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The Window

Written By: Jessica Lynn

Watching you through the window
Looking at your hair
Wondering if you know
I'm standing there..
It's been 3 years to the day
That's when I passed away
And it's because of you
The Lords allowed me to
view you this way
I'm seeing an angel
She's on the inside looking out
I wish I could touch her
Remembering how it felt
I'm hopin that she knows
That if not for what they were
She wouldn't have another someone watching
over her...
Some things you carry close
and you dont let go
As if by burying it inside
It would not be so...
I cant believe your gone
It don't matter what they say
You'll always be the one
I miss you more and more each day
I'm feeling an angel
He's on the outside looking in
I wish I could touch him
I don't know how long its been
Im hoping that he knows
What I feel and see
That I now have another someone watching over me...


Im feelin an angel..(echo)
He's on the inside lookin out
I wish I could touch him..(echo "touch her")
But I know without a doubt
if not for what it was
And the hope we carry in our hearts
We'd not have another someone watchin over us
Watchin over us
Someone to watch over me
~lookin the window
the wind it caught my stare
and I know that in my heart I saw you standing there.

the end