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Band Comedy Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"coming soon"

i will be uploading some songs soon ..if you guys can just wait...ull be amazed - jessika schade


well im a hart girl by hart. i write songs 24/7. i sing even more. everyone says im amazing. im thinking of going on canadian idol. im to old to go on the next star. im 16, and i LUV animals. my family is extreamly supportive of my music habit( got like 10 CDs and a recording deal of some sore for my birthday). my day consists of riding horses, chillin with friends, and over all else singing - jessika schade


death is everywhere, in are hearts, in are eyes, and in are soul. but mostly death is in are hands. suffocate, stab, shoot. it hurts peoples hearts. it`s seen with eyes. it shatters are souls. yet done with are hands.what could have been done to stop this... love, NO! for love is deep down in everyone. rules, NO! everyone must obey rules all there life. so what has brought this upon are selves. no one knows. hopefully you will never find out. death is everywhere. in are hearts. in are eyes. and in are souls. but mostly death is in are hands. YOU control it!!

poem made by me when i handed it in to my teacher she was kinda shocked i wrote it because it was so amazing....thanks everyone for being my insparation...enjoy!!!!



my music really doesnt have a genre. one day ill write a country song and the next ill write a rock song. i had really horrable experiances in school as a child, and the only thing i could look forward to was music class. music was there for me when i was bullied throughout elementary school, and its still here with me now. from listening to hilary duff when i was 6 to listening to three days grace now at the age of 16. its always been there. i was accepted into belcanto at the age of 6 and was top of the class in music class. music explains life... how to get through a break up... how to deal with bullying, and lots of other things. i can sing almost any song you throw at me so im an all around girl...i tryed to get to edmonton for ``the next star`` but i wasnt able to get enough money to travel there....even though we go there almost every year...but it because i was in the midst of buying my baby boy tachik(hitchin post chankster) my pride and joy is a pure bred quarter horse paint and i actually have a pic of him posted on my epk somewhere...check him and me out.... i luv my fans and my best bud alena...and i cant forget my awsomely amazing cuzin darienne....luv ya alls...ill send you post cards when im famous...alena ill pack u in my suitcase cuz i cant go anywhere with out u...darienne u can be my adviser...again i say peace out and i luv u guys