Jess King

Jess King


Jess King's ability to transport an audience with her "gentle yet powerful" voice consistently leaves us craving more. With lyrics that inspire and captivate, and a unique blend of passion, poetry and melody in her songs, Jess King is an artist here to stay.


Poised and passionate are two words that first come to mind when describing Jess King. She has the qualities of a timeless artist: a striking voice, full of depth and emotional richness, and lyrics and melodies that relate to listeners easily, with sincerity and conviction. As Jess reveals her world through voice and piano, we are led on a journey from her heart into our own, and are left feeling somehow more connected to something greater through listening. Her music finds its way through pop, rhythm and blues, rock, and jazz and seems to transcend category. Listeners of all musical tastes are affected by Jess King’s uniquely “gentle, yet powerful” voice.

Jess King has been featured in Biography Magazine's print and television ad (on A&E) campaign as an up-and-coming artist. She was also selected to be a part of VH1’s Rock and Roll Music Mystery Tour and has performed The Star-Spangled Banner at Shea Stadium several times. Jess’ performing has led her to various major cities in the US, as well as abroad to London, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, and Tokyo. Wherever she goes, Jess leaves listeners wanting to hear more from this heartfelt and beautiful artist.

In early 2007, Jess recorded an EP, “Love Me Back” with producer Steve Addabbo (Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, Sonya Kitchell), released in June. After recording, she spent three months performing in Tokyo, until early May. A highlight of her stay in Japan was a compliment and hug from the legendary Stevie Wonder, who was drawn in by Jess' voice while eating dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Jess recently composed several songs for an upcoming feature film written by Jason Reich, of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show and produced by Sebastian Doggart of Project Runway. Additionally, her song, “I Can Be” was a featured single for the launch of a new house music label, Mutedtrax, at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami.

This summer Jess has been working mainly in NYC and London, where she has been writing feverishly, and looks forward to debuting many new heartfelt songs at a show near you soon (see calendar).

Additionally, Jess' song "Love Me Back" was recently selected as a finalist in the Pop Category of the "Song of The Year" International songwriting competition.


Can We Begin Again

Written By: Jess King

(verse i)
You were more brilliant than I gave you credit for,
You asked me not to leave as I was slamming the door,

Where do we go from here, you say
How will we ever make it,
when you keep on running away every time you don't like what I say

I want you so badly that I can taste it,
I can't be lying here forever waiting,
If you really feel the way I feel about you,
Can we begin again

(verse ii)
I can't escape the feeling that I'm losing the fight,
Then I get so crazy I don't care who's right


Too many times I try to wash away the pain I feel inside,
Promise me for tonight we'll reach the other side

Let It Go

Written By: Jess King, Steve Addabbo

I dream over coffee,
Sometimes I don't know
what to believe in,
when to let go
Time ain't been so sweet,
the scars are so deep
Even when you think you're never gonna heal,
You can't stop trying, baby

If you cry, don't fight the tears
Let the rain fall down around you
and let it go
When your hope is caving in,
hold on to your faith within,
and let it go
let it go

I pull up the covers
and pull down the shades,
another day is dawning
while I'm still awake
Searching for the ending
of an unfinished scene
I keep turning the pages,
don't know what this means


You can't be free by holding on,
You can't get back what's already gone,
You can't forget 'cause you can't let it go,
You're moving on, I hope you know
If you just believe you'll know


Please Leave Me Alone

Written By: Jess King

"Please Leave Me Alone"

I don't need another friend,
all I wanted was you
I built you up until the end
so please leave me alone

(verse i)
I know just what you're waiting for,
You hold me like you're wanting more
and then you turn and look away,
and say you'll never be my baby

Do you really think I don't know what's going on
Why you're sitting here with me
No, I don't want your sympathy, baby

I don't need another friend
All I wanted is you
I built you up until the end
So please leave me alone

(verse ii)
you tell me why we couldn't be,
you say i fell so hard i couldn't see
please don't pretend it's only me
i feel it now while you're talking to me



I don't know how but i'm gonna' get there, baby
I don't know how, I know there's something better
I don't know how but I'm gonna' get there baby,
I don't know how, but I know there's something better

I don't know but I know that I'm gonna get there, baby (3x, intensity builds with each)
I know there's something better


So please, please leave me alone

I never asked too much of you,
Please let me go
Leave me alone

Love Me Back

Written By: Jess King

Waiting for your call,
the fourth day in a row
baby, i just don't know
Say you're so busy,
you'll make it up to me
Wherever did we go

Don't tell me I'm the one you need,
Don't tell me I'm the one you
wanna be with
if that's not what you're feeling
I've had a broken heart before,
He left me standing at my door
But I would go through that if I thought you would love me back

Love me Back, Love me Back
Oh, Love me Back
Said I would go through that if I thought you would love me back

Feel like I'm a fool
But what else can I do,
Tryin' to win your heart
Like a silly game
that I don't wanna play
If you're not sincere then
please don't come near here


I was so cautious,
suddenly I let go
Maybe I'm the one to blame
It's almost over now and I'm still holding on,
wishing you would come back
hoping you might love me

(Chorus, build each time in intensity - 3x)

Be Here Now

Written By: Jess King

Help your father sister mother brother lover and you,
might see that you find peace in one another,
Be Here Now

You Say this life is getting to you,
You say it's harder than hell,
I know it's true
You say give me time, like it's set in stone
You say i want what's mine,
you're not alone

Help your father sister mother brother lover and you, may see that you find peace in one another

Turn on the news,
twelve more people dead
I turn to you, did you hear what they said?
Are you that consumed, are you so depressed
you can't see the world goes on outside of your head?

(pre-chorus, chorus)
I don't need to know what she did to you, just be here now
I don't need to know what life put you through, just be here now,
be here now
Help your father sister mother brother lover and you, may see that you find peace

You drown your sorrow
in whiskey and wine,
sleep through tomorrow,
no, not this time
don't you see the world is such a scary place, but the love is deep and that's no mistake

(pre-chorus, Chorus)
(Full Chorus 2x)
(Last time, slower and whispery)

It's Been Way Too Long

Written By: Jess King

Close the door,
Forget your keys
Just come and lie here with me
Show me that you're really real

Look in my eyes,
What do you see
Do you feel intensity
Baby, i'm waiting all my life

I missed you so bad,
didn't know that
I could feel so lost with you
Now you're here,
I might not let you go

(chorus, 2x)
I don't wanna talk,
I don't wanna dance,
I don't wanna hear about tomorrow's plans,
I just wanna hold you in my arms

When you left, I didn't know
if this is where you'd find your home
if time would bring you back to me
I don't mean more than you and me
The summer sun, the ocean breeze
All those simple little things



It's Just Not Me

Written By: Jess King, Steve Addabbo

As she falls into the ground,
She hits the pavement,
There's no sound
She looks up, you're all she sees
Whispers softly in her head
Things she wished you would've said,
Somehow this would make it right
The words would come to life

What's in it for you,
do you do this to her, to me
whoever happens to be near you
What's in it for you,
does it feel so good to push away
all of us who want to be near you,
What's in it for you,
You're such a fool

Kitchen table wet from tears,
Set with heartache all these years,
Same picture, the empty chairs
Even now she's so caught up,
hoping she might be enough,
if only she could get it right
The words would come to life


If you see her falling down,
Let her up, Don't let her down
You can't help, you never could
Now I get it, I can see
The person I will never be
In your eyes, it's just not me
It's just not me
It's just not me


Written By: Jess King, L Nacht

I never meant to cause you any pain,
I only meant to love you just the same,
The way you love me

Look on your face lately, is telling me it's true
Things that you say, baby,
Everything comes back to you

Flyin', Flyin', Flyin'
Baby, we be flyin', flyin', flyin'

I really meant to give you all I could,
You always made me feel so fucking good,
The way you touch me



I don't want to see you cryin',
Suffering in silence, no no no,
Pour your heart into mine, darling
Before you know it,
we'll both be flyin'


All your troubles, baby
Let them melt away
Come to me and let me take away your gray,
Close your hold and hold on tight
'cause you don't know
just how far we might go


It's All Too Soon

Written By: Jess King

Walking by your house last night,
Searching for a reason why
'Cause I still feel the way I felt when I first met you
I still mean the things I said, i won't forget to

Hold you like the water,
Hold you like the rain,
You're pouring through me like a hurricane in June, and oh
It's all too soon
It's all too soon

Funny how the tables turn now,
Can't help think you always knew
'Cause when I try to redefine the 'he said' and the 'she said'
You always wind up just ahead
and I would


I dream of you, and it's so real
that I can taste you
Release now, or she me how
I can face you

Won't you
Hold me ... (extended chorus)


"Love Me Back" - EP Release June 21, 2007.
"I Can Be" - Released March 2007, MutedTrax.

Set List

Typical set list is 45-60minutes. Some of her songs include (all original):

Your Deep Dark Eyes
It's Not Been a Mistake
Now That You're Gone
You Better Be Good To Me
Be Here Now
Love Me Back
Let It Go
Can We Begin Again
It's Just Not Me
Running Out of Time
Restores the Love
It's Been Way Too Long
Just No Use
What If He Does
I'm Not Sorry
Before You Say No
The Crazy One
Please Leave Me Alone
Tell Me Something Good
I'm Not Sorry
Trippin' Over My Heart
Everybody Knows
If You Would Stay

(Several Unique covers included in some shows).