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Lyrics and Melody. This Month, September of 2010 is the first time I have ever released any of my music anywhere. So other than what is on here no one has ever heard my music. I was saving it until I could release enough of it so that my listeners could get an idea of my range in different genres. I wrote "The Booty Song" (R&B)with Shakira in mind and thought Rianah could do a good job with it as well. I wrote "The Demon Seed with Muse in mind thinking of an arrangement similar to "our time is running out" but also believe Linkin Park could do just as well singing it also. I wrote "Love Is A Drug" as a Dance song with old Disco sound mixed with techno in mind. I wrote "Without You" as a Pop song that I really wished Cher would have been able to sing as a dance song similar to her 90's music if she hadn't retired long ago. I wrote "Long Distance Lover" as a Pop love song but I was feeling the blues a lot while writing it and it made it a better song. I can think of a theme in any genre and feel my way through to write the best possible song. Hoping to find a collaborator to work on arrangements the way that I hear them in my head or find the right sound for some of my songs that still need a melody. All of my songs are copywritten through the library of congress.



I'm not a singer, I write songs with well known singers in mind to sing them or possibly a new talented artist. My music is written in many different genres because I grew up in South-beach Florida and most of my close friends were into classic Rock later in my teens I became a great club dancer and was really into techno dance music for years. In high school I had a love of early 80's Soul music and always heard my family playing there Latin love songs and salsa. I later moved to NC briefly and then to PA where I listened to a lot of Country, old and new. I always had a great love for Eric Clapton and admired Blues so you see where my heart tends to love many different forms of music. I try to follow my heart when I write a song in a particular genre. I can always seem to find that sweet spot in each song that makes people feel that this is why they like this particular genre. I grew more aware of the type of music people want to hear through the years and I am always tuned into the top 40 stations to see where the public is taking us so that I will be sure to follow with my own twist on the current music in great genres. Looking forward to meeting musicians in the future so that I can start a new band and compose what is now only in my head.I live in the country but I would love to move to a music city if possible. I have currently written about 30 songs 10 of them are not completed because I am still searching for the right melody.