Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson


Jessica Robinson is a country artist, with deep roots in the format, but she is also influenced by gospel, pop and jazz.


Jessica Robinson truly exemplifies country music artistry. Her fresh, soulful sound and "out of the box" writing style have been met with praise from fans and industry alike. Such warm reception is great news for Jessica who has been building her musical identity since the ripe old age of four.

"Mom and Dad wanted to raise their family in the country and built their own cabin style home in the mid-seventies. We eventually added on but those early days were really something; our family shared one bedroom! Dad's favorite activity was to make a campfire outside and play his guitar while we sang John Prine and Dan Fogelberg tunes until the fire went out. I think those early experiences instilled a passion for music that exists in me today."

Jessica took up the violin at age six and studied throughout her school years. "In high school I dreamt about playing in a symphony" she says. "But at the same time I was practicing two hours a day I began to feel that something was missing ." Singing would eventually fill that void. "I had long been singing in my bedroom at night and never thought twice about it; I thought it was something everyone did."

After winning a talent search in her mid-teens Jessica recognized her true musical passion and she's never looked back since. A decade of performances later Jessica was working with Nashville producer, Michael D. Clute (Diamond Rio), and enjoyed the success of her first self-penned single release, Story of My Life. "We released 'Story' in Canada in spring 2000," Jessica replies, "and without heavy promotion or a video it finished in the top twenty in the country. I guess all those trips and writing sessions in Nashville were worth it! "

In 2004, Jessica finished writing and recording her first full length album "Hummingbird" produced in Nashville by Steve Fox. "I have been fortunate to write with some great Nashville writers along the way," she comments, "Guys like Arlos Smith who wrote John Michael Montgomery's #2 hit 'Home to You' and Rascal Flatts ‘Mayberry’ and country artist Mark McGuin (Mrs. Steven Rudy)." Jessica’s true song writing match came about with her producer/ co-writer, Steve Fox, and they’ve since written dozens of songs over the years together. In fact, eight of the eleven songs on the album were written by the pair.

While her love of writing is obvious, Jessica doesn't just stop at lyrics; she’s been working on new fiddle melodies and solos for her live performances as well. "The way I see it I don't have a choice. I "am" my music and I want to share everything that's musical in me with an audience; I don't think it gets any more real than that for me"

"Real" is exactly what Jessica is all about. Her father, who made his living as a social worker & life skills instructor, often combined his musical talent and instructional knowledge to inspire his students to put their dreams into songs. "It wasn’t until he passed away that I was able to understand his impact on the lives of those people.," she comments.

Jessica has aspired to continue his legacy in her own way by taking her music and her story into Canadian schools. She’s been met with resounding enthusiasm as she has, one by one, inspired kid’s of all ages to go after their dreams. Lindsay, from Lethbridge, explained the impact of Jessica’s presence on her,

" Lately I’d been feeling discouraged about life in general and Jessica’s talk helped me to remember the importance of my dreams and that I will have to face many challenges to live them. As I sat and listened to her I had tears in my eyes. Everything she said I could relate to. It was a rare opportunity to have someone like her visit our high school..."

Between her work with the schools and her commitment to both the Kinsmen Foundation and the United Way Jessica has had little time for leisure. But she claims that she doesn’t mind. " Making an album and promoting my career has been extremely exciting and fulfilling," she says, "however, my real hope in life is to use those opportunities and blessings to give something back."

In January 2006, Jessica met with a new challenge, motherhood. Not once, but twice as twin girls Eden and Emily were welcomed into the world.

With her heart of gold and velvet voice, Jessica Robinson is destined to be all that she hopes to be; an artist with a purpose and the dream to make it happen.

Awards and Nominations:


Independent Female Vocalist of the Year (2005 Nominee)


Outstanding Country Recording - Hummingbird (2005 Nominee)


Winner - 2008 Female Vocalist of the Year
Winner - 2008 Album of the Year - Whirl, Swirl, Twirl

Winner - 2007 Female Vocalist of the Year
Winner - 2007 Song of the Year (Hummingbird, co-written with Steve Fox)
Entertainer of the Year (2007 Nominee)
Single of the Year (2007 Nominee)
All Star Band - Fiddle (2007 Nominee)

Winner - 2006 Female Vocalist of the Year
Winner - 2006 Single of the Year (I Like Thi


I'll Save My Prayers(For Bigger Things)

Written By: Jessica Robinson and Steve Fox

I live on Wannabe Street surrounded by the Jones'
And when I drive up in my hatchback Honda
Most of them snub their noses
And on my 12" black and white TV
I see a world full of starving people
When my neighbors see that too
I wonder what they do

(Cause) He wants a Jumbotron in his living room and a loaded Lexus
She wants a rock on her ring finger the size of the state of Texas
Whatever floats their boat or makes their $1000 cockatoo sing
I'll save my prayers for bigger things

I'd like another zero on my paycheck as much as the next guy
And though money can't buy me happiness I'd sure like to give it a try
But it isn't what I ask for in my solitary moments
Even though I know I could...instead I pray for the neighborhood


Like love and health and happiness
Someone to hold me when I'm old and grey
That's all I need to be this blessed...the rest I can't take anyway

Like a Jumbotron in my living room or a loaded Lexus
I don't need a rock on my ring finger the size of the state of Texas
No that don't float my boat no, no, no, it really don't flame my flame
I'll save my prayers for bigger things

I Like This Place

Written By: Jessica Robinson and Steve Fox

The first time I saw that open road
I knew that I just had to go
On my pursuit of happiness
Not thinking once what I might miss
And when it came to life & work & love
I had too much or not enough
No, I was never satisfied
Until I found this place inside

(It's like) the sun is rising on my heart
Waking up what was cold & dark
And I can't stop singing
I've got this silly grin on my face
Oh...I think I like this place

I still feel restless and I still doubt
But when I do I don't just ship right out
I give thanks for what I've got instead
And let those clouds roll on ahead


So why not stay
Cause all I've been searching for
Is right here anyway...



Albums: Hummingbird, Whirl Swirl, Twirl
Singles: I'll Save My Prayers (For Bigger Things)
I Like This Place
Little Dirt Road
Smoke and Mirrors
There It Is

Set List

75 minute show