Jess Lovatt

Jess Lovatt


Jess Lovatt's band is made up of skilled musicians from all different musical back grounds and music genres, which creates a different edge to her contemporary, soulful original music. Jess Lovatt and the band have the heart to connect with people through music, by playing music that is relatable, drawing from everyday experiences. Their sound is fresh and fun, with a great groove/jam feel and thought provoking lyrics.


After 3 years of study at the New Zealand School of Music majoring in jazz vocals, doing many jazz gigs with top New Zealand jazz musicians and writing original music along the way, I (Jess Lovatt) was spoilt for choice when it came to putting a band together to play my music. Now with a skilled band of musicians from all different musical back grounds and music genres, with amazing hearts to reach out to people through the arts, my original music all came together in its full form. Moving away from the typical jazz standards, but still keeping somewhat of an influence of jazz, my music took on a more contemporary, soulful, singer songwriter flavor. Through my various experiences of working with girls on the street to mentoring teenagers, my songs express a longing for the world to change and to put faith into action. My vision is to write music of influence for the kingdom of God that is relatable to all types of people.
Through my music I have had a range of opportunities to speak God's truth into peoples lives, from speaking about and playing my music on radio to the regular gigs we do around Auckland.


Jess Lovatt released her first EP 'This Story' in September 2011. Songs include:
-Tinted Glasses
-Understand This Story

You can find her EP on: OR

Jess Lovatt's song 'Tinted Glasses' has been played on bFM and Home Grown.
You can also find it on YouTube along with her other songs,

Jess Lovatt and her band are currently in the process of putting together their next EP and music this space!