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"Chicago's Top 10 Albums"

#7 -- Jesus and the Devil “Destructive Music Resists The Oncoming Light”
The best release from a Chicago punk band. Five songs that are all about sex, drugs and rock and roll. “Destructive Music” is a throwback to The Stooges and MC5, but trims the fat with actual musicianship. - The Depaulia

"New, Recommended ..."

"A few years ago this South Side band released a demo CD that had all the hallmarks of the early Chicago proto-metal scene that has flowered bands like Bible of the Devil and The Last Vegas. That said, the JatD's "Destructive Music Resists The Oncoming Light" shows a tangible direction change, with metallic histrionics taking a back seat to less treble, more focused and melodic vocals, and a less over-the-top-attitude. Don't take any of this as a dis -- Jesus still shows a penchant for brutal music, it's just a bit less extreme and doesn't look back for inspiration. It's almost a conflagration of indie hardcore (tracks like "War and Gold" and "Bring Out the Guns" flex a dissonant, off-kilter flavor) and straight South Side blue-collar energy. It's unique and aggressive as hell, but not in any way over-thought, overwrought or too ambitious.
-- Dave Chamberlain
- New City

"Christ Didn't See This One Coming ..."

Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming LightSubmitted by: Russ Hockenbury
Christ didn’t see this one coming...

Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light is the second release by Jesus and The Devil on the Chicago based label, Fudge Sickill Records. The band plays self described, “cult-rock music that makes kids want to do drugs and fuck.” If you need a better description, think a grittier version of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. “Bring Out the Guns” is a feedback driven; dancy guitar tune that would fit well with anything the “The” bands (The Hives, The Strokes, The White Stripes) could produce. The political track, “War and Gold” is a distortion filled rant that makes the listener want to spit in the face government, unless your like me and already had that inclination. Perhaps the best track on the EP is “Virgin Cheerleader Brainwash”, the dark and repetitive guitar fill accompanied by the vocalist’s desperate style make this one a keeper. If your not into gritty, distorted rock and roll, then you most likely would be best to steer away from this release. However, if your musical taste runs the gamut between good and evil then JATD may be your second coming. A lot of the riffs you’ll find on the EP are reminiscent of acts that were around decades earlier. You get the feeling that JATD are a band in the tradition of chain-smoking and leather jackets. Recommended if you like: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, At The Drive In, The White StripesRating: 8/10 - Upbeet Music

"Simple, gritty, profound ..."

Simple, gritty, and maybe just a little profound is a good way to describe the Chicago-based four-piece, Jesus and the Devil’s Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light. At first listen it is easy to write this off as another group trying to capture a gritty sound without much behind it, but listen again. There are elements of real musicianship and diversity woven throughout this five-song EP. You will be able to pick out fragments of blues, rock, punk and even a little surf rock if you listen closely enough.

Simple and driving, “Stoned” brings steadily climbing guitars and gravelly vocal choruses. Bluesy undercurrents run through “Bring out the Guns.” This track also features a calm vibe that is broken up by well-placed feedback. “War and Gold” is rich with social commentary and is slightly off timing. The most interesting track on this disc has got to be “Portland.” More upbeat than the rest of the EP, “Portland” plays with a little surf guitar and the strange timing that permeates the entire disc. “Virgin Cheerleader Brainwash” rounds out the album with a vocal quality that may remind you of early works of groups like Dinosaur Jr. and R.E.M.

There is more going on with Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light than what it may seem on the surface. Give this one a few listens before deciding whether or not you like it, it will grow on you. It is different, and that is a lot more than can be said for most music out there.
- 30 Music

"Jesus and the Devil are back ..."

By Kevin Corazza
Jesus And The Devil are back with a new five song EP released on Fudge Sickill Records. Recorded at the Vic Theatre, Park West, and Frontline Studios, and mastered by Douglas C. Ward (Pelican, Hewhocorrupts, Dakota/Dakota) at Maximummac Studios in Chicago, the EP sets up the band for what they are known for: balls out rock, with gang vocals, and raw songs that get the heart pumping.“Stoned” starts out with the tapping of the skins, into jagged guitars and rough lead and backing vocals, which sets up a faster beat for the rest of the song. Thunderous drumming later on sweeps into the song in which you can easily tap your feet to. I liked the vocals a lot, they are raw and rough like so many Midwest bands, and the “gang vocal” aspect further sweetens the deal. “Bring Out The Guns”, “War And Gold” further establish the band’s anger and sinister sound.If you like good old fashioned raw rock n’ roll with raw vocals, you should check out these guys. I know I enjoyed them immensely, the band does not go out of their way to polish their songs, they are brutally honest, and I really respect that. Hopefully we’ll see a full length from these guys in the near future. - United Front

"Fer Christ's sake, will ya spend a couple a bucks here?"

by Craig Regala
Got sent this one cold. I like it a bunch when that happens: Get something, spin it, go "cool!" And then tell you, the huddled masses. So masses, here you get a band working a basically melodic mid-tempo rock that moves outside of rote "we like the Stooges" bar wipe, but doesn't artificially look to be "different." That's good 'cause it's just reactionary and as pale as trying to find out the sales formula to "reach the kids." Fuck the kids, they're smart enough to not be patronized. And if not, fuck them anyway. The tunes are here, so it's gotta be as easy to like as, say, Jet or Dashboard Confessional, right?
Name-checking Black Rebel Motorcycle Club might be reaching, but it works, and chucks a known quantity into their energetic '80s garagist hum. Slot these guys on a mix CDR of Plexi, My Dad Is Dead, That Petrol Emotion, Division of Laura Lee, '80s Matchbox, Puddy, …Trail of Dead, DC To Daylight, Cursive, Six By Seven, The Dismemberment Plan, and other a-okay'ers. Fer Christ's sake, will ya spend a couple a bucks here?
- Lollipop

"Think Rolling Stones making love to Fugazi"

Garage Rock…. Not a big fan of the genre but I like it enough to tell the good from the bad. One point I would like to make before delving into this review is that the thing I like most about this style is that it really gives the band a chance to be themselves by really stripping the whole concept of a band down to a basic rock formula leaving nothing but a solid foundation to build an entire kingdom on. I have heard about this band for a while now and when I popped this compact disc in I was expecting a gutsy rockabilly sound, but instead what I got was a pleasant surprise. I tell you I really think this band has something to offer. I started out this review talking about things I admire about garage rock and this band so helps me capture said elements to a “T”.I really appreciate the fact that this band recorded half of this EP live (@ The Park West, The Vic, & The Double Door) which I think is most admirable considering most bands rely too much on production rather than even attempting to catch the emotion that drives their music in a live setting. It’s a ballsy thing to do and Jesus and The Devil hit the nail on the head. The live recording also provides a lo-fi feel that I think is quintessential to this bands overall sound.The Lyrics are insightful yet entertaining in approach and content. If I ever have the pleasure of seeing these dudes I’ll probably be drunker than Jake “The Snake” Roberts on a Tuesday night singing along word for word.The guitar playing and overall songwriting is top notch. While mainly staying to a more classic feel, these guys aren’t afraid to really venture off into more uncharted territories (think Rolling Stones making love to Fugazi). All in all with bands like Jet and The Strokes receiving all this mainstream attention I really don’t see why the music world can’t give these guys a chance. I like it and if you’re into rock music in general there is no reason why this band shouldn’t find a home in your cd player. -Dave Klingenberg - JZine

"Two good tracks included here ..."

Jesus and the Devil/Twin Wrecks the Memory • split 7" • Fudge Sickill Records • Two good tracks included here starting with the straight edged rock of Jesus and the Devil on "I Killed Jacob," which is a battle between good and evil inside the mind of a prisoner who happens to be on a bad luck streak. Things jam out on that track then slow down a bit when Twin Wrecks the Memory, a two-piece band, delivers "Burn Out," a catchy and mysterious ranting of rock and sorts on the b-side. (JC) - Top Picks


jesus & the devil | destructive music resist the oncoming light | cd | fudge sickill | in short: rad
bringing about an odd mix of inspirations to form a pretty tight sound is a hard thing to do, but these guys pulled it off ok. right from the start, track one made me think of the murder city devils, on track three, though, some of the vocals brought forth memories of hot water music and at times they even delve into a iggy popp sort of thing...the music itself sounds like it draws from garage rock stances, just slowed down a bit.
- The Setup

"Punk rock that knows its place ..."

Punk rock that knows its place: loud, fast, growling lyrics, fuzzy guitars, songs about guns, war and drugs. Jesus and the Devil’s first official EP, “Destructive Music Resists The Oncoming Light” is 17 and 1/2 minutes of straightforward rock and roll.
The best way to describe Jesus and the Devil’s music is dirty. Dirty guitar sounds. It’s evident in every song on the album but really stands out on “War and Gold.” The title of the song makes it pretty clear what the band’s stance on the Iraq war is, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to the song as well.
“Destructive Music Resists The Oncoming Light” is garage-punk rock, but there is a lot of melody in it as well. All five songs are danceable and all five songs are radio-ready. This EP is for any fan of Iggy Pop, Black Flag and the Minutemen. Jesus and the Devil mix the best of old punk-rock with solid songwriting that most current punk bands just don’t have. A
- The DePaulia


2002 -- 7" LP "I Killed Jacob" (Fudge Sickill Records)
2003 -- Comp. "Hostage," "Legal in England" (Autoface Records)
2004 -- EP "Destructive Music Resists The Oncoming Light" (Fudge Sickill Records)
RADIO PLAY: "Portland" (WXRT), "Stoned" (Q101), "War and Gold" (WFMU)
2004 -- Comp. "Portland" (Redline Distribution)
2006 -- Debut Album "LET THEM HAVE it" (Fudge Sickill Records)
RADIO PLAY: "Legal in England" (Q101), "Hostage" (WLUW), "Punk Rock Song" & "Know Your Name" featured on XRT's Local Anesthetic (WXRT)
STREAMING@MYSPACE: "Hostage," "Know Your Name," & "Are You Ready"



Heart pounding rhythms, screaming guitars and solid song writing make Jesus and the Devil everything you want in a rock band. Proud to have been corrupting Chicago's music scene since early 2002, the group continues to vandalize their urban landscape, promoting shows from suburban VFW halls to headlining venues in the city.
  Sounding something like, " the Rolling Stones making love to Fugazi" (Jzine), a choir of treble and bass curse at one another in stereo from across stage as the band preaches a single chorus into the crowd, "Oh my God I think I'm gonna crack!"...but they never do. Their tight live show is first class and destructive every time.
  Born and raised on Chicago’s south side, Jesus and the Devil have learned to overcome defeat and suffering. In their five years playing together they have had their equipment stolen, their van smashed twice, blown through two guitarists, seven bass players, and just last week … their van was smashed again, then stolen. No joke. So what, if anything, remains stable with this band? That’s simple -- the music.
  The band released their first EP, "Destructive Music Resists The Oncoming Light," with Fudge Sickill Records and Redline Distribution in 2004. Featuring five angst-ridden, no-frills songs cut-ready for the airwaves, college DJs and radio stations across the midwest took an instant liking to the band's music and name. Chicago's own Q101 has interviewed and recorded the band live in-studio, and DJ Richard Milne of 93.1 XRT called Portland "One of (his) favorite songs of the year" in 2004 and showcased the track on XRT's Local Anesthetic.
  In late 2006, Jesus and the Devil released their first full-length album, “LET THEM HAVE it,” with help again from Fudge Sickill Records. Since its release, the band has been parading around town, shamelessly promoting their thirteen tracks to the public. Recorded at Gunpoint by Bob Popp in Chicago, mixed by Brian Stream, and mastered by Eric Butkus at Blam studios, they ask that you please take the time to listen and review the latest music from the band.
THE VENUES: Double Door, Empty Bottle, The Metro, The Vic, Subterranean, The Note, Elbo Room, The Mutiny, Beat Kitchen, Kinetic Playground, Cal's, Fireside Bowl, Bottom Lounge, Underground Lounge, Transmission Gallery ...

THE BANDS: McClusky - UK (Too Pure), Year Long Disaster (Ovrcast), The Ponys (In The Red), Whatever It Takes (A-F), The Burden Brothers (Kirtland), The Genders - Israel (AMP), The Groodies (Filed Experiment), The Means (Reptilian), The Silent Treatment (Lucid), Oceansize - UK (Beggars Banquet), Nash Kato of Urge Overkill (Loosegroove) ...