Jessica Smith-Wright

Jessica Smith-Wright


With the wide range of songs on her new bilingual CD, Eres Real / So Real - from aggressive (Overcomer) to mature piano-based songs ("Love of My Life”) - Jessica Smith-Wright makes her music hard to pigeonhole.


Growing up as a Pastor’s kid is not an easy thing. For Jessica Smith-Wright, she sums it up with a fine point: “You are either labeled as a wild child or a goody too shoes.” And while Jessica was basically a good daughter, a family conflict was soon to emerge.

By the time she reached the age of 14, Jessica was a typical teenager, with one exception: she didn’t have a serious boyfriend. In fact, she had never had one, because her mother and father wouldn’t allow it. “My parents teach what I used to call the ‘no dating’ rule,” Jessica recalls, with a voice that sounds like she has grown wiser. “All of my friends were dating, and my parents were telling me not to date. How could they tell me not to, when they did at my age? How could they tell me about something they never had to deal with?” In junior high through the beginning of high school, the issue created quite a bit of tension at home.

Jessica recalls the turning point in this debate: “I remember one day, my dad was talking to me about the two different paths that lay before me. He said that one path was this wide path and almost everyone was taking it, but it led to a dead end. The second path was the straight and narrow way that few traveled and it led straight to the heart of the Father. He told me that I would have to decide for myself the one I would take. Of course, I knew he wanted me to take the narrow way, so I wanted to take the opposite.”

During that time, her father made a bold and difficult decision: Jessica was to sever all friendships that were luring her away from her calling. “My parents cut off a lot of my friendships and wouldn’t let me talk on the phone. Can you IMAGINE that for a 14-year old?” she exclaims. “I thought it was literally the end of the world. And it was -- at least the end of my world.”

“I don’t believe that there was a specific day my life did a 180-degree turn, but a gradual turn,“ Jessica recalled. “Over time, God began to open my eyes and my heart. I had a new best friend and it was my Creator!” In that time, she began to understand her parents’ relationship rule. “The ‘no dating’ rule became a ‘no dating’ revelation. I realized I wasn’t old enough to be getting married, so why build a relationship with someone that was probably going to be torn apart.” It became a turnaround in her family life. At the same time, she began to draw deeper into her spiritual life. "As a pastor's kid, you hear the stuff about God and Jesus every day, and you get to the point of ‘yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all of this over and over again.’ But by spending time with them and God, I began to realize who I was in Him. I absolutely loved to worship Him!”

As her spiritual life grew, the desire and joy in worship became a greater part of her life. “One of my biggest desires was to be able to sing,” recalls Jessica. “One night when I was seventeen, I was praying and I cried out to God that if He would give me a new voice with which to sing, I would always use it to glorify His name.” Soon after this prayer, she began to express with a powerful new voice -- not only through her singing, but also through her words as she began writing her own original songs.

And while she never expected to write songs, it began to come out as a natural extension of singing. “I found that I had certain feelings and thoughts about the Father that I wanted to sing, but I couldn’t find songs that expressed it.” So while her brother, Jordan, practiced licks on his acoustic guitar, Jessica found herself singing words spontaneously from her heart. Soon, Jessica began collaborating with Jordan; she developed lyrics and melody while Jordan created chord structures. Their first serious work together resulted in So Real’s first song, “Made Free.”

After many years of walking the difficult path of no dating, God brought the man of her dreams back into her life. Trey Wright and Jessica went to the same elementary school in Panama City, Florida, but they had not seen each other in years. Jessica recalls the day she knew:

“I remember when he came to visit my dad’s church. I walked up to him to say hello, but I could barely speak straight and my stomach was in knots. In all of my life I had never felt like that! It was a time in my life that I wasn’t even looking for ‘the one’ -- I was still focused on God. That day when I saw Trey, my life began to greatly change.” Trey’s job had recently moved him to a city 30 minutes away from Mobile. They slowly began to talk and hang out with groups of friends. “Neither Trey nor I ever mentioned to one another about being romantically interested,” Jessica said. “He spoke with my Dad first and received his permission to pursue a relationship with me.” Her father wanted to make sure that Trey was the right one for his daughter, so he challenged Trey often on his heart. Trey made it through all of the obstacles, and they were wed in October 2005.

“I am now married to an incredible man of Yahweh,” Jessica e


Straight To Your Heart

Written By: Jessica Smith-Wright, Jessica Fletcher

Verse 1
You asked me to give all I know
To discover Your great unknown
You have my life in Your hands
I found a love no one understands

I'm running to
I'm running straight to Your heart
I'm running to
I'm running to Your loving arms

Verse 2
You took my life made it new
Now I'm truly alone with You
No limitations hold me down
Now I'm advancing to higher ground

I Pour Out

Written By: Jessica Smith-Wright, Jordan Smith, Sarah Pridgen

Verse 1
I release all of these things I've held onto
I'm learning to completely trust in You
These unwon battles won't fade away
As I release my fears You're with me
All the way

I pour out my heart to You
I just want to be one with You
Take my hand help me understand
What it means to be one with You
One with You one with You one with You

Verse 2
At times my eyes get so dim I cannot see
The work Your Spirit is completing in me
I fight the war with the word You gave
Trusting nothing no one could ever separate

Vencedora (English)

Written By: Jessica Smith-Wright, Jordan Smith, Aaron Smith

Verse 1
Fear comes it's in my face
Tries to steal my peace inside
Break through take my place
I gotta let God rise
Hold out until I win
Dare to believe in Him
His word will see me through in everything I do

I will not back down
I am an overcomer
I'm gonna stand my ground
I am a child of promise

Verse 2
Voices of confusion speak
Teasing me but no way out
In attempt to make me weak
I gotta let God rise
Pressing through until I see
His word working through me
He has made me new in everything I do


- So Real (2002) - RPJ Records
- Eres Real / So Real (2005) - RPJ Records
- The Unseen (2006) RPJ Records

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- "Overcomer," "Straight to Your Heart" played on multiple podcasts. See for more details.