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Jessica Powell

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names Jessica Powell,I've been in the music business ever since I can remember.I've been writing for 12 years or more now,poesy,pop,rock,folk,R&B,Hiphop.As of this moment jun 25,08 I'm working with a few a&r's closely,sending projects back and forth.Also I'm in the process of moving just to take my music to another level of satisfaction both for my fans and I.Over the last decade,I've written over 10k or more titles,a publishing deal with spike tv,2 mixtapes selling over 36k over a 2 month basis with small promotion and my marketable talent!I am a lyricist ,Mc, and a leader,my intentions are to put the life back in hiphop and give it more direction,topic,to cover more then a street life which we've all have witness some sort of provity,not just relating to 0 income,but something you need that's missing,that's when you listen to my music you will find what you have always missed.I'm known for my wordplay-strong lyrics also my own style of hiphop called,Lyrical Ardor,the warm intensity of emotional veror,things that are spoken from the heart with no limitations true inspired lyrics sometimes from art or maybe a thought which translate into a 16 or 12 bar lyrical storm of lava!I've did opening acts for such names as Nelly,t-pain,piles,The rock the bell tour 3shows,mase,prettyricky.For meny years I've watch my father who's a sole guitarist who's toured with big names like Earth Wind And Fire,Parliment(funkadelics)jimmy Hendrix..Etc... it has shown me over the years with ambition you can do what you want but with courage you wouldn't fear the outcome because you believe!I also freestyle and battle style so if you wanna put something in the pot let's do it!Watch my new music video lyrical ardor to get a full vision of where i'm taking hiphop.Check out my page all the links, new music ,contest,free stuff!Leave comments join my mission to bring the life back into hiphop rather your a fan or a competitor,let's make it real.Look out for all my new mixtapes merch,shows,updates and videos Thank you all for your shoulders,let's make history


Ep:Real Conversation,noteborn music ,spike tv licensed.

Set List

My House
Lyrical Ardor
Go Dum
25 ta die
variety of cover versions of linkin parks instrumentals,3 doors down Kryptonite.