the NAACP, Title Track Michigan, and two pandemic-shuttered music venues.

On a personal level, in 2017 she began a series of year-long self-assigned creative challenges – including 365 Songs in 365 Days and 12 albums in 12 months. This wildly public ‘creativity school’ was a form of activism, with the goal of inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves in an ever-polarizing world.  This period created the two-time Bandcamp “New & Notable” Make-Believe (2020 remix, and 2017 version – which was written/produced/released in one weekend).  

In her current life, Jessica Wolfbird can be found around Michigan and the U.S., playing shows / fests and writing songs in nature, or in her new hometown of St. Joseph with her fiancé Bryan (and their puppy Scout Wolfbird Jr.), making vegan food + kombucha, working in their home recording studio, or teaching virtual piano lessons as the owner of Creative Sky Music School –  specializing in friendly and encouraging private music lessons for students of all ages (both traditional and pop) and mini-musical writing camps for kids.

She holds a B.A. in Music (Piano Performance) and Theatre (Dramatic Literature, with a minor in English) from Lawrence University & Conservatory of Music in Appleton WI, and an M.F.A. in Musical Theatre Writing from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

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