Jessi Nymph

Jessi Nymph


Poppy, but edgy with vulnerable but passionate vocals. Firey yet innocent all at the same time.


Jessi Nymph is a solo acoustic performer, who breaks the traditional girl with guitar mold. She's firey, yet innocent. Her lyrics are delivered with grit, and intensity, while her guitar playing offers pop sensibility with a choppy rock style. She's often compared to the styles of Liz Phair, Courtney Love, Hope Sandoval, and Mike Ness for vocals. Her stage presence can catch a whole rooms attention; its half raw sexual energy, and half raw don't-fuck-with me energy. There's a naive charm, tangled up with diamond in the rough. She's most influenced by Lucinda Williams, Hole, Mazzy Star, and Beth Orton.


I Fall Apart

Written By: Jessi Nymph

In my eyes, he could do no wrong.
It could've been, yeah, but it wasn't.
And I'm still alone with everyone, except me. I know I haven't died, I just don't feel alive, not yet, but anyway.

So, things could be different?
So, the pain will go away?
So, here I am, my body the hand grenade.

I fall apart
I break into pieces
It took a split second to love you
A lifetime to forget you

I wish I could've been perfect in your eyes
I wish I could've been everything to you
I wish I was special, I really do
He led me on, only to lead me down

So, now you think you regret me?
And how you wish you'd never met me?
So, here I am.
Come and take anoother shot at me.


Its my heart thats gone to the other side
Its my heart thats gone to the other side
Its my heart thats gone to the other side


The Jayne EP-Solo acoutic Ep recorded in 2003.
The Love Song three song sampler-unreleased EP with full band; available to hear on or

Set List

Typically, Jessi is an opening or middle act. Her set lists are anywhere from 5-10 songs. She rarely does covers, but may throw in a Lucinda Williams, or Mazzy Star song. Her songs are about 3 minutes each.