Jessica Marchant

Jessica Marchant



Originally from West Africa, Jessica Marchant has lived most of her life in southern California as the only child of hippie parents. Her years growing up in Orange County were difficult due to almost debilitating depression and anxiety. Yes, from the very beginning she had the makings of a comedian. After graduating from college, getting married and starting Prozac, Marchant moved to New York City to pursue a master’s degree in education. Two years in Manhattan were enough “city living” for Marchant and her husband. After completing her studies, they returned to southern California where she began a career in teaching.
Seven years of teaching were all that Marchant could handle, so she decided to give up her career and stay at home with her two children. Being a stay-at-home mom provided its own challenges (besides the endless laundry). Marchant knew that she needed some sort of creative outlet. She always enjoyed writing and tried her hand at a novel. After six months and twelve pages, she thought that maybe a novella or short story would better suit her attention span. Finally, she scrapped the whole thing and returned to wondering what she could do with her life.
Marchant knew that she was funny and she had ideas that she wanted to share about issues and struggles that we all face in life. She thought about trying stand-up comedy and enrolled in a class. Strongly encouraged by her teachers, friends and fellow comedians, she has been working across southern California to bring to the stage her unique and relatable perspective on anything from couple’s therapy to Weight Watchers. Audiences enjoy Marchant’s down-to-earth demeanor and self-deprecating humor. And, whether laughing at her or with her, they identify and connect with her in a personal way.

Set List

45 Minute Headline Comedy Set