Je Suis France

Je Suis France


Irreverent, jubilant, anthemic rock and roll triumph. Spastic, dreamy, hypoglycemic rock that refuses to take itself too seriously; Je Suis France can party like Andrew W. K., rock like Guided By Voices and purr like Galaxie 500.


Je Suis France is a six-piece rock band from Athens, Georgia. DJ Hammond and Ryan Martin (aka "The Darkness") met in high school in Atlanta. Once in college at the University of Georgia, they got together with Ryan Bergeron (aka "Iceberg"), Chris Rogers and Jeff Griggs (formerly of the Masters of the Hemisphere and the Mendoza Line) to form the France. Sean Rawls, also from the Masters of the Hemisphere, joined the band in 2003 after the Master's breakup. Their self-titled debut record was released on David Lowrey's Pitch-A-Tent records in 2000 and an 8 song 7" EP entitled "Ice Age" came out on DC/Baltimore2012 records in May of 2003. Their influences range from Gang of Four to Superchunk to Neu! to Spacemen 3 to Outkast. The France is currently working on the follow up to Fantastic Area, which should be out sometime in 2005.


Je Suis France, 1999 Pitch-a-tent records
Ice Age EP, 2002 DC Baltimore 2012 records
Fantastic Area, 2003 Orange Twin Records
God's Cake EP, 2004 limited edition self-released
Tittania EP, 2004 limited edition self-released
Afrikan Majik, coming in 2005 Orange Twin Records

Fantastic Area and the self titled cd have recieved nationwide college radio airplay. both cds were promoted by Team Clermont and did fairly well on the CMJ Top 200. Tracks from these and the Ice Age EP have also gotten airplay on some internet music zine sites and internet radio stations.

Set List

Typical Set List:
California Rules, Virtual Heck, 101 Miles and Runnin, Sufficiently Breakfast, Memorial Day, Knoxville Knights, Spaceships Won't Understand, The Force, The Pincher, 12XU, Chemical Agents, Still Flyin', Ice Age

our sets range from 30 minutes to about an hour, depending on the show and our place in the lineup. headlining shows tend to run longer than ones where were an opener.

We do throw covers in quite often. We've covered songs by My Bloody Valentine, Wire, Randy Newman, The MC5, The Embarassment, Deep Purple, Superchunk and several others.