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Who You Really Are

Written By: Jessica Lombard

I saw you standing in my doorway one time.
Oh no, not those tricks you played before.
You say your an average person but that's not the way you look.
Or what you really are
Or who you really are

You go and hang out with your loyal friends.
You understood what I was feeling for once in my lifetime.
And sure you're great looking
And everybody knows
But one thing they don't know
And one thing that I know
Is that you're not the person
Who everybody thinks you are
And I heard and saw everything I needed to know about you.

And I'm telling you now that
You're breaking my heart
And you need to stop your foolishness.
Because you're breaking my heart.

Tell me this isn't true
This is really you
It isn't really you

I knew this day would come sometime.
When I would be found but then broken again.
And I think the candles burning out
So just burn it out
So I don't feel, anymore pain........