Jessie and Layla

Jessie and Layla


Kinetic, the debut album from Jessie & Layla. A musical melange of sixties psychadelia and noughties electronica, close knit harmonies and pure pop sensibilities


Described in The Herald as… ‘Kinetic, the startling new debut album by Dublin sisters duo, Jessie and Layla, sounds as if it brushed against the dilithium crystals in the transporter room of the Starship Enterprise when being beamed to earth’. The Evening Herald.

Their first single ‘Nearly Over Now’ was featured on Tom Dunne’s Pet Sounds on Today FM, and received airplay on Nic Harcourts influential show KCRW in LA. Their current single ‘Freezin Up' was very well received by radio and was voted single of the week in Hotpress magazine who described it as….. ‘ sweet'n'rapturous girl- group melodies, ecstatically groovy smack-and-swing of its drumming, a full orchestra going river deep and mountain high..... deserves your unfrozen warmed up love'…. Hotpress 2005

It’s been a busy year for Jessie and Layla, promoting their debut album ‘Kinetic’ and playing a plethora of gigs, not to mention Radio and television performances around the country. They’ve been featured on Dave Fanning’s ‘The Last Broadcast’, The Pat Kenny show, ID2, TG4 Ardan to mention but a few and played every gig from the Fringe Festival in the “Spiegeltent” to the SXSW international music festival in Austin Texas.
They were selected to play the prestigious SXSW festival in Austin Texas in March as well as some gigs in New York and have also supported great acts such as Shivaree (of the Kill Bill soundtrack fame), Hal, and recently in The Budrising festival they shared the stage with the much hyped Magic Numbers. They’ve played the Tommy Hilfiger Sessions in The Pod and will Play Café En Seine ‘To celebrate the International Day of Music. Currently working on new material, Jessie and Layla will continue to play live gigs and TV/Radio performances to keep up to date visit


Freezin up

Written By: Layla Collins

You coud have it all
Or You could watch it fall
Or you could hold it up
Well, like a china cup,
Or you could leave it bare
To show me that you care.

Cause I'll be freezin up
This feelings freezin up
The Seasons seizing up
and up , and up.

We could spin a web
Memories our thread
A fragile safety net
To help us to forget
But what we fear to face
Could never be erased

And I'll be freezin up
This feelings freezin up
The Seasons seizing up
and up , and up.

Cause I'm still Changing
Red Shift Fading
Disco Dating

Cause You coud have it all
Or You could watch it fall


Debut Album 'Kinetic'
1st Single 'Nearly Over Now' played on Nic Harcourts KCRW santa Monica
2nd Single 'Freezin Up' voted single of the week in Hotpress Magazine.
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Set List

1. Tonight

2. Nearly over Now

3. Rusty Old Camera

4. High and Low

5. Rolling back

6. Love is On its way

7. Freezin Up

8. So Long

9. Ground

10. Stellar Sunrise

11. Move On


It’s Different for Girls by Joe Jackson
Take Me with you by Prince