Jesus' Older Brother

Jesus' Older Brother


Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Red Hot Chili Peppers hanging out listening to Pink Floyd. Just 4 guys with different music backgrounds and approaches molding our songs into what we feel is a unique groove.


Jesus' Older Brother started with Steve Kusznir and Nick Rotella continuing on after a project had fallen apart. After various trials, they finally turned to long time friend Bill Carroll for bass duties. The three had started writing and rehearsing for about a year when a chance encounter with an old friend happened at a Roger Waters' concert. This is were Sean Henry was thrown into the mix.

JOB's sound is based on the various influences of Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Black Flag and various others. Each member brings his unique approach to give life to every song. With the eerie drone of the rhythm coupled with the explosive back beat supporting the rhythmic and melodic vocals all topped off with mystifying leads, JOB is sure to entice any fan of music.


No releases, just a demo. No air play.

Set List

Give a list of songs later. We've played 1 hour sets. Can probably stretch out to 3 hours if needed. Songs usually 5-7 minutes. Have about 17 songs total.