J.E.S the Universual

J.E.S the Universual

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A producer with attitude that screams with experimental textures, manipulations with rich, smooth, atmospheric sound wavs. Off-beat medleys mixed with flavorable harmony. Movie score sounds from beautiful sunsets to dark rainy nights. Music that tells a story, music with meaning, music with life.

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Paramanu Recordings
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Hoverock Records - Kite Crucifix Beyond: Vulium 1 CD (Release 2005)
DJ Waht - "Not a Listening Party 3" (Produced track 14: Classical Fashional(Pixelated Overdub))
Sounds of Chicago Mixed by Florian and Dj Castro - Mechanically Climbing Tress
Paramanu Recordings & Hoverock Records Presents...There Heere Vol. 1
Paramanu Recordings Presents...The Post-Traumatic Stress Discorder Vol. 1
Paramanu Recordings Presents...MouseMix Vol. 1
Paramanu Recordings Presents...MouseMix Vol. 2
The Brick (Online Radio Station hosted by Equanimous One)