Jess McGuire

Jess McGuire

 Midland, Texas, USA

Jess McGuire is bringing about the renaissance of Southern Rock. Reclaiming the Country Music genre for men everywhere, while still providing plenty for the women who drive sales. A rock-infused sound is merged with traditional country sensibilities to create a sound that you can party or cry to.


Jess McGuire was born October 6th, 1984 to a musical family in Fort Bragg, CA. He began performing very young, at age 4, and continued to perform all through school in choirs and theater. Jess' world crashed down around him at age 7 when his father passed away from cancer. Jess found solace in his father's legacy of music. Exposed to a multitude of musical recordings by his father, a radio DJ, Jess’ musical influences ranged from Boston and Michael Jackson to Garth Brooks and Charlie Daniels. After graduating high school in 2002, Jess moved to the Southern California area to attend Azusa Pacific University where he continued to perform musically. His passion for country was stoked by the emergence of acts like Dierks Bentley, Craig Morgan and Jason Aldean and he began writing original country music during his freshman year and finally realized his calling.

For years afterward, Jess struggled to recruit musicians to perform with him. It wasn’t until 2009 when his younger brother, Sean Martin, moved to Southern California and began attending music school that Jess found his band. Martin quickly recruited musicians from the school to back up Jess and the project took off. The band quickly recorded the “Golden State of Mind EP” at the end of 2009 and has already shot their first music video, “Friday Night on Fire”. A full album is planned for later in 2010, tentatively titled “Golden State of Mind”. Jess and his band, Cherokee Street, have begun performing in the Hollywood area and are planning to expand to Orange County as well as Bay Area and other venues in the current year.


Golden State of Mind EP - 2009

Set List

1)We Run the Jukebox
2)Haven't Had Time
4)Fortunate Son(Cover)
5)Golden State of Mind
7)Movin' On
8)Walk of Life (Cover)
10)Friday Night on Fire