Jessy Tomsko

Jessy Tomsko

 New York City, New York, USA

Acoustic folk, fresh, catchy, and feel good.


Jessy Tomsko is a singer/songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, currently based in NYC. Known for her catchy yet genuine and confessional style, Jessy is a versatile vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and composer. Though writing and performing primarily in the ever-expanding “folk” genre, she first began experimenting with songwriting whilst attending a conservatory, earning a music degree in classical voice performance. Drawn more and more to the singer songwriter coffeehouse style, her roots in classical music and musical theater provided her with a solid musical foundation and inspired her along the way to finding her own unique voice. 

Jessy has independently released several EPs and albums over the years, and is currently in the studio working on her new record “Wild and Good” with producer Michael McCoy (Faith Hill, Maroon Five, Gavin DeGraw). She has shared the stage with an impressive list of notable artists (including several Grammy winners and nominees), such as Joan Osborne, Edwin McCain, Loudon Wainwright, Kim Richey, Peter Bradley Adams, Ari Hest, and Chris Trapper, and she has performed at many of the prominent venues and festivals in the Northeast and down the East coast. Recent performances include Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA), Black Potatoe Music Festival (Clinton, NJ), Highline Ballroom (NYC), Club Passim (Cambridge), Mauch Chunk Opera House (Jim Thorpe, PA), Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ), Rams Head On Stage (Annapolis), Sellersville Theatre (PA), Pittsburgh Winery, World Cafe Live (Philly), Tin Angel (Philly), and the Musikfest Cafe. 

Jessy's music has aired on MTV-UK and The Sundance Network, Road Trip Nation, and 100+ radio stations. She was recently a guest vocalist on critically-acclaimed indie group October Project's new album "Book of Rounds", and she is currently workshopping an original musical in NYC. 


Come Down

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

it's been a long cold winter, and i've been searching for the end, you tell me god redeems all sinners if we are sorry for our sins. well i would like to meet this god of yours, does he want payment for each and every crime? i would like to know him better, wonder if he is a friend of mine. cold winds blow, i still don't know if i'm lost or if i'm found, but i still have hope this ground will grow just as soon as the sun comes out, so when are you gonna come down? are you gonna come down? does anybody out there bother keeping track of all these days? i think about my mother's father, he is frozen in his grave. and did he meet that god of yours, did she ask payment for what was left undone? wonder if he's starting over, and if he feels like he has just begun. chorus.

In February

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

take down the christmas tree, it's february, it's february, it's all that's left of you and me, i'm getting ready, i'm getting ready to kiss you goodbye, kiss you goodbye, my love. i've been awake all night, my head is heavy, my head is heavy 'cause something does not feel right, i'm standing steady, i'm standing steady to kiss you goodbye, kiss you goodbye this time. sometimes the winds will bring a change whether or not you're ready and sometimes it feels like spring in february. though i know it's time, it's not so easy, it's not so easy 'cause when you put your hand in mine i'm getting dizzy, i'm getting dizzy when i kiss you goodbye, when i kiss you goodbye, my love. chorus. and the sky won't make up its mind if it wants to rain or snow and the sun just runs and hides behind the clouds, oh there it goes, and i just want to feel the grass and i just wanted to believe this time of pain too shall pass. chorus.

I Was Walking

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

i was walking on a cold day and the birds were talking in a tree above my head, and the branches were bare and the sun looked right through, and i wondered "what do they say?" oh but i passed, unnoticed / oh and maybe there's a reason and maybe there's a rhyme, and maybe baby you are looking at me for the last time, you know all that really matters are those birds that fly and the rain and the day and the sky and what a fine, fine time it is to be alive / we were singing dee da dee da, so it's not the way you planned it, but dee da dee da, you're never gonna understand it, you gotta be there open-handed to catch yourself when you're landin' dee da dee da / and i was walking down a road in new jersey and i was feeling like a cherry on a sundae and once in a while i felt the ground beneath me begin to melt so i just roll down, i just roll down, how easy it is to let it go, just let it go / cause we were singing dee da dee da, nobody needs to know why you're smiling, just dee da dee da well come on everybody and pile right in to my car, we're gonna drive real far and dee da dee da / here i am, waiting patiently, too loud for my own good, too small to be seen, here you are wandering through my vision with such precision, how you always love to catch me off-guard when i'm singing dee da dee da, so it's not the way i planned it, but dee da dee da, i'm never gonna understand it, no / and dee da dee da, well it's just too good, it's just too good, and dee da dee da, how you knocked me down right where i stood, but i didn't really need that place and i don't really wanna save my face so dee da dee da/ and i was walking on a cold day and the birds were talking above me, oh but i just passed unnoticed.

Come Get Me

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

oh babe you got the smile that kills me, oh babe you got the laughter that heals me, oh baby you're the one who can read me, how you almost keep me from breathing / say what you will 'cause i am listening, i won't get my fill of what you're giving, what i'm feeling / whoa, go on and close your eyes, whoa, and i'll run and hide, whoa, start your counting, one, two, three, for once in my life i wanna be found, yes i wanna be found, so come get me / oh babe you got a kiss that can move me, oh babe you got a voice that can soothe me, oh babe you got the eyes that cut through me, and i've been around so babe you can't fool me / say what you will, now i am listening, i won't get my fill of what you're giving, what i'm feeling / chorus / ain't it good, ain't it good to come on home? ain't it good to fix this broken heart i've grown so used to feeling tired and torn, well come closer, i think you're getting warm / whoa, open up your eyes, whoa, and i think you know where i'm, whoa, quit your counting, one, two, three, for once in my life i wanna be found, yes i wanna be found, so come get me.

There Was

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

There was a time when I fancied that I really loved you, There was a time when I'd lie at your side and my world grew, There was a time when my mind would deny what my heart knew, That we had a moment, a moment that flew as most moments usually do / Go away and take this moment with you 'cause I can't keep it anymore, Don't stay 'cause it's just easier than walking out the door, Oh love likes to run, yes it does, How can there be nothing where there was something, I'm sure, I'm sure there was / There was a tale I would tell myself when I felt weary, And all of my doubts would just make their way out of my head, The end of the story was happy 'cause you would be near me, 'Cause there was a time I believed in my mind that I heard the words you never said / Go away and take this story with you 'cause I can't read it anymore, Don't stay 'cause it's just easier than walking out the door, Oh love likes to run, yes it does, How can there be nothing where there was something, I'm sure, I'm sure there was.

Big Hearts

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

I got a big heart beatin' in my chest, it's such a fine art, never getting any rest every day and every night it keeps on going, I wanna be so smart, I'm giving it my best but damn it's so hard when I'm flunkin' every test and my head wants to lead the way but my heart ain't following / And then you call me from the road, you're driving through Virginia heading home, Well won't you come on through? 'Cause I really wanna go on loving you / You got a big heart I always understood, I think a new start will do you lots of good and I hope someone will catch you if ever you're falling, You play a big part in so many of my songs so thank you sweetheart, and though others come along, hope you know you'll always be my dearest darlin' / And then you call me late at night, pretending to be near me and that's all right, 'Cause there's nothing left to prove, So I guess I'm gonna go on, go on / Big hearts beatin', filling up the room, well I knew you were needing something only I could do, Years go past and I'm still after what I had to lose / So you call me now and then, I ask about your job and your girlfriend while this big heart's beatin' true, and I think she's gonna go on, I'm afraid I'm gonna go on loving you.

Daddy Don't Cry

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

Daddy goes out from dawn til dusk, he's looking for a job that pays, he says I know we're living in a world that's just and I'm gonna get it one of these days / He says It's my fault we're in this boat and it won't be long til we drown, I swear I wanna get you to the other side but I'm the one who's weighing it down / Well I have seen the future daddy and I know you're gonna be fine, Chin up honey like you always told me, now I wanna see you smile, Daddy don't cry / Daddy got lost a couple years back and he don't know how to find his way, He said I had my map, I had my facts and I don't know where I went astray / He says It's my fault we're in these woods and the night is falling fast, I swear I wanna get you to the other side but I still can't find the path / Well I have seen the future daddy and I know we'll get out alive, Chin up honey like you always told me, now I wanna see you smile, Daddy don't cry / Daddy comes home with a heavy heart and he's buckling under the weight, he said If only I could take it back to the start but now I'm shouldering a burden too great / He says It's my fault, I made my choice now all I can do is pray, I swear I'm gonna get Him to hear my voice but I wanna know how long it'll take / Well I have seen the future so daddy don't you go on taking blame, Win or losing it's worth the choosing and I love you just the same, Daddy don't cry.


Written By: Jessy Tomsko

Walk away from the hurt, I buried it in the dirt / I was just a little girl when he walked into my world, Faithful as a dog would be while he ran around on me / So I followed him this time to catch him if I can, Oh Lord how I love that man / So I know I'm gonna tell my God when I see His face that I think He would've done the same if He was in my place, 'Cause more than that I fear the wrath of the peoples' gun so no, don't you tell 'em what I've done in Charleston / There he was caught in a lie, tangled up with another man's wife, I said goodbye to my peaceful ways and he said goodbye to the light of day / May that ground soak up my sin and wear it like a brand, oh Lord how I loved that man / CHORUS / Careful now, no one to trust, Baby is on the run, Well the only living witness was that setting southern sun / CHORUS

You Can Have The Sun

Written By: Jessy Tomsko

Baby's got a new guitar and some stories to tell / 'Bout where you been and who you are and where you're going as well / And I hope that you will find a place for me in a song / Just a little lullaby is all I need when I'm gone / ooo You can have the sun up in the sky, ooo You can be the one I can't deny, Did you know you made the world shiny and new? Round your finger I have curled and I will do anything, everything baby for you / Baby's got a new guitar and some stories for sure / You were traveling oh so far til you came knocking at my door / And I hope that you will sing a melody to warm my heart / Set it drifting on a breeze on the day I depart / CHORUS / You can have the moon and you can have a shooting star if I can kiss your little nose / I will follow you to Jupiter and Mars, wherever you are is where I'm gonna go / And my darling you should know / CHORUS


BIG HEARTS EP - Release Date 5.30.14 (Indie).

THERE WAS (Single) - Release Date: 6.1.12 (Blue Pie).

COME GET ME (Single) - Release Date: 2.1.12 (Blue Pie).

LITTLE REVERIE - Release Date: 1.12.11 (Blue Pie).

THE LIGHT YOU MAKE - Release Date: 2.4.10 (Blue Pie).

OFFER: ACOUSTIC SESSIONS - Release Date: 9.23.08 (Indie).

JESSY TOMSKO EP - Release Date: 4.19.08 (Indie).

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WZMB 91.3 FM East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Set List

Jessy draws from a list of approximately 200 songs, originals and covers, if needed. 

Album track listings:

Big Hearts EP:

Big Hearts; Charleston; Oak Trees; Moments; Daddy Don't Cry


There Was; Come Get Me

"Little Reverie" EP:

Come Down; Happy New Year; In February

"The Light You Make" Album:

I Was Walking; Honestly; Understood; Julian; Wood and Stone; Something, Anything; Willing; Good Company; Little One; Brighter Days