Jessie Litwin

Jessie Litwin

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

My lyrics are charming and my melodies are catchy. I write about events in my own life and those of my friends, but i write in such a way that everyone can relate to my lyrics by funneling out what has meaning in their own lives. I have been performing all my life and love sharing my music.


I am Jessie Litwin, 17 years old, born in Providence, RI and haven't moved since! I started writing music the first time i picked up a guitar when I was around twelve. I had already been singing with my mom forever, so it was quite the treat to finally be able to accompany myself. My first songs started out as a rubble of emotion and ideas with no logic. As my song-writing has developed, I have been influenced by many other artists, such as Bruce Springsteen, Guster, The Beatles, Ingrid Michaelson, and probably many more without realizing. I write for myself and for the people I love about what is on my mind, happening in their lives, or simply something which seemingly has nothing to do with me.

I am different from other artists in that I find a strong importance in connecting with other people. I try to do this through my music and I thrive on audiences for this reason. I have always been heavily involved in theater, where I have learned to conduct myself on a stage as someone else, and find a sense of relief when I can finally just be myself when I am playing my own music. I can connect with people as myself instead of as a different character!

I love to share my music and let my words reach other people so that they can funnel out what has meaning in their own lives. Throughout my musical journey, I have discovered that my lyrics are what express me, my audiences are what thrill me, and my music is what defines me. Ready to listen?


Every Girl In Town released to iTunes