Everyday People

Everyday People


Currently playing in a 10 piece R&B band


I am more interested in songwriting, and having some of my songs published. Of course. I am 58, and have been playing in some sort of band as a guitarist since I was 14. I have writen many songs, but nothing that fit any venue I have played, and I am not the soloist type. I would love to have one of my songs make it to many ears. Don't we all.


Back Then

Written By: Jess Massey

BACK THEN by Jess Massey, copyright

I’m thinking of a time in winter long ago,
Dad would always get up early, build a fire in the stove.
The smell of mama’s cooking would wake me up by dawn.
That old house was always cold, but now it seems so warm.

I thought my Dad was a simple man, ‘cause that was how he seemed.
He worked hard for so many years to give us simple things.
I guess I never really knew how hard it must have been.
There’s a lot of things that I know now, that I never knew back then.

I knew the joy as a little boy sitting on my Daddy’s knee.
In tempo slow, voice soft and low, my Dad would sing to me.
I wouldn’t change a single thing, no memories to amend,
All the things he gave to me, that I never knew back then.

Time goes on, and right from wrong, sometimes gets misplaced.
It seems we’re all so busy now, living at a faster pace,
but when things turn for the worse, we all draw from within,
for in our hearts there’ll be a part of what we knew back then.

Show Me Every Day

Written By: Jess Massey

Music and lyrics by JESS MASSEY

I don’t need to hear you tell me that you love me
when I already know how much you care.
It’s when it gets obscure, that I need to be assured.
Then it’s nice to know you're always there.
I don’t need to give you things, or send you flowers,
when “I love you” may be all I need to say.
It’s all in how you know, exactly what you need to show,
and if you show me every day.

I’m hoping you can see, that you’re everything to me,
and I don’t want nobody else.
You can’t read my mind, and it’s so hard to define,
what I don’t even know myself.

And someday when you need someone to lean on,
I’ll be right there beside you all the way.
Then I will surely know exactly what I need to show,
and I will show you every day .
Then I will surely know exactly what I need to show,
and I will show you every day.