Jess McEntire

Jess McEntire


Jess McEntire is The Man On A Mission for Route 66.He is available for show's that will help raise money for Project Route 66.Com.His music includes heart felt country song's written about Route 66 including traditional and hard driving country song's from his earlier CD release's.


I was raised a stones throw away from route 66 and have a lot of history with the road. I am on a mission to give something back to a part of our American heritage. Route 66 helped music be what it is today and my music can give something back to her by performing at charity events to help raise funds that I donate to a nonprofit organization Project Route 66.Com


Single:The More I'm Around Some People The More I like My Dog

CD Minor Problems

Set List

Typical show is an hour and a half and includes song's from latest CD "Man ON A Mission" along with past release's and a few covers if requested.