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Jessy Brunette

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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Jessy Brunette @ The Townehouse

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Jessy Brunette @ Eastlink Studios

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Jessy Brunette @ Electric Avenue Bistro

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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All it took were a few drinks to get Jessy Brunette onto the stage at an open mic night at the Townehouse Tavern.

"Apparently I was super nervous and shaking," said Brunette, "but everyone thought I did well and it just went off from there."

Up until that point, the only occasion she belted out a tune was in the shower.

But with enough encouragement from friends and fellow musicians, Brunette, plunged into the process of recording an


Two years later Brunette, now 22, has collaborated with some of Sudbury's finest musicians and she'll be joined by some of them at her CD release party Friday night at the Townehouse.

Brunette comes from a musical family, both her father and stepgrandfather were musicians. But it wasn't until her sister got a guitar that she picked up the instrument.

Well, her sister's instrument.

"You just have to practise every day, different types of songs," Brunette said about her transformation since her spontaneous performance.

"I listened to some stuff on YouTube, like scales and the fa-la- la-la-las. I didn't want to spend money on singing lessons. I wanted to do it all on my own."

And she's still amazed that people like her stuff.

Brunette talks like a cheerful schoolgirl, but sings like a few men stomped on her heart.

Mystery Muses is comprised of five songs, four of which Brunette wrote. Her producer, Brian Dunn, collaborated with her on one tune, while Brunette covered song from local band Ox.

"The album is pretty romantically sad," said Brunette.

"It's almost like a story. I write about things that happened in my life, mostly about men. Because that's what they do, they destroy you and you write about it."

Mystery Muses is about two men whom Brunette loved.

Although the relationship ended in tears, Brunette doesn't believe their intent was malicious. Her way to heal was to write these songs. The nameless men are her "muses" and Brunette is thankful they were part of her life.

As a college student, Brunette spent some time writing for The Sudbury Star but obviously, she admits, writing from the heart is quite different.

"When I was in high school, I wrote poetry, and when I was in college, I started writing songs," said Brunette. "But I wouldn't sing them. The first song I ever wrote, we're going to put it on the new album."

Brunette is working on her second album and only last week, recorded three songs.

"It's definitely the same theme," she said.

"Brian (Dunn) told me that I'm a sad person; to stop being sad. But then I wouldn't have anything to write about."

Brunette hopes to play at music festivals and plans on auditioning for the Northern Lights Festival Boreal.

The EP, Mystery Muses will be available at the Friday show and from Brunette.

- - -

CD release party

Jessy Brunette, with Brian Dunn, Paul Loewenberg, Matt Foy, Ryan Levesque and Pepper.

Friday at Townehouse Tavern. - Sudbury Star


Mystery Muses- EP December 2011



It was only a matter of time before the then 16-year-old Jessy stole her sister's shitty guitar and started to play music.

Six years later that shitty guitar was replaced by her most prized acoustic guitar.

Coming from a musical family, Jessy was bound to follow in those footsteps. After many alcoholic beverages, Jessy mustered up the courage to step on the Townehouse stage in the fall of 2009 and perform for the first time in front of an audience. From then on she never wanted to get off the stage, she knew this was her home.

Miss. Brunette brings life and love to the stage. Using her contagious energy and darling adorable charm, she captures everyone in the room while she belts out her tunes of love, covers, friends and heartaches.

After touring the open stages in Sudbury, Jessy finally booked a regular monthly gig at the Townehouse Tavern. In the summer of 2011, Jessy backed up Matt Moskal during his Northern Lights Festival Boreal performance. This was a huge moment for Jessy.

Jessy just finished writing and recording her first EP, Mystery Muses, which should be released in December. She penned four original songs which dug right into Jessy's heart and the men who caused it love and pain. She decided to cover her favourite Ox song, Stolen Car to wrap up the EP. The album featured her musical dream team; Brian Dunn, Ryan Levecque, Matt Foy, Dave MacKinnon and Matt Graveline.