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Jessica Ozolins


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All I got

Written By: Jessica Ozolins

Feel I’m a lion
In a locked up cage
Always running to your antics

No place to question
Voices in my own head

With no ability
To hear
the better me
Caught in a world of
Truth and fantasy

Cause I cant read what
Your playing

This story books full
Too filled with

So do you have it
In you?

Need to abuse
Let loose
Escape my insanity

I want to take all of you with me
If you survive the ride
Or come out

Ill show you
Just what I’m
All about….


Do you have it in you……..
Or do you not…………..
Cant you see it
No more chances
Cause I gave you
All I got

Do you have it in you
Or do you not
Please turn your back
Walk away
Cause you know
I gave it all I got.

Not always what it seems

I make my rules
Just to break them

Eternal E

For me a better chance
To live
This life romance

It’s you
I think I see
I hear in me

Time to erase
What I’m thinking

Cant understand
How you
Just cant get me?

So do you have it in you?

Looking for love
The chase
It’s chasing me
With you the story’s never ending

Free to believe
The end will find us
Now I see

That you have it in you…..

Chorus repeat.