Jessie Deluxe

Jessie Deluxe


Masochistic Love, Joan Jet and Bowie had a baby?!, Pretenders meets Queens of the Stone Age..with a little bit of PJ Harvey.


Jessie Deluxe describes her sound as heavy, melodic rock. Her songwriting is dynamic and powerful featuring choruses that, “lift you high in the air and then smash you back down to the ground.” This is in your face rock n’ roll that conjures up the grittiness of P.J. Harvey and the sex appeal of Elvis, all the while adding her own unique edge.

This fiery front woman packs an authoritative punch live with her amazing voice. As she shreds on her Flying V, she commands the audience with the conviction of a rock icon. It is no surprise, this L.A. based band has become well known for high energy shows and electric performances.

As for her background, Jessie has garnered the attention of various producers such as David Rowntree (Blur), Dave Jerden ( Janes Addiction, Poe) and Geza X (Sonic Youth). Her influences range from, Hendrix, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, to NIN.

Bringing the thunder on the drums is Jessie's brother from another mother, Scott Quist. Mr. Quister has played with bands such as The Shcoker (Lead singer Jennifer Finch From L7), Moreno (Chicago), and Versa Vice (LA).

The band is currentlty writing, recording and tourining. Look out for their debut release, "Vol.2", scheduled for release on Death Electric Recordings/ E. Lago Ent Grp Int., for the Spring of 2009.


Jessie Deluxe"Vol.1" Album
Top Singles
"I know"

Set List

Our set length is usually 30-45 sometimes and hour if free.
Songs in our set include:
I know
You Got Nothing
Rock'n Roll
Mouse Trap
English Garden