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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop


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"Jess Penner – Growing In The Cold"

It was funny, the other day I was thinking to myself, “I wonder when Jess Penner’s new album is coming out?” Since I knew that she was already in the studio recording when I reviewed her last release, ‘Love, Love, Love’ I figured it had to coming soon. “Hey, maybe I should contact her and see if she wants to do an interview, then I’ll find out when the new record drops.” Minutes later, while going through the mail I found a note from Jess packed with a “tasty fresh copy” of her new CD, ‘Growing In The Cold’. How’s that for timing?

I often find it difficult to really get into a follow up album when I truly loved the first from an astist. It’s usually the little differences that throw me off and make it an awkward transition. This was SO not the case with ‘Growing In The Cold’. Right away, with the opening song “Let Go”, I was hooked. Jess has not spent all her great songs on ‘Love, Love, Love’. In fact, it sounds like she can do no wrong when her pen hits the pad. This new album is chock full of sincere pop perfection. Songs like; “Colorful”, Life Is Rosey’, and “Everywhere I Go’ just to name a few, could easily be top ten contenders, but really that’s true of just about any song on the album.

This time out the the production and arrangements stray a little further away from the “girl with a guitar” motif than on ‘Love, Love, Love’. The sound of this record is somewhere in between the her last album and that of her former band Chandelle. She retains all the bright and sunny we’ve come to expect but now with a more polished studio feel. All this further lends to the expectation that you should be hearing ‘Growing In The Cold’ on your favorite local station.

Don’t worry though, Jess hasn’t changed all that much. Her songs are still light & warm with a genuine feeling in them. She even has some of her old ukulele on the album, like in “Bring Me Sunshine” when she plays the uke while singing about missing someone special and the warmth they bring on cold winter days.

‘Growing In The Cold’ is another winner for Jess, and for us. Jess said she hoped I would love it as much or more than ‘Love, Love, Love’, and I sure do. I’m not certain I could pick a winner in a battle between the two albums but I know that I wasn’t disappointed for a moment by this new contender, and you won’t be either. - Little Rat Bastard

"Jess Penner – Love, Love, Love"

Normally when I am watching TV it’s via my Tivo so I don’t see that many commercials, I guess it’s unfortunate in that commercials and soundtracks are one of the only ways that broadcast media exposes us to new artists these days. Point being, I happened to catch a commercial for JCPenny. It was for the spring woman’s clothing line, and no it wasn’t the clothes or the models that captured my attention, it was the whimsical song and pretty voice. A little digging on the internet and I found Jess Penner had penned the thirty second spot entitled “Bluest Skies”. It turns out that song isn’t available anywhere to purchase, but I did come across Jess’ MySpace page where I was captivated by the songs and videos she has showcasing her wonderful music, and found that you can purchase her twelve song debut album ‘Love, Love, Love’.

Jess has been getting a lot of exposure through commercials and being featured in popular television shows thanks to Recurrent Records. You can hear her charming melodys in ads obviously for JCPenny as well as Days Inn, and Payless Shoes or abroad in spots for Austria Telekom, & Edison Italy. You may have also caught her signature sound in an episode of “The Hills”, “Taking the Stage”, or “The Ghost Whisperer”.

If you have heard any of Jess Penner’s songs on-line or on TV then you have a good idea of what to expect from ‘Love, Love, Love’. Jess has strung together twelve wonderfully crafted songs that continue to keep hold of you from the first to the last and leave you wanting more. Her voice is both beautiful and full of emotion, most of the emotion she coveys is joy-filled love (hence the tittle). Jess can effortlessly strum and sing her way into your heart with any one of her pretty pop tunes.

Finding a single one song off of this album to highlight is a tough task, these are great songs. It would be far easier to say that there is not one bad song on the album, and for a debut outing that is a feat in itself. I would have to say Jess starts off perfectly with “All Smiles”. I dare you to find a person that doesn’t feel even slightly uplifted by this adorable ditty. Even my five year old, on our second pass through the album, stated that he loved this song. The tittle track, “Love, Love, Love” would be one more for the summer playlist along with the bouncy and fun, “A Little Bit Crazy”. After about the sixth time through the album, my other son (six) asked when I was ever going to listen to anything else.

I don’t think it will be long before Jess Penner is a household name. She has all the appeal and talent to be adored by many, she just needs you to hear her once to get to you. I may be going a bit over the top, but I loved this album, it may be a contender for my favorite album of the year. I will watching and following Jess Penner’s career, and will drive my oldest boy nuts listening to her albums over and over again. - Little Rat Bastard

"Even Better Than the First"

Sticky like candy. Fluffy like clouds. This album, like Jess Penner's last, is pure sunshine. Still the same great Mini Moog blips, ukelele plunks and bell tinkles, but the songs run deeper this time. She's still a kewpie doll. But this time she's an obsessed kewpie doll, as evidenced by the two songs that aren't quite so sunny, "I Won't Change" and "Built To Break." There isn't a better female singer out there. Her vocal nuances are pure, primal positive joy. Thank you, Jess! - Paul Tedeschi from Decker (Ad Agency)

"‘Growing in the Cold’ sure to please"

Jess Penner’s latest album, “Growing in the Cold,” is a delight that is a breath of fresh air for all who listen.

Equipped with her guitar and pleasurable attitude, Penner will lure you track-by-track with her fanciful voice and innocent lyrics that are warm and uplifting.

The singer-songwriter from Los Angeles grew up in Hawaii and her joyous tones evoke a surplus of warmth that she has acquired and embraced throughout her life.

“Life is Rosy” is an up-tempo track that undoubtedly exemplifies her contagious affirmative tone. Her voice is coincidently original and comfortable, all while maintaining a reassuring harmony that could be known from a long-time friend.

Her talents naturally create a light, airy atmosphere that will leave a welcomed lasting impression. Humorous and honest lyrics will hit close to home drawing you even closer to her blissful presence.

What she refers to as her “sassy” song, “I Won’t Change” expresses her tribulations concerning a nonconforming relationship. Her insight is sincere, relatable and nevertheless fun. With optimism like hers, you might feel as though there is never a bad day with Penner.

Many of her songs are about her experiences with an array of relationships from friends to lovers. With her open outlook on life, she is equipped to take anything in stride and prepared to share her experiences through her work.

“Bring Me the Sunshine” is a testimonial to her free-spirited motives that anyone would find contagious. Her voice and heart are open and ready to be absorbed. With a spacious voice she may be soft around the edges, but she is ready to express and be heard.

Penner is an absolute delight and “Growing in the Cold” is an ideal extension of her grace. Simple and down-to-earth, she knows how to be true and personable in her work.

Her voice is one you don’t want to miss out on. Since signing her first record deal at the age of 16, she has continued to develop her resume, which includes features in advertising campaigns, movies and television shows. She is sure to continue to expand her name and surpass any foreseen boundaries.

Make sure to tune in to listen to Jess Penner on KSLC 90.3 FM to experience her outreaching talent. You can also listen online at - Linfield Review


"All Smiles" - single, October 24, 2008
"Love, Love, Love" - LP, August 12, 2009
"Growing in the Cold" - LP, October 12, 2010
"In the Stars" - "From Prada to Nada" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, January 18, 2011



Jess Penner is a cheerful and cheeky, creatively ADD artist from Los Angeles whose whimsical indie-pop songs have won over the music licensing world. Raised on a banana farm in Hawaii, Jess’ infectiously sunny melodies have been featured in countless commercial campaigns, TV shows, and film trailers all over the earth. Brands that have used Penner’s music in their advertising, commercial, and promotional campaigns are the following: Edison Electric (Italy), Payless Shoes, Roxy, T-mobile, Ford, Jergens, Days Inn, JC Penney, Maltesers (UK) and Sony Playstation. Film trailers featuring Jess’ tunes include: “What’s Your Number”, “Dirty Girl”, and “Girl in Progress.” Jess’ music has also been spotlighted in popular television shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, Gossip Girl, The Hills, What Chili Wants, Caged, Teen Mom 2, Jane By Design, America’s Next Top Model, and Felicity. Lastly, networks such as ESPN, MTV, CWTV, CBS, ABC Family, Alloy Entertainment, and Disney all have embraced Penner’s music, highlighting her music on their programs.

One may also recognize Jess Penner from television ad appearances. In 2011, Jess starred in Glade’s “Bring on Spring” commercial campaign. Later in the year, she made a guest artist appearance on the series, “Talent” produced by Alloy Entertainment (Pretty Little Liars). Most recently, Penner stars as herself in Days Inn’s (Wyndham Hotel Group) national commercial advertising campaign for both the United States and Canada, whose ads have been airing on NBC and ESPN since April.

Besides obtaining overwhelming amounts of success with TV, film, and commercial placements, Jess is also an experienced performer, having shared her musical talents live with many people across the globe. Playing over 1000 shows, Penner has stolen the hearts of many with her catchy songs at local, national, and even international venues. Though Jess performs regularly at spots like Hotel Café, Room 5, and Witzend, she has also played at New York’s Williamsburg Hall of Music and The Living Room, and has showcased in Singapore and Italy. In addition, Penner has also shared the stage with top-notch, highly respected musicians such as Regina Spektor, Fun., Tyrone Wells, Rachel Platten, and Ian Archer from Snow Patrol.

A hardworking and prolific musician, Jess has produced six full length records and two EP's with husband and drummer, Kevin Penner, at their studio in Los Angeles. She is currently in the process of writing and producing her third solo record. In her free time, when she is not focused on writing, recording, producing, and starring in commercials, Jess is a dinner party throwing, hen raising, people loving, thrift store shopping, self professed tomboy who hates musicals and tilapia but secretly loves painfully slow BBC miniseries and booty dancing alone in her bedroom.