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Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Fusion




"Quote from Grammy Nominated EDM Producer"

"I’ve produced and remixed some of the biggest acts in music over the last 15 years and its rare I get excited over a new breakout act. However, Madame Freak [Jessi Teich] & The Funky Fever bring some amazingly cool, innovative and unique elements to the table that are sure to turn heads and keep the listener thoroughly entertained" - Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore

"Freak Out"

MADAME FREAK AND THE FUNKY FEVER are an eclectic French group of Funkateers fronted by powerhouse vocalist JESSI TEICH and they've just unleashed their debut album – the energized 'Follow The Crack'.

The 11 tracker - out now on Madame Freak Records - offers a varied sweep of Funk-based sounds that range from the JB-inspired sparse and brassy 'Funky Bouriel' and 'Like It Or Not' through to the very Gallic 'Ritournelle', 'Ride It' and The Last Waltz'... accordions a go-go! In between there's blues-based rock in 'Chaos' and plenty of Euro style electronics going on.... eclectic, yes and very enigmatic with Mademoiselle TEICH singing her socks off throughout.

Other band members are LAURENT DERACHE, MARTIN WANGERMEE and OURIEL ELLERT and between them they cook up "quelque chose de different"... and if "different" is what you want, find out more @ - Soul And Jazz And Funk


Madame Freak & The Funky Fever prove to be as intriguing as their name. Fronted by the vibrant singer, Jessi Teich, known for her powerhouse jazz and soul singing, is joined by an equally as talented band which hails from Europe. Just unleashing their newest release, Follow the Crack, the record takes you on an unexpected musical journey that will leave your ears ringing…in a good way. Filled with 11-stunning tracks, sit back and get ready for the ride that is Madame Freak & The Funky Fever.

Opening the album is the retro laced piece “Funky Boriel,” a lovely first taste of what Follow the Crack has to offer. Immediately the listener will be drawn to Teich’s outstanding and hypnotic vocals as they glide flawlessly throughout the song. Prominent slapped bass is accompanied with a jazz saxophone which is a rare find in music these days. “Owl!” is up next and will mostly likely become a listener favorite. The track instantly captivated me with its Kimbra inspired spunk, with a great dose of funk infused. “Owl!” will surely have people on the dance floor quickly.

“Like It…Or Not” is a charming number that has a bit of 1990s tendencies thrown into the sound. Not that it is a bad thing. Teich’s vocals surround every element of the song, which really makes her stand out as a vocalist. “Ritournelle,” brings a lovely jazz element further to light on the record. The vocal harmonies make this one an instant favorite, as it is one of the catchiest pieces on the record by far. “Ride It,” also brings a dose of electricity onto the album, as Teich’s scats over a portion of the song. This is truly unique in this day in age, and also a nice breath of fresh air in the current state of music.

“Another World,” flows nicely throughout, with hints of horns, accordions, and swirling guitars. “Chaos,” one of the softest tracks on the record, delights, with seductive tendencies. The bass takes on a form of it’s own in this piece, and haunts throughout. Up next is “Pamplemousse,” which brings Follow the Crack, back up to speed, tempo wise that is. Teich’s somewhat choppy vocals are fast yet effective.

“Electrify,” is when Teich brings out a seductive side to her voice. Alongside bright harmonies, the piece is brought to life with resonating guitars, maracas and an array of other instruments that all fit together nicely. “The Last Waltz,” has a Broadway feel to it, and is also heavy on the accordion. If any group can make an accordion not feel out of place in modern music, it’s Madame Freak & The Funky Fever. Well done without a doubt! Closing the record is “Brand New Love,” which has a vintage 1970s vibe. Teich’s vocals are right on key, as the elements are reminiscent of Earth, Wind & Fire. Upbeat strumming and keyboards further breathe new life into the track, creating quite a masterpiece.

Madame Freak & The Funky Fever have created quite a brilliant record with Without a Crack. Bringing to life the best elements of music’s past, this album is a must have for 2013. Don’t only take my word but give it a listen as well. You will be pleasantly surprised with this gem. Hopefully we will be hearing more of Madame Freak & The Funky Fever very soon. I’m on the edge of my seat… - MODERN MYSTERY BLOG/MELISSA NASTASI

"REVIEW: Madame Freak & The Funky Fever – Follow the Crack"

A global group, Madame Freak & the Funky Fever present their latest album, Follow the Crack, as one that is sonically unconventional. Composed of singer Jessi Teich and a diverse, yet compellingly talented jazz / indie musical group from Europe, the band originated after a rendezvous in Paris. Now, as the band prepares to release Follow the Crack, Teich finds herself managing her career under her own terms. Though several songs were co-written, Teich assisted in writing all of them, along with performing as the vocalist and producer. Follow the Crack is an incomparable experience, captivated by heightened soul and freshness.
Follow the Crack begins with the upbeat number, “Ow!!!” Immediately setting the positive tone carried by the album, “Ow!!!” is heightened by its eclectic keys additions, driving percussion, and demanding vocals audible from Teich. “Ow!!!” provides an impeccable platform for Madame Freak & the Funky Fever to illuminate the funk and soul that their music embodies. Though the featured instrumentals heighten the track in its entirety, it is simply Teich’s vocals that complete the song’s captivating ability. Teich’s vocal delivery is remarkably smooth yet so audibly passionate that she lifts the track to another level.
Following the first track is “Pamplemousse.” Compared to the previous track, “Pamplemousse” is shorter, spanning approximately three-and-a-half minutes, but embodying something different musically. The composition keeps to the danceable tone that the first track initiates, but instrumentation carries out differently. Kicked off by a demanding percussion groove and joined by a charming laughter, the composition is carried heavily by the percussion groove throughout. The funky number is lightened by accompanying synthesizers and guitar performance, but the percussion groove is so audible that nothing compares to its driving, impeccable performance. However, it does receive competition in the form of Teich’s vocals, which soon join in. Her vocal ability still remains strong but doesn’t remain the centerpiece of the composition. Instead, Madame Freak & the Funky Fever allow for the vocal performance to still illuminate, while showcasing all members’ musicality within “Pamplemousse.”
Continuing throughout Follow the Crack, “Brand New Love” and “Another World” peak as the album’s standout numbers. Though the album’s shortest track, “Brand New Love” provides a substantial blend of genres. From the introductory twangy guitar that echoes of jazz influences and percussion light cymbal tapping that mirrors jazz styling to the guitar strumming that mimics of a reggae influence, “Brand New Love” demonstrates that Madame Freak & The Funky Fever’s members do not restrict themselves. The addition of Teich’s complimenting vocals brings an added passion to the composition. Though it strays from the usual synthesizers and conventional dance elements, “Brand New Love” continues the pattern of danceability. Following the pattern of positivity and upbeat entertainment, “Another World” also continues the pattern of including unique instrumentation. With the vivacious horns, grooving percussion, and ever-so commanding vocal performance again from Teich, “Another World” embodies jazz inspirations and flows smoothly. At the center of the unique experience is once again Teich, who continues to prove that singing is her profession, one where most don’t live up to her stylings of command, passion, and talent.
Follow the Crack completes with its longest song of which is entitled “Like It…Or Not.” What’s found within Follow the Crack is as the album progresses, interestingly, the dance stylings become less contemporary. Rather than constantly relying on heavy synthesizers or other modern elements, “Like It…Or Not” highlights itself with the less contemporary elements – the roaring horns, jazz-styled bass strumming, the overall funky nature. Follow the Crack is a remarkable production from Madame Freak & The Funky Fever because of its originality. The album cannot be thrown into one genre solely because it doesn’t fit into just one genre. Follow the Crack is a vivacious, roaring experience that is aurally pleasing throughout. - A-LIST PROMOTIONS/ALEXA SPIELER

"Jessi Teich Isn't Interested In 'Your Man'"

2011 is certainly churning out some great music, not necessarily from those artists we expected it from, but from newcomers and those relatively unknown at the start of the year. One such artist is vocalist Jessi Teich who, born and raised in New Jersey, was exposed to classic jazz and blues by her music-loving father. The sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Billie Holiday, combined with her love of modern day singers such as Fiona Apple and Sade, has molded and shaped the Philadelphia-based singer's sound into what it is today. She released her debut album, Barely There, in late 2010 and has been touring extensively since. She is now gearing up to release her latest single, "Me and Your Man," which tells the tale of a woman addressing another woman who believes she is is having an affair with her man. You can give the track a listen below and check out the full album on her SoundCloud page. - Soul Bounce

"Jessi Teich video premiere @ Ladder 15"

Center City’s Ladder 15 hosted the Jessi Teich video premiere party for her song “Layers of Love” sponsored by Out Of Print Magazine and Vitacocoa. The songstress serenaded a super sexy audience backed by her three piece band and despite the full-house, Ms. Teich made you feel as if she was singing to you. Her lively ballads added to the already energetic scene, which culminated in the debut of “Layers of Love”. Jessi’s talent radiated, not only live, but also through the big screen attracting cheers and applause from all in attendance. - Out of Print Magazine

"Jessi Teich’s Single ‘Me and Your Man’"

Philadelphia, PA, September 2011—While Jessi Teich’s sound on her debut LP “Barely There” could readily be compared to that of Corinne Bailey Rae or Alicia Keys, she stands out with her delivery of sweet and sassy on the single ‘Me and Your Man’. This forthcoming record alludes to Jessi’s blues background in contemporary way but can be easily adapted to fit a different genre with a hip hop or rock and roll vibe.

‘Me and Your Man’ is in the vein of Erykah Badu’s album version of ‘Booty’ telling the story of two women; one jealous over her man’s wandering eye and the other stern about her lack of interest in him, but with the precision of a 1960’s soul singer.

Jessi’s fan-base is steadily climbing since her recent tour, A Southern Soiree’, which highlighted the pianist alongside her three-piece band. - Out of Print Magazine

"Shows: Curtis Symphony Orchestra with Hilary Hahn, Eisley, Jessi Teich, Rooney."

OMG, who is Jessi Teich’s agent? She gets an article on CNN, and then she gets a gig opening for Eisley and Rooney? Damn. She brought on a trumpet player this time, who was fantastic. Also, a very enthusiastic crowd, so every number was like whoa. Sweet did a great solo, and got some well-earned screams from the peanut gallery. The band after Jessi cancelled, so she got extra time… crowd seemed to like it, as she got an immediate “ONE MORE SONG” right after her set was done. No dice though. The singing was fantastic, and the band was awesome, and the sound levels were actually perfect. All in all, a better performance than at World Cafe and North Star… which I guess is great. Do the good show when it really counts. By the by: if she reads this, she really should do a recording of one of their sets and put it out as a “Live” album. My favorite PARTS are the improv parts. She did some crazy stuff during Mover and a Shaker at the release party, all sorts of scat singin and booty shakin and hullaballoo as a dance break mid song, and that I would have liked to have as my copy of the song. Also, a jazz standards record of “the best of the jazz singer years” material. Also, what was that new song she played mid-set? Superb. - Chattering Unconrtollably

"The Mic Check"

If you can’t tell from my blogs, I’m a very critical yet open-minded person when it comes to music. Hence, this is why I think I make a good music editor. I am able to be totally honest about an artist, even when I love them. I am still a little surprised when people ask me for my opinion or “consult” me before buying a cd. That’s just humbling in every aspect of the word!

Today on Twitter one of my followers asked me to do a top 10 of my favorite artists or some artists I think are up and coming. First, I want to thank her for even asking me to do such a thing! I am honored and here’s a curtsey for you! *curtsies* Second, it is virtually impossible for me to quantify my favorite artists because my music taste is so broad! So, I decided to lists a few artists whose music I love. These are in no particular order either. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of some of these artists, other’s I’m sure you are scratching your head like I’m speaking gibberish. Please keep in mind that there are more artists than this I love but, I decided to spare you. Here we go!

Marsha Ambrosius-her 1st debut cd “Late Nights and Early Mornings” will be released March 1st. Please support! I love every single song she has ever sang!
R. Kelly-He is the UNDISPUTED King of R&B of my generation! If I ever meet him please pray for me. I know I would embarrass my mama!
Yahzarah-I absolutely love her! Purple St. James is just amazing!
Rox-Her song “Breakfast in bed” gives me everything and more! “Memoirs” is a great cd from start to finish
Liz Cotrupi-She is definitely breathtaking! Please get her cd!
Deitrick Haddon-He is so freaking talented!
Talib Kweli-I have never been disappointed by anything Talib Kweli has done!
The Coup-I cannot say anything about them except listen to their music! Thank me later!
Dead Prez-Do I need to explain? Dead Prez is absolutely GREAT! The substance that wafts from their music is mind-blowing!
Joonie-His cd “Acoustic Love” is added to my “songs i want my husband to serenade me with” list. I swoon for the entire duration of his cd!
Mew-I know I’m weird and quirky for this but this band is great! Totally out the box!
Bslade- You may know him as Tonex but he is one of the most creative and innovative artists I have ever heard! Artistry at its best!
PJ Morton-PJ is so creative! I think he made “Mountains and Molehills” for me!
Adele-*sighs* This girl makes me love her! I fell in love with her after hearing “Hometown Glory.”
Janelle Monae-I have every cd Janelle Monae has ever done! ”The ArchAndroid” wasn’t her first. ”The Audition” and “The Chase Suite EP” are phenomenal! Yes she is out the box and quirky but that is what I love about her! Not to mention, she can sing! If you don’t like her eccentrity listen to “THe Audition.” This cd is a little more conventional but still great nonetheless!
Cee-Lo Green-I have nothing to say about him except, BRILLIANTLY CREATIVE!
Melonie Daniels-Whenever she sings the heavens rejoice! I just want to borrow her vocal cord!!!
Carol Riddick-Philadelphia’s best kept secret! The voice that is released from her is just……..awesome!
John Forte-Listen to “Stylefree the EP” and you will see why I love John Forte!!!
Leela James-I think I love her hair more than her music but I love her voice!
Conya Doss-GREAT!
Lizz Wright-GREAT!
Lupe Fiasco-Someone please get me an AED! I cannot help but to love Lupe Fiasco! He is one of the best lyricists I have ever heard!
Phz-sicks-I love his mixtape! ”Your way” is DOPE! My favorite line, “you wonder what makes me relevent I breathe in inspiration and s**t out excellence.”
Josh Adam-Josh is just DOPE! ”Make em bounce” will have you bouncing!!!!! He’s a cross between J Cole and B.o.b
Goapele-I am totally going to serenade my husband (whomever he may be) with her song “Butterflykisses.”
Santogold-She’s sort of alternative but I love her! She’s an acquired taste that I wish everyone would acquire a taste for. Did that make sense? Well, it did in my head.
Jessi Teich-Have you ever heard someone sing and you’re like I want to know everything a bout them? That is how I feel when I listen to her cd! She’s just AMAZING!
Black Milk-Oh “Album of the year” is just GREAT!!!! I still blast it in my car!
If you have made it this far, thank you so much! Please remember that this list could go on and on! I hope you listen to some of these artists! - Andreana of "Hope Today Magazine"

"When Style meets music"

and her name is Jessi Teich.

I was first introduced to her music when she performed at Philadelphia Fashion Week. It could not have been more of an appropriate time! Not only did her soulful pipes and catchy jazzy beats catch my attention, but so did her style. I attended some of her shows since then, and every time I catch myself saying, “I love her outfit”. So when I finally had the opportunity to sit down and find out where she gets her fashion sense from, I jumped right on the opportunity…

AL: How would you describe your style?

JT: My style can be described as antique and old fashioned. I take a lot from the jazz era because that is what I grew up listening to. I always loved the long, glamorous gowns that Sarah Vaughn would wear and the flowers that Billie Holiday put in her hair. I also happened to have a very stylish grandmother who is thrifty and giving. Most of my nicer jackets and skirts are from her closet. Since she was from that era I adore so much, I have been lucky enough to receive some great finds!

AL: Not all of us are so lucky to have such a stylist grandma! Where are some of your other favorite places to shop?

JT: My favorite places to shop are vintage stores, second hand stores, and thrift shops. There is no other place that you can find better clothing. I find that a lot of newer clothing can fall apart or be catastrophically expensive, so shopping thrift has it’s benefits. You can also find a lot of clothing in great condition that actually dates back to the 40's and 50's, and when it comes down to it, there is nothing like the real thing.

AL: And tell us some of your favorite pieces in your closet, 3 to be exact!

JT: Three of my favorite items in my wardrobe are my grandmother’s beige and gold jacket with two square pockets stacked on each side with gold buttons, a Jessica McClintok Cinderella dress that was found at an amazing vintage store, and my bright blue Steve Madden oxford booties (which I paid a little more for but are totally worth it)!

AL: So when you are not on stage, what is an everyday outfit for Jessi Teich?

JT: I find that most of my outfits even everyday are well crafted and thought out. I truly enjoy wearing stockings more than jeans, and oxfords over sneakers. I also happen to walk with a very special person everyday of my life who is a talented photographer. We shoot and create photos together and when I wear fun colors, thematic outfits, and use props such as hats, glasses, and scarves, we produce something very appealing and different. You can spot me in jeans and a t-shirt sometimes, but it general, I love a well crafted, nifty little outfit to walk around town in.

AL: What are some of your favorite trends right now?

JT: I really love those headbands with the colorful feathers on them. It reminds me of the flapper girls from the 20's. Oh and oxford booties– they are just to die for.

AL: Where did you get the inspiration for your album photos?

JT: I wanted the album to be organic, natural, and whole. I don’t normally wear makeup so all of the shots are au naturale. My outfits are quirky and fun and they are an expression of my music as well as my life. I didn’t want to go out and shop for new outfits to wear for the CD artwork, because I wasn’t trying to create a false image of myself. That is what this whole project is about; me in my truest form.

And there you have it, Tips and tricks behind the vintage styled fashions of Jessi Teich. Time to hit up the local thrift shops… and if I can be so lucky, my grandmothers closet!

xo The Stylist.

Photo Credit: Nema Etebar

For more on Jessi Teich, visit

- via Amandaliptock blog...

"Ortlieb's on Rachel Ray"

Ortlieb's on Rachel Ray - Food Network

"Introducing Jessi Teich"

Jessi Teich has spent the duration of her young life submerged in the soulful world of jazz and blues music. Raised in a household where rooms were stacked with records and the hi-fi was always blaring the likes of Miles Davis and Sarah Vaughan, Jessi began singing short songs of her own, the first sign of her nurtured ability to create music. Inspired by her love for the sounds of a vibraphone, Jessi began taking piano lessons at age eight. Although her lessons were primarily based around classical styles, Jessi began singing and recording songs with blues-based progressions, singing lyrics and rhythms that were elementary yet still reminiscent of her strongest influences. At age fourteen, Jessi’s songwriting began to develop and mature into more complete compositions. Interest in the recent music of her generation (Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, Sade) combined with the prominent influence of classic vocalists (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin) yielded a unique and powerful presence in Jessi’s vocal style. At age twenty, Jessi was invited to sing at Harlem’s renowned Apollo Theater for Amateur Night. Delivering a soulful version of Gershwin’s “Summertime”, Jessi finished second and was invited back for another performance that aired as part of the Apollo’s TV series in March of 2005. Jessi graduated from Berklee in May of 2006 moved down to Philadelphia to pursue her teaching career. Jessi discovered Ortliebs Jazzhaus, a place where she could sing jazz with the likes of Sid Simmons, Mike Boone, and Byron Landon for the Tuesday open mic which eventually turned into a small TV appearance on “The Rachel Ray Show.” Most recently, Jessi has teamed up with Dan Marino, a class-act producer, who has been working hard with her to release her debut album of original music in 2010.
- Bigger than Blogging

"Recovering a singing voice"

(CNN) -- In her early 20s, the very thing most fundamental to Jessi Teich's career started to turn against her: Her voice.
The aspiring singer-songwriter, based in Philadelphia, started having pain while teaching 40 private voice students per week, in addition to singing at home for herself. She noticed she couldn't sing for as long as she used to, and lost about an octave and a half in her high range.
"By the time 5 or 6 o'clock hit, I sounded like a frog," Teich, now 26, said. "It hurt so much to talk. And all my neck muscles, my laryngeal muscles, were all knotted up."
A singing career isn't only challenging in terms of producing good music, getting discovered and gaining popularity. Overworking your voice, using improper techniques or straining yourself while otherwise ill can can cause long-term damage, experts say.
"I try to talk to people about not singing when you have a sore throat, and you have a cold," said John Deaver, voice coach to Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles since 2005, who has also worked with Cher and other celebrities.
No one can sing all day, every day, without feeling hoarse. When the voice starts to get raspy, that's your voice telling you that you should shut up, said Jonathan Retzlaff, associate professor of voice at Vanderbilt University's Blair School of Music.
"You begin each day with 100 pennies in a vocal bank. Every sound we make during the day is throwing a penny out," he said. "The voice needs to be rested and really nourished to perform at its best."
How the voice works
The vocal folds, or cords, are two parts of a muscle that has soft tissue covering it, said Dr. Gaelyn Garrett, medical director of the Vanderbilt Voice Center at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. It's the soft tissue that starts vibrating over the muscle when the vocal folds come together. Air flow makes them vibrate, in a manner similar to when you hold a blade of grass between your thumbs and blow on it. The sound created from that vibration then travels up to the throat and mouth.
One of the most common problems among pop singers is vocal abuse due to performing followed by going out and drinking in a smoky environment, which irritates the vocal folds, said Dr. Sanford Archer, who treats voice disorders in his practice at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.
When irritation has been going on for only a few days to a week, it is usually an acute laryngitis, vocal abuse from screaming or yelling, or a viral illness, Archer said. Steroids may be prescribed to reduce swelling, along with steam inhalation, lots of hydration and a bit of "voice rest," or refraining from making sounds with the mouth for a certain period.
Specialists like Archer help patients correct their bad habits by encouraging them to do vocal warmups and cool-downs, and to not abuse their voices during the day while speaking. "They think of speaking and singing voice as distinct entities," he said.
Hydration is key for singers, as is mental focus, experts said. Retzlaff recommended making time for solitude and meditation to rest the voice and find the right spiritual and emotional mindset.
When things go wrong
When something goes wrong with their singing, even professionals get anxious about how they'll sound the next time. "A lot of our professional singers need a little bit of hand-holding and stress management techniques," he said.
With voice irritation, the vocal cords can develop nodules, which are small bumps, or polyps, which are made of swollen tissue that covers a broader surface of the vocal cord edge. Most nodules and polyps can go away on their own, with good care, said Dr. Marvin Fried, chief of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York.
After Julie Andrews of "Mary Poppins" and "The Sound of Music" fame underwent surgery for nodules in 1997, the actress lost her singing voice.
A cyst, on the other hand, may develop under the surface of the membrane and may require surgery.
One singer's story
After many tests to diagnose her problem, including for thyroid cancer, Teich found out she had a cyst that looked like a water blister deep under her vocal fold and on the side of it. Making matters worse, she had gastroesophageal reflux disease, otherwise known as acid reflux, meaning acid from her stomach was irritating the lining of her vocal folds. Because the cyst was benign, she decided to try to live with it.
Teich got set up with a vocal therapist and a speech therapist, and saw them weekly for a year and a half. But she wasn't getting the results that she wanted to restore her singing voice and, after much deliberation, decided to have the cyst removed. The ear, nose and throat specialists who operated on her couldn't promise the surgery would help, but Teich was willing to take that chance.
For the two weeks before the procedure, Teich was required to go on voice rest. She carried around a white board to communicate. At - CNN


"Twisted Soul" release date TBD (2014)

"Follow The Crack" released under Madame Freak & The Funky Fever 2013

"Live and Unwrapped" 2012

"Little Drummer Boy" 2012 

"Barely There" 2010



Powerhouse vocalist, award winning songwriter, and captivating entertainer Jessi Teich (pronounced Teach) is a force to be reckoned with. Jessi, who hails from the small and rural town of Clinton, New Jersey, began her music education before she could talk. Her father quickly became a strong musical influence, sharing his vast vintage vinyl collection with Jessi as well as taking her to see live blues and jazz shows from New York to Philly. Jessi completed her formal education at the prestigious Berklee College of Music where she studied jazz vocals and music education. She has since built a strong and loyal fan base throughout the East Coast and parts of Europe (including France) through successful touring in support of her original music.

Jessi’s new and as yet unreleased album titled “Twisted Soul” is a mix of jazzy, cinematic, mood music infused with quirky yet catchy melodies. Throughout the album Jessi’s soulful voice exudes passion and a kind of class-A style that is rare for an artist of any age or experience. Her songs reveal a truthful and poetic tale of overcoming tragedy through change and growth. The album features 9 original and 2 cover songs including:  “The Haunting,” “Clap Hands” (Tom Waits cover), “Twisted Soul,” “Diggin’ A Ditch,” “Sunday Morning,” and “The Simple Life.” Recorded in Paris, “Twisted Soul” features the musical contributions of Laurent Derache (accordion), Dai Miyazaki (guitar), Yoann Schmidt (drums), Matyas Szandai (upright bass),  John Morgan Kimock (percussion) and Thierry Maillard (piano). Although unreleased, it is already an award winning album. “The Haunting” received the honor of 1st runner up in the International West Coast Songwriter's Competition while “The Simple Life” and “Carnival” received honorary mentions.

Jessi has had the pleasure of working, collaborating, and performing with Funkadelic’s Bernie Worrell, Charlie Hunter, Ronnie Earl, The Laurent Derache Trio, The Thierry Maillard Trio, Grammy Award winning Producer Phil Nicolo, and Grammy Award nominated Producer Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore. Jessi has opened for Black Dub which included band members Daniel Lanois, Trixie Whitley, and Brian Blade and has played in The 5th Annual Roots Picnic, Wawa's Party On The Parkway, Bethlehem MusikFest, Canadian Music Festival, and venues throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

Jessi’s current projects include a funk/dance album with the Laurent Derache Trio released under Madame Freak & The Funky Fever, an EDM remix project of 'Ride It' that reached #12 on the DJ Times National Dance Charts, a live studio session where she recorded three songs with Bernie Worrell (audio and video), writing and recording a yet to be released album with Charlie Hunter, and writing and recording with Laurent Derache (Parisian accordionist). She also has an expansive library of songs of all genres available for licensing.

Band Members