Je suis animal

Je suis animal


Je suis animal was formed in 2004 by ex-art school students sharing a love for catchy indie pop with psychedelic and experimental elements. They make light melodic pop songs which at the same time have a depth - a hidden dark secret


Featuring former members from earlier established indie bands, they have from the beginning had a desire to create unique music. They have a common fascination for the extraordinary - with songs about magic, primitive art, murder mysteries, sex, espionage and levitation.

In the winter of 2006 Je suis animal locked themselves into a community hall in a remote area of southern Norway. Incarcerated, due to heavy snowfall and the risk of being eaten alive by wild bears, they recorded their debut album "Self-Taught Magic From A Book".

The album was released in Norway on February 18th 2008 on Perfect Pop Records and received fantastic reviews. On June 14th the album will be released in Australia on Lost & Lonesome Recordings (who have previously licensed The Aislers Set and The Ladybug Transistor)

Je suis animal have played many concerts in 2007, including support slots for The Ladybug Transistor, Still Flyin', Serena Maneesh, The Icypoles, Ungdomskulen and The Clientele. In the summer they travelled to London to play The End Of The Road festival club day, and later returned to the UK to play The Dream Machine festival.


Debut album "Self-Taught Magic From A Book" released in Norway on Perfect Pop Records February 18th 2008.

'Fortune Map' - CD single - released in August 2005 to coincide with the premiere of Norwegian movie 'Tommy's Inferno' which included the song on it's soundtrack

Most recently the renowned BBC Radio One DJ Steve Lamacq played the song 'Hotel Electrique' from the forthcoming album and commented ”This is one of those engaging records you come across”

DJ John Kennedy from UK radio station XFM played the song 'Secret Place', from a promo album sampler

The 'John Peel' of Norway, Harald Are Lund also played 'Secret Place' on Norwegian national radio station NRK P3, and excitedly announced "Finally we will get an album from Je suis animal!"

Set List

Typical set list length: 35 minutes

1. Amundsen
2. Indifferent Boy
3. Sparkle Spit
4. Secret Place
5. Beginning Of Time
6. Labyrinth Game
7. Fortune Map
8. Rousseau World
9. Good To Me
10. Hotel Electrique