Jess Rousse

Jess Rousse

 Winter Park, Florida, USA

"Her vocals are smooth and soulful, yet at times can be powerful enough to make the room shake"


Jess hails from one of the many bayous in the New Orleans area. Because of where she grew up, music was a very dominating force early in her life; picking up playing piano while in diapers and writing her first song at age 11.

Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Muddy Waters are major influences of her creative style, and thought provoking lyrics. The jazz band that plays at the Market Café, off of Canal Street in downtown New Orleans, was also a major inspiration to pursue her dreams at a young age. Music was just a hobby for her parents, but she admires & considers them among some of the greatest musicians to ever live.

After hoping for a change, and in a quest for a musical career, Jess moved to Orlando, Florida. Opportunities began to arise after she was introduced to her future manager Erin Hinojos, who connected her into the local soul/blues scene.

Jess is currently working on her first album, due out in the beginning of 2011!


Bad Girl - Jess Rousse
Love's Next Step - Jess Rousse feat. Gentleman J of NOT THEM
Forever Tonight - Jess Rousse feat. Gentleman J of NOT THEM

Set List

No standard set list, but can run a 45 - hour show no problem.