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Written By: Jessica Venables

Will you take your time or will you waste all that we’ve got?
Every violent headache every badly aimed shot

And it goes like this
I unfurl my fist
And I reach for something I could easily miss

I pass the names of royalty as I march to my death
Now first it goes King William then Queen Elizabeth
And all the stores are open but I’m not open yet

I’m trying to get my head around you, trying to forget
And I’ll let it show
I would overthrow
Every fortress ‘round your heart to let you know

And promising to overlook the girl across the street
The seven shades of make-up on the same familiar sheet
I’ll fill one box with precious things and disregard the rest
And promise that I’ll go away when you’re not at your best

And it goes that way
What we do not say
Hangs around your neck until your dying day