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"Jessica Something Jewish AUS Tour"

“One of my worst fears is writing a song and being one of those people who has no idea that it sounds exactly like one of your old songs.” JESSICA SOMETHING JEWISH main man JAMES GLINES talks to XOXO on the eve of his first Australian tour about keeping it fresh.

While being a one-person bastion of industry would leave most people panting and waving a white flag by the wayside, the Portland-based purveyor of moody-electro-folk-wave (who writes and records his own material as well as organising the American leg of his tour with Australian composer Alps) seems to revel in it.

“I have my own little studio set up in my house so I’ll go and just record something and learn it later. I like to have that first person perspective on how everything’s going to be written and recorded.” But with so much one-sided input, how does one manage to avoid cramping their own style?

“I take so much from everything I hear. No matter what it is I can always get a little inspiration from it. I can always appreciate something in any kind of music - it’s so hard to generalise between bands, I keep my library bulging at all times.” Drawls Glines from his home across the Pacific Ocean on a quiet Monday evening. His new full-length album Seattle Calls is released this month, as well as having a track of his included on a compilation put out by Shriek Sounds, a new underground Australian record label. When asked about his decidedly DIY approach to music he grants that “If I go to a studio and pay an ungodly amount for somebody to do it, while trying to translate my music to someone who’s producing or engineering something might get lost in the differences of creative opinion and that worries me.”

Now that the tedious business of completing a degree has just been knocked off the top of the to-do list, and he says “I’ve been looking forward to this for six years now. The part where I graduate school and tour constantly. I’d much rather have no place to live and be on the road all the time than sticking around in one city and not ever getting to play. If I always had shows lined up I’d be totally fine living out of a car. I’d put all my belongings in a storage unit and just keep touring”

With final preparations for his virgin voyage to Australia well underway and passport woes ironing themselves out at the last minute, what can audiences here expect to see at his live shows?

“I write all my live music by hand on a synth modulator. I don’t like using a computer for it because it takes away from the experience for me. As long as the audience is participating I defiantly get ten times more into it. Mostly I’m just going to try and get the dance-fest feel going on.” - Rave Magazine


Few Strings Attacthed - 6 song EP - September 2004 (Discontinued)
Seattle Calls - 11 song LP - May 2006 (Avialable Online and In-Stores)
007 - 4 track single (original mix and 3 remixes) - January 2008 (Available Online)

Tracks are often found still in rotation from Few Strings Attatched, and can be found at various locations online. Seattle Calls can be found on many station and is still growing at rapid speed, and garnering great praise. All 11 tracks can be heard online. The new single "007" is redefining the sound of JSJ throughout the masses. The "Malfunctioning Remix" can be heard in your favorite dance club any day of the week.



Early in 2003 James Glines slowly made his way onto the Salt Lake City music scene by way of open-mics and lightly attended bar shows. After a year or so of mediocre guitar and vocal emotional ballads, people started taking notice. Although his music was gaining speed, he still longed for something else.

Glines decided it was time to take his sound in a different direction. Once he had aquired his first sequencer, the sound that would become Jessica Something Jewish began to take shape. The music came together very quickly and plans for the first e.p. "Few Strings Attatched," were in motion. As Glines began playing his electronic dance shows in Salt Lake City, the people were starting to catch on. The shows grew and grew over time, on occasion selling out local venues.

Glines has shared the stage with bands such as Tegan and Sara, Ash, VHS or BETA, Rocky Votolato, Viva Voce, The Ditty Bops, Walter Meego, Dan Deacon, Alaska!, The 89' Cubs, Shiny Toy Guns, Decibully, Aqueduct, Dandi Wind and many more.

Glines has now expanded his performance base with his unique DJ sets under the moniker JSJ. As the headlining DJ of Dance Discovery, and Shake n' Pop Saturdays, JSJ has proved his strength in the DJ community and is ready to take his talents on the road.

Simultaneous Booking for Jessica Something Jewish and JSJ (DJ) is welcome for negotiation.

Glines' accomplishments include the release of his first full length, "Seattle Calls", in 2006. The release of his single, "007", in 2008 which included three remixes by California producer, undocument. Glines also completed a 22 show tour in Australia and New Zealand in 2006.