Jessica Zeigler

Jessica Zeigler

 Parkville, Maryland, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

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Notice Me

Written By: Jessica Zeigler

Staring blankly at the page, but no words seem to come
You wander into my brain, I try to deny because
I know it’s foolish of me, to think that I could ever be
More than the girl in the shadows, you never seem to notice me

But I guess it’s never hurts to dream
That one day you'd look my way and you would smile right at me
But it hurts more when I think of what could be
If you only knew for a moment just how much you mean to me
But I can never find the words to say
So I’ll sit here one more day, hoping that you’d notice me, notice me
Mmmmmmm, notice me

I wonder how my life would be, if I could hold you hand
And you’d whisper that you love me, but I understand
That it is crazy of me to think that you would ever see
Me as more than a friend, you’ve never even noticed me


I look into your eyes, and then I start smile
You speak one word and I am melting inside
If I had the courage to, I’d sing this song to you
And maybe you would see, I’m kind of nice
If you’d only got to know me
Mmmmmmmm, if you noticed me

Chorus 2-
And I guess it never hurts to dream,
That one day you’ll look my way and you will smile right at me
But it only hurts more when I think of what could be
If you’d only notice me, notice me