Jessica Loren

Jessica Loren

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

*** "My job is to actually say what I think is a radio hit and what is radio ready. You just heard it! " - Sid Olivera, BBC Radio *** "This lady is world-class." - Graham Keeling, Session Musician (The Police)



* Award Recipient

Double-nominee Jessica Loren won an eWorld Music Award in the POP category. The announcement came from the SIR Studios in Hollywood, Califormia on February 12, 2011.
The eWorld Music Awards were created by the director of the Golden Globes and the producers of Film Independent Spirit Awards.

* Radio Ratings

On its first week of airplay in Canada, the song TAKE BACK MY LOVE opened with a 66th position on the NBDS (Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems). For the second week (period ending February 11, 2011), the song has climbed to 51st place.

* Industry Coverage

February 1, 2011 marked Jessica's 4th appearance on Kings of A&R, one of the industry's most reputable sites for emerging artists.

*Air Play

Jessica’s song, TAKE BACK MY LOVE, now on rotation on Quebec’s largest radio station, NRJ, as well as CKOI and Sirius Radio.

* On November 3rd, 2010, a panel of experts from HELLO MUSIC reviewed Jessica’s CD Lavender Walls, and noted: “Lead vocals are the first thing that most listeners pay attention to, so a great performance is essential. Your lead vocals really grabbed us. We don't tag a lot of releases as having great lead vocals, so this is an excellent strength for you to have. We think this release has the potential for mainstream appeal. It sounds familiar, like stuff you might catch on the radio, but it doesn't sound cliché. Nice job. ”

* “Jessica Loren is a great new female vocalist out of Canada whose sound makes you gravitate to her music. Her wonderful vocals make her lyrics stand out like a seasoned vet.” - SNIPER RIFLE MUSIC, October 13, 2010

* Jessica is featured in the September 26, 2010 edition of THE REWIND PODCAST, Show 15. Their reviewer notes her “strong and pure” tone and speculates “there’s no doubt, she’s on the fast track to success.”

* This is easy listening pop rock in the very best sense of the term: it’s easy to love and enjoy for a long time! It’s credible, delivered with passion, and produced simply beautifully. And most of all – the songs rock! - Paul Sedkowski, INDIE MUSIC PLANET, August 30, 2010

* Jessica Loren is featured in the June 17, 2010 edition of MUSIC WEEK UK, which includes Jessica amongst "some of the best Canadian talent making it to our shores."

* "Canadian teen Jessica Loren is a good singer who articulates with skill and has a solid pro team around her (including Celine Dion producer Tino Izzo) that has led to a label deal in her homeland." - MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE, July 2010 Edition

* Featured on KINGS OF A&R in May, June and July 2010

* Won Track of the Week on ABC's FAME GAMES in March 2010

* Has 3 songs in the top 10 All-Time Best on ABC's FAME GAMES

* Jessica is now a FEARLESS RADIO ARTIST, Internet radio bringing the best independent music:


“My job is to actually say what I think is a radio hit and what is radio ready. You just heard it! ” - Sid Olivera, BBC Radio

“This lady is world-class.” - Graham Keeling, Session Musician (The Police)

FAME GAMES on her song DNA: “Top professional production, great songwriting, superb vocal… and the whole package is 100% ready not just to be released but also to become a massive international hit. It's pop, but it's GOOD pop. That Susan Vega-like opening verse sets you up beautifully for that power chorus which is just a knock-out. Briefly put wow!”

FAME GAMES on her song LONELY: “This is easily release-ready. Here we have an excellent pop song which doesn't come across as manufactured and dishonest (i.e. like most of what's in the charts), and with a really cool vocal too! This is the quality that's now expected - the public doesnt care you're an indie. They demand music produced expertly but with heart and soul. Like this song here…!”

FAME GAMES on her song I FEEL IT NOW: “Now, here's an awesome pop track, which sounds 100% radio ready. We have no doubt that kids will love this and … so will adults. Not many songs can boast such unequivocal crossover potential. Excellent songwriting here as in all her other songs, superb arrangement and production - and a fabulous vocal vibe too. This is a complete package, folks. Watch out, Billboard!”


Jessica Loren has accomplished a great deal for her eighteen years: a gifted Canadian singer performer, her debut album was just released digitally with tab Records DEP/UNIVERSAL with a physical release to be annouced shortly.
It’s her talent and passion for music that led her to work with Canadian songwriter and producer Tino Izzo (Celine Dion Taking Chances and D’Elles albums; Jacynthe Look Who's Crying Now; Garou; Roch Voisine; Yuna Ito; SAYA…) resulting in a gripping debut Album “Lavender Walls”.
The recording studio experience was one that Jessica has absolutely loved. “It’s like being in your own world. You go in anticipating what the final product is going to be like. When


Lavender Walls. 2010