Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse
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Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse

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"No Depression "Will rock your world!" "Sidesplittingly funny!""

"Picture NRBQ with a metallic pop edge and an expanded horn section, fronted by a singer who looks a bit like Julia Louis Dreyfus, sounds a bit like Sarah Vowell and writes a bit like Amy Rigby only much nastier. There you have this wonderful New York band, who will completely rock your world. Risa Mickenberg and Joel Sheltons songs are side-splittingly funny, starting with Connecticuts For Fucking (because its a place where thats all there is to do) and its turn-on-a-dime shifts between metallic snarl and acoustic jingle-jangle. Happy Me cops the Beatles Nowhere Man guitar riff for a bridge. Vampire Girls rollcalls the slyest geek-culture hall of fame this side of High Fidelity. And weve had great fun in my social circle debating which acquaintance is most like the shrewish hellion in Obviously. Best of all, the music holds up after the laughter subsides."- David Menconi - No Depression

"The Tucson Weekly "In a perfect world, this would be the Saturday Night Live house band.""

"In a perfect world, this would be the Saturday Night Live house band, and reason enough to start watching Saturday Night Live again." "Very smart, very fun, vodka gimlet-eyed music... If you read and loved A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES or A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS, this record is for you.... A collection of intelligently observant and wryly amusing pop/rock/punk takes on gender politics (read: sex and its complications), the state of the United States (especially Connecticut) and certain everyday characters and their quirks. All are set in fine musicianship, with Brian Wilson-worthy harmonies and imaginative arrangements."
- Linda Ray - The Tucson Weekly

"New York Magazine: "Smart, catchy power pop!""

"Smart, catchy power pop from the eight-piece band led by singer-songwriter Risa Mickenberg. The group's recent self-titled debut album features humorous, satirical songs like "Connecticut's for F*cking," a withering, deadpan snub of the New England state." - New York Magazine

"The New Yorker: 1 of 10 CDs of '06 worth a second listen"

Pop Notes: One of ten CDs of 2006 worth a second listen. This lovable local band transcends the novelty of its name with wry, thundering power-pop songs about such previously underexplored subjects as the boredom of living in the Constitution State (“Connecticut Is for Fucking”), the appeal of the recently widowed (“Do Me”), and how pharmaceuticals can help love (“Happy Me”). - The New Yorker

"Village Voice: "A-" Robert Christgau Consumer Guide Pick Hits"

"Risa Mickenberg writes and sings satirical theater songs accompanied by g-b-d-and-sometimes-k, two trumpets, and two trombones. All assume the p.o.v. of a neurotic young professional woman—loan officer, publicist, social planner, perhaps even actress—who may be Risa Mickenberg. Some of these songs are funny, the rest very funny. \"Connecticut's for F*cking\" seems self-explanatory, \"Ellen's Bicoastal\" cl*se enough; \"Happy Me\" is about falling in love on meds, \"Vampire Girls\" about sucking knowledge from your boyfriends. The jewel is the jealous fit \"Obviously\"—\"I don't care. I mean I think she's a skank, but whatever, I don't care. I just don't see why you're denying it when it's obvious you two slept together . . . \" A MINUS - Village Voice: Consumer Guide- Pick hits

"Trouser Press: "Sardonic!" "Winning!" "Hysterical!" "Deadly!""

"...Sardonic adult humor in music is amply illustrated by this entertaining New York octet (half of it being the Four Hornsmen, who add to, without ever overwhelming, the simple rock music with brass). Delivered in Risa Mickenberg's winning matter-of-fact voice, "Connecticut's for F*cking" is hysterical, a deadly putdown of the Nutmeg State as a nadir of middle-class tedium that proffers copulation as the only entertaining alternative. And "Vampire Girls," which passingly sounds like the Replacements' "I Don't Know," explodes the little-known problem of women "who seem like they're really cool until you realize that everything that's cool about them is something they sucked out of their ex-boyfriends" with a laundry list of modern-trendy Henry Higgins acquisitions, from Balzac to Karen Black, Iggy Pop to Photoshop... - Ira Robbins

"Pop Matters: "Great!""

POP MATTERS (Jason MacNeil)
"JHC&TFHotA are an odd blend of Sixpence None the Richer, Arcade Fire, and New Pornographers if they were all fronted by Amy Sedaris. “Connecticut’s for Fucking” is a hard-the-soft-then-hard power pop tune that talks about the Nutmeg State with sweet, sugary harmonies in the chorus as she simulates what Robin Williams once described as “the bone dance”.. Mickenburg nails the conversational and brassy rocker “Obviously” with a Lou Reed-like charm. A lot of the songs would be great on Desperate Housewives, particularly the opportunistic and cheery “Do Me”. .. The summer-sounding pop of “Vicki Is a Pro” is great, resembling a cross between the Cars and the Go-Gos. Ditto for the fabulous “It’s OK in the USA”. “Vampire Girls” name-drops Syd Barrett, Tiny Tim, Malcolm X, and others while the punk riffs blend with horns. Another highlight is the rather mainstream bubblegum pop of “Ellen’s Bi Coastal”. “Steve Baylor” has to be one of the oddest, Zappa-like tracks of the year, and “Nipples” is a modern day hit the Turtles failed to get around to." - POP MATTERS

"The Village Voice "Glorious, hard pop!""

"An eight-person horn-fired local group making glorious hard pop!" “Hammering punkarama, namechecking Saul Bellow, Philip K. Dick, and Jerry Lewis.” “Horns and guitar drive a tank made of suntanned California riff right out of the speakers.” - George Smith, The Village Voice

"Harp Magazine- "Great!""

"These brassy and Broadway-connected New Yorkers are as much 'cabaret' as 'rock' but Risa Mickenberg has a voice both sweeter and sourer than 'cabaret' implies. and a sense of humor too. "She's a Six" (math rock, or at least decimal point rock, argues that if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife); "Nipples" (funnier than the Holy Modal Rounders' "Boobs a Lot," and as great a song about summer as it is a song about breasts); "Do Me" (about wanting to have sex with a guy whose wife just died, like Michael Hurley and the Unholy Modal Rounders' "Jeanlous Daddy's Death Song" only backwards): "Connecticut's For F*cking"; "Vampire Girls"; "Ellen's Bicoastal." Plus "Crazy Guy," a samba that starts out bebop." - Harp Magazine

"Pitchfork "Incisive class commentary!""

"Delivering uneasy laughs at the expense of strip-mall culture alongside power chords and pop hooks, "Connecticut's for Fucking", by the New York outfit JHC&tFHotA could easily have been a hipster insider's mean-spirited and elitist satire of yokel outsiders. Instead it comes across as something much more complicated than simply making fun of people who aren't from New York. Sounding a little like Amy Sedaris fronting Fountains of Wayne, Risa Mickenberg (who's the Jesus H. Christ part of the name, although there seem to be more than four others in the band, not all on horns) sings from the perspective of one of many teenagers whose only pastime in such a dull state is recreational sex. She delivers lines like "I love to listen to classic rock and have sex with you" with a mix of playfulness and resignation, and introduces a little gravity into the band's humor: all those adolescents, she observes, are "waitin' to turn into the people we are bound to turn into." There's a healthy dose of incisive class commentary as well: "If we can't afford to buy antiques," she sings, "then we just copulate." "Connecticut's for Fucking" sounds more substantial than a novelty track, but with all the catchy fun that label implies."
- Track Review 3.5 stars


Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse. (Self Titled) 2006
Happier Than You (Oct 2008)
Sing Along With Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse (2008) (Karaoke)
Accolades for our debut CD:
NEW YORKER MAGAZINE pop notes- one of ten CDs of 2006 worth a second listen.
Connecticut's for F*cking- #1 most requested song on Alt Nation Sirius Radio for more weeks than any song in the station's history.
#246 Village Voice Pazz and Jop Poll
#4 CD of the year (Phoenix New Times- Nikki Andrea)
#6 CD of the year (Seattle Times/Village Voice- Brian Block)
#16 CD of the year (F5 Witchitaw KS- Tom Hull)
#4 CD of the year (Village Voice George Smith)
#6 CD of the year KPFK Los Angeles
#8 song of the year (Sirius Alt Nation)
#1 most requested song for more weeks than any song in the history of Sirius Alt Nation
#1 song of the year CJIQ- Kitcheners
Other songs with airplay & lusty followings
Nipples, Obviously, Vampire Girls, Steve Baylor, Vicki Is A Pro, Some Days, Happy Me
on stations such as:
KROQ-LA, Z-100, WFMU, KPFK-LA and too many others to hurt peoples' feelings by mentioning some and not mentioning others.



New York-based Jesus H Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse are an un-brooding eight-piece rock/power pop/punk/cabaret band. Likened to B-52s meets X-Ray Spex meets the Arcade Fire meets Ween meets Liz Phair meets Blossom Dearie and Steven Sondheim with a Blood Sweat and Tears horn section- JHC is horny, thinking-person's, emotionally-bare lyrics protectively cloaked in hard pop. All original, stylishly diverse, stick-in-your-head, horrifying but true songs about being bicoastal, Kenneth Anger and Balzac, compassion fatigue, Old Lyme, and widower-lust, with lush monster guitars and celestial horns.