Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson


JJ has performed for the Washington Reskins, DC United, been featured on the Mercedes Benz mixedtapes and podcasts, and has a fanbase 20,000 strong. She writes, sings, records, and mixes her music encompassing a range of genres, all of which she masters effortlessly.


Jessica Johnson has performed for major sporting events and local venues in the DC area. She was featured on an international compilation released by Mercedes Benz and has an extensive fanbase. Operating out of her studio, she engineers and mixes all of her vocals. It is due to this self sufficiency, writing talent, broad vocal range, ear for arrangement and marketable image that Jessica Johnson is recognized as the complete package.

JJ is currently selling music independently through digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, EMusic, Napster, Snocap and more.


Behind the Wheel

Written By: Jessica Johnson

Verse 1: Get out my turn to drive / You’re slow behind the wheel / You’ve been stopping and going for so long / That I don’t know what to feel / My heart is racing, palpitating / I’m in overdrive / So pull over to the side / And just get out at the red light / Pre-hook: Hurry up and take your time / Is how you seem to like to drive / But I cannot just sit and wait / For you to keep making mistakes / Hook: I love the way it feels behind the wheel / I love the way it feels behind the wheel / Verse: 2 Get out the driver’s seat / Before you make us crash / You can’t see what’s in front of you / But got you’re foot down on the gas / The ebrake’s up / You’re grinding gears and burning out the clutch / Too bad you didn’t listen to me / Maybe next time you’ll have better luck / But I’m not wasting anymore on you / You took me for a fool / So I’ll take you for a tool / We tried it your way / Your way went the wrong way down the one way / So you can stay / I’ll go my way the right way down the highway / Hook / Bridge: Green means go / And I don’t go slow / If you wanna keep up / Better get your speed up / I move fast / And I don’t finish last / If you wanna be first / Better be my passenger / Hook


Written By: Jessica Johnson

Verse 1

I'm thinking today is the day for a new start,

Forgetting all the drama.

I'm thinking I'll keep the news and radio off,

And let my mind just wander.

'Cuz I can't fix all of the hurt in the world,

Despite how much I'd love to find it a cure.

We live in a place

Where they take

And can't escape,

So you gotta just ask..........




Can't we just all breathe...

Can't we let things be?

oh yeah, yeah



Can't we just let go?

Oh Oh

Baby we got to let go

Verse 2

You may see me and think nothing of my

What could I really know?

But I've been through things that I'm hiding
with my mask

'Cuz I won't let the hurt show.

And I can't forget but at least I forgave,

And I know there's people out there who relate.

Look in these eyes

The disguise

Over my life,

So you gotta just ask.........



'Cuz this place will tear you apart if you let it.

People deceive, but you've got to forget it,

'Cuz pride is not

letting it just

eat you up


Pride is being the big enough person

To just let go and say......


Got to let it go

Got to let it


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