Jessica Penrose

Jessica Penrose


Jessica Penrose transcends the female, singer/songwriter genre with songs of introspective fervor. Her questioning nature in her songs, teamed with a voice that cuts to the core, has her building a strong, loyal following.


Jessica Penrose had her epiphany about being a performer at a very young age—and in the spirit of true indie tradition, did it “open mic” style.

“I was at a work party of my dad’s; they were doing a raffle and the emcee put down the mic,” she recalls. “I spotted it, climbed on stage and sang ‘Give, Said The Little Stream” to a very surprised—but adoring—crowd.”

Penrose loved the rush she got listening to the applause, and her path was set. But she says it wasn’t until her pre-teens, when she started songwriting, that her true evolution as an artist began.

Today, years away from grabbing an idle mic, the challenges are very different: “I'm the band, the artist, the songwriter, the tour manager, the designer, the roadie, the producer, the promoter,” she says. “I have a lot of different hats to wear as an indie artist, but as I grow and as the music spreads I hope to hand some of the responsibility to others.”

In 2007 Jessica founded DC2512 Productions, a company dedicated to providing and promoting authentic music with empowering themes. "There are so many terrible messages in mainstream music. The whole sex, drugs and rock and roll thing. We are dedicated to bringing great music to the world, and using it to empower and inspire. Music isn't just about music, it either stands for something greater than itself or it defaults to a weaker master. It has the power to create or destroy." The DC2512 Tour will run in 2008 nationwide bringing music to the masses from four unique and talented bands, with one goal: to change the world.

While the behind-the-scenes part of the business might present its challenges, the songwriting on her new album, Words Become Flesh (CakeCake Records), is the draw for thousands of new Penrose fans. She says her desire is to “capture experience” in her music; to “capture the feeling of taking a risk, and giving the world my falls.” Ask the up-and-coming songwriter if lyrics or melody lead, and you’ll get a decidedly thoughtful answer.

“Of course, both are important. That's kind of like having two children and asking which one is more important to you,” she says. “If I was to have a favorite of the two children, I most certainly tend to dote on lyrics.”

It’s that focus on her lyrics that gives her audiences such a unique experience—something on which Penrose focuses. “I want them to feel. Just feel. We are so numbed out,” she says. “Someone hurts us, we wall ourselves off; something painful happens, we cop out emotionally because we don't have faith in ourselves that we can make it through. Penrose says she strives to “get inside,” even if for just a moment to cause a “flicker or fire” in people. “I want people to be impressed to live their dreams, live life greater, better, and to allow themselves to be real, damn the consequences.”

Ask Jessica Penrose about the tension between artistic integrity and being commercially successful, and her answer is clear. “We are in a very unique situation right now, where indie artists are not only making more money than the majors but are also retaining most, if not all, artistic control,” she says. “It is the independent artist’s day and I plan on capitalizing on that; being able to make enough to do this and this alone as a career, as a life, is the plan. The more commercial success I have, the more people I can reach. That’s what it's really about for me.”

For now, she is focused on her promoting Words Become Flesh, and booking next years DC2512 Tour. She is also looking forward to the release of her 3rd album in late 2008.


I am

Written By: Jessica Penrose

Cut the crap
Are you ready to get real?
are you ready to hurt?
am I ready to bleed?
This may be the most extraordinary journey

Cut the cake
the honeymoon is over
but you still breathe inside of me
but am willing to give you everything?

I'm a liar, I'm a cheater
I'm a saint, I'm a sinner
I am weaker, I am stronger
Than Iv'e ever been
I am

This is the place for winners and losers
This is the place for one thing and the other
This is a place to hide, this is a place to fly
This is everything, this is everyone

I'm a liar, I'm a cheater
I'm a saint, I'm a sinner
I am weaker, I am stronger
Than Iv'e ever been
I am

Words Become Flesh

Written By: Jessica Penrose

A whisper carries you home
as the light consumes it all
and these notes hit you like stone
cuz you know somethings got to give

and I couldn't say I was a friend
if I didn't tell you there was more
and we wouldn't be alive
if we couldn't feel ourselves tear

because once lived a man
who said let there be light
let there be love, let there be life

and his words speak louder than bombs
and his words swing harder than swords
and angels will carry you home
as his words become flesh.


Written By: Jessica Penrose

These songs aren't my own
even when I hold them as such
and how can I give myself away
when all I have is me?

Have you ever given away your dream
feels like someone died
or maybe just a piece of me
but I can't be me with this in between

Like a freebird
How would life be without the cage in between us?
Like a freebird
How would life be if I let my spirit lead?

I try to make it real
but the only thing thats real is my fear
so what if I was okay without this
what if there was more from letting go?

Like a freebird
How would life be without the cage in between us?
Like a freebird
How would life be if I let my spirit lead?

And who am I to judge my own sins?
And who am I to take the nails from Christ's hands and pierce my own?

Like a freebird
How would life be without the cage in between us?
Like a freebird
How would life be if I let my spirit lead?

Ice Queen

Written By: Jessica Penrose

I am the Ice Queen
I cannot breathe
I cannot cry, what if they see me

I am the Ice Queen
I freeze everything around me
I walk this frozen earth alone

But wait, up ahead I see a light
maybe I could stop for just a moment
But wait, up ahead I feel a flame
maybe I could warm myself a

I am the Ice Queen
I can't stumble or fall
My strength is in my walls
a fortress forged by pain

frozen as the heart that once belonged
frozen as the soul that once soured
frozen as the ground I walk upon

But wait up ahead I see a light
But wait up ahead I feel a fire
Maybe I could stop for a while
someone start a fire inside of me
someone burn a fire inside of me

I want passion, I want pain, I want feeling, I want flame
I am passion, I am pain, I am feeling, I am flame

With arms wide open, I come to you
I carry you, and warm you
and burn as you fight
and heal as the light envelops you
I am the fire

I will light a fire inside of you
I will burn a light inside of you
I am the warm inside of you
I am the fire inside of you
I am the child inside of you
I am the God inside of you
Let me out.


Debut Album: Eve's fault 2005
Words Become Flesh: 2007

Set List

I am
Words become Flesh
Learn to Live
Free bird
Glory Be
Ice Queen
Rat Race
The Great Divorce
Falling Asleep..

Set is typically 45 minutes