Jessie Payo

Jessie Payo

 Burbank, California, USA

Best known as the Front woman of Jupiter Rising made famous for their hit "Electropop" and "GO" Heard on MTV's "The Hills" and "The City". Now solo, she offers up sweet to bluesy original songs. She's Bonnie Raitt meets Erykah Badu to Nancy Sinatra. Jessie's a dynamic, spitfire in a tiny package!



Jessie Payo is a quadruple threat: singer, songwriter, actress and dancer -- and shes emerging as one of the most gifted artists in the modern music scene. Having just launched her solo career, Ms. Payo is proving to be a sweet-sounding force to be reckoned with. Known for her brilliant vocal ability and poetic songwriting savvy, she can write and wail everything from Top-40 Pop to gritty rock and roll. Shes proof that incredible things can come in adorably small packages.

Jessies opened for such world renowned entertainers as Eric Hutchinson, The Black Eyed Peas, Jason Mraz, Lauryn Hill, Lupe Fiasco, Etta James, and Boyz II Men. And her music has appeared on MTVs hit series The Hills," The City," My Super Sweet Sixteen," ABCs Make it or Break it," FOXs So You Think You Can Dance," CBSs Criminal Minds," E!s The Daily Ten," and Disney Channels Halloween Town High." Jessie also received a Gold Record for her performance on Disneys Jump In soundtrack.

Most recently, Jessie wrote and performed as the lead singer of the pop-duo JUPITER RISING, where she toured across the country headlining clubs and other renowned venues. Their hit song Electropop received over a million plays on MySpace and has been heard on radio stations around the world.

Jessie is involved with such charitable organizations as Rock Camp for Girls in Los Angeles and Feeding the Soul in San Diego. She studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and resides in Southern California.

College Representation:
Ari Nisman & Jeff Hyman
Entertainment Agent
Degy Entertainment
732-818-9600 (Ari)
217-359-4243 (Jeff)


House Broken (Jessie and the Raindogs)

Little Ways Down the Road (Jessie and the Raindogs)

Live at Harvelle's (Jessie Payo band)

Electropop (Jupiter Rising)

Quiet Hype (Jupiter Rising)

Heart in a Suitcase (Jessie Payo)

Set List

I play sets usually 25 minutes to one hour. I can adjust to the setting whether it's a super mellow crowd or a group ready to dance. Every now and then I put in a popular cover to bring some familiarity to the night! Everyone loves a fun cover.

1. "I got a Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas
2. "Mother" by Jessie Payo
3. "Silly Girl" by Jessie Payo
4. "Forget You" by Ceel-o Green
5. "Peanut Butter" by Jessie Payo
6. "Quicksand" by Jupiter Rising
7. "Sweet and Fine" by Jessie Payo
8. "At last" by Etta James
9. "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele
10. "Hands Together" by Jessie Payo
11. "Baby Baby Baby" by Justin Beiber
12. "Toxic" by Britney Spears
13. "Angel From Montgomery" by John Prine
14. "Little Known Story" by Jessie Payo