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"Jessie Deluxe Debut UK performances at the Barfly and Metro Bar"

" Wednesday night at the Barfly - Chalk Farm was the most exciting night I've had seeing a new act for a very long time.

It's a classic once in a while story.
You get invited along to see yet another new band
and go with expectations not exceeding much more than that.
Another new band. You hear the promotional songs. They're good. Better than the average. Still you don't expect to be so blown away on the first night that you come away thinking you've just been privilieged to see a future rock legend at the very earliest stage of her career.

"One minute she struts about like a wooden doll with her eyes thrown up, the next is all out, head back, Hendrix. It's brilliant to watch.
She has an inner stillness and peace about her when she is not engaged in her music, that she switches from when the songs kick in,
getting totally lost in her rock persona. " -

""L.A. chicks rawk""

Metal ala L.A.–sans dicks–is on its way to Sacramento in the form of Jessie Deluxe and Evil Beaver. Jessie Deluxe is the name of both the front woman and her band, whose sound she would not describe as metal. Nope, she’d call it “heavy melodic rock.” Says so in the promos for her new CD Jessie Deluxe Vol. One. And she’s got a point. A sorta Sunset Strip scenster—she appears in legendary La-La Land rock creepesario Kim Fowley’s unreleased monster love story flick, Pink Cement—Deluxe eschews metal flash for something more ethereal and layered. Make no mistake, her band can rawk and Jessie slays on her Flying V, but singing she is more prone to grab your ears during quieter, moodier moments. Think Margo Timmins in really heavy black mascara." - -Matt Coker,

"Top Album Reviews"

"very much like the British own Republica of the 90s, but bringing with it a modern sound to get with the times. The sound is commercial, but intelligent and angsty, shining through a rock-pop exterior, and resembling Hole as opposed to the covert intelligent sound of Carina Round and PJ Harvey, who they also imitate successfully at times. One of these times is first track "Angel" which shines mature vocals, accompanied by frenetic guitar riffs, to emanate attitude. "Candy" the second track on the EP, grabs the listeners interest with more angst, a fine example of the pop punk mentioned before, the vocals are Hole, and Chicks On Speed like, shouty and attitude filled, this would be the perfect album opener with it's catchy chorus which crashes in relentlessly with a "Notice Us" nature.

"Hello, Hello, Hello, Goodbye"

The song certainly expresses a brash confidence that reflects the personality of the band and their music, and which would have them shooting up the charts faster than a NASA expedition taking off. Final tune "I Know" reels you in with Smashing Pumpkins like chugging guitar rhythms and irresistible riffs, one minute you could be listening to a parent-teenager dispute over the volume of their music, the next, there enters a classy, and melodic vocal style, with some scathing, rather than angry lyrics to match. Whether it's a mish mash of teen angst and rock pop, that floats your boat, or whether you prefer some classy and intelligent angst, Jessie Deluxe certainly have something for you." - -Katherine Tomlinson - Allgigs UK

"Show Reviews"

Jesse Deluxe are definitely the pick of new unsigned music at the moment but they won't remain unsigned for long" Bill Manners Rock Chart
"Definitely check out their latest offerings and get to see them at any available opportuniy.
You will be happy to have heeded my advice, people.
Girls, you will want to be her.
Boy's you will want to be her.......... boyfriend.
She certainly swept me off my feet. - Rock Chart


Jessie Deluxe"Vol.1" Album
Top Singles
"I know"



Jessie Deluxe describes her sound as heavy, melodic rock. Her songwriting is dynamic and powerful featuring choruses that, “lift you high in the air and then smash you back down to the ground.” This is in your face rock n’ roll that conjures up the grittiness of P.J. Harvey and the sex appeal of Elvis, all the while adding her own unique edge.

This fiery front woman packs an authoritative punch live with her amazing voice. As she shreds on her Flying V, she commands the audience with the conviction of a rock icon. It is no surprise, this L.A. based band has become well known for high energy shows and electric performances.

As for her background, Jessie has garnered the attention of various producers such as David Rowntree (Blur), Dave Jerden ( Janes Addiction, Poe) and Geza X (Sonic Youth). Her influences range from, Hendrix, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, to NIN.

Bringing the thunder on the drums is Jessie's brother from another mother, Scott Quist. Mr. Quister has played with bands such as The Shcoker (Lead singer Jennifer Finch From L7), Moreno (Chicago), and Versa Vice (LA).

The band is currentlty writing, recording and tourining. Look out for their debut release, "Vol.2", scheduled for release on Death Electric Recordings/ E. Lago Ent Grp Int., for the Spring of 2009.