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Wilmington, Delaware, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Wilmington, Delaware, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
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"US Rapper Jet Phynx takes home BEAT100's latest Ultimate Musician Award!"

Delaware rapper Jet Phynx has been named as BEAT100's newest Ultimate Musician after catching the eye of the A&R team with his hit original song 'Bank Statement'. Jet, real name Parris Duncan, has been a regular on the Delaware music scene for over 10 years and has grown up with a strong musical background. Rapping since he was 9 years old, Jet was greatly influenced at a young age by his great uncle Bernard Purdie, a famous drummer who worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, The Beatles and James Brown. After receiving his first set of drums as a gift from his great uncle, Jet caught the music bug and was inspired to make music of his own and is now a rapper, songwriter and fashion merchandiser in his own right!

At the age of 22, while studying at the university of Delaware, Jet received the devastating news that his father had lost his battle with throat cancer. Jet now uses his father's memory as his main inspiration and the driving force behind tough work ethic, he tells BEAT100 'The last thing he told me was to be his voice, so that's what I'm trying to do. His words are what motivate me to go as hard as I do. I'm determined to do what he asked me to do. It's time for the world to hear my voice.'

Jet's passion and drive have lead to him having many impressive collaborations under his belt including Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Vinny Cha$e; Jet has now formed the company Solid U.S.A. with retired Delaware Hip-hop veteran Blu Chip in order to further his music career and work on his newest solo project Gift $hop. After his debut mixtape 'Rise of the Phynx' sold 12,000 units worldwide and he also achieved a sale of 10,000 units of his LP 'The Art', the talented rapper is now focusing on promoting his newest mixtape 'Gift $hop' and a newly released itunes single 'No Debate'. With such a prolific career so far, BEAT100 can see that Jet Phynx has fulfilled his father's wishes and more and we wish him all the best of luck with whatever comes next! - Beat100

"Jet Phynx rises from industry ashes"

Independent is an adjective that the dictionary defines as "being free from outside control and not depending on another's authority." While we celebrate our nation's Independence Day, what better to highlight than the plight of our state's independent artists.

One of Delaware's most familiar faces to the local music scene is veteran Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix). Jet, whose real name is Parris Duncan, has been grinding as an artist for over 10 years. Parris split time between living in Wilmington and Elkton, Maryland, where his earliest focus was playing football.

He also has music in his blood: His great-uncle is Bernard Purdie, session drummer to stars including The Beatles, Aretha Franklin and James Brown.

After graduating from Elkton in 2001, Duncan studied at University of Delaware. At the age of 22, Jet's father, who introduced him to the arts, lost his battle with throat cancer. "My father's last words to me were to make sure the world hears my voice, because the world never got to hear his," Jet said. Duncan would soon drop his debut mixtape "Rise of the Phynx," which featured Philly's own Chops.

Chops would set Jet up with a feature from Kanye West, who had just released "College Dropout." Rapping isn't the Delaware native's only talent, though. Jet stepped into the world of fashion after becoming a buyer for the now-closed Flavor clothing store on Main Street in Newark. That experience would prove helpful as Jet would later team with a female partner to form the pop and hip-hop group Typical Friday Night. The pair inked their first record deal, which led to performances as far as Los Angeles and Toronto. After the breakup of TFN, Jet began to focus on his solo hip-hop career. He linked with retired Delaware hip-hop veteran Blu Chip to form the company, Solid U.S.A., and the work began on Jet's newest solo project, "Gift $hop," which drops Friday for free on

We talked to Jet about his new project, his experiences with the industry, and how "Gift $hop" was inspired by Delaware.

Q: Growing up, what influences molded who you are as an artist?

A: I started rapping around 9 years old. I was heavily influenced by my great-uncle Bernard Purdie, who is a famous drummer. He gave me my first drum set and after that it transitioned into writing music. My dad was an interior decorator before he passed away, so I was always exposed to the arts at a very young age.

Q: How did losing your father affect your pursuit to make music?

A: It wasn't easy at all, but the last thing he told me was to be his voice so that's what I'm trying to do. His words are what motivate me to go as hard as I do. I'm determined to fulfill what he asked me to do. It's time for the world to hear my voice.

Q: How did you come up with the artistic direction for your first project, "Rise of the Phynx"?

A: Well back in the day I teamed up with my boy Ross Hockrow, and we started Cashmere Records to help push my music. At the time I met him, he was into playing poker, so we would take trips to Atlantic City and he would play poker and I would write music in the hotel room or throw parties. I am a huge movie fan so sometimes I'd chill and watch movies, and Ross suggested I should incorporate movies into my music. So when we recorded that project, I added movie clips and sound bites to give the listeners a dramatic feel.

Q: How did you manage to secure a feature with Kanye West on your mixtape?

A: Well around that time I had developed a relationship with a producer from Philly named Chops. He had a record with Kanye West and he played it for me. So I asked him what he was doing with the song and he said nothing. He then told me he was going to go get food and if I could write a verse for it by the time he got back, I could jump on it. So I did my verse and he ended up clearing it with Kanye to put on my mixtape. It was definitely a blessing.

Q: How did your time in the group Typical Friday Night shape you as an artist?

A: My time with TFN was an eye-opening experience and a life lesson for me as well. Getting a chance to work with record labels like Interscope and meet people like Lady Gaga, it was a time I'll never forget. We performed all over, from L.A. to Toronto. All of my experiences have molded how I approach my music and how I brand myself as an artist.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your newest project "Gift $hop"

A: The inspirations for "Gift $hop" are the finer things in life. Most specifically the finer things of Delaware. Delaware is the bank state; we have celebrities who live here as well as Fortune 500 companies. When I recorded the project, I used my friend and local producer Jon Conner's equipment and recorded some of the project at [Hotel du Pont] in one of their rooms. I read that big-name artists like Jay-Z would rent lavish rooms and record projects in them for motivation, so I gave it a shot. Overall, I just really wanted to highlight some of Delaware's finer aspects as opposed to the usual negativity that hip-hop sometimes focuses on.

Q: What do you think artists in Delaware can do better to give themselves a greater chance at being heard?

A: It's all about work ethic and how you brand yourself. I don't think enough artists are mindful of their image and tend to just go for any look. In today's music world, you have to stand out and be different. People want to be entertained and if you can give them a quality product, then people will take you more seriously.

Q: What do you plan to be doing in the next five years?

A: I see myself being respected by peers in the music industry. I want to just fulfill what I told my dad I would do. I already feel as though I have been successful. At this point it's about taking it to another level.

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WHAT: Solid USA and Jet Phynx present "Gift $hop"

WHEN: Friday

WHERE: Free download available on


SOCIAL, @JetPhynx on Twitter - By Dominick 'King Dom' Draper,

"Delaware is flying high with Jet Phynx"

Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is an American Rapper from Wilmington Delaware. It looks like the first state has a new pilot taking the delaware hip hop scene to new nights. Last month, Mr Phynx released his debut mixtape "Gift $hop" on His next release was "No Debate", taking his talents and targeting females. One listen from the chorus will seduce any female lingering for attention with lyrics like "No Debate, you the baddest in here. No Debating, you the winner of the year. No mistaking , F****** right , Damn it they know". We do believe Jet Phynx has star power but only time will tell. Check out his music on -


"So here’s a new artist to us that classifies his music as “Pop / Glam.” Jet Phynx brings a catchy sound that is designed for increasing club energy for sure. Hailing from Delaware, Jet Phynx is pushing a new style and image for the East Coast music scene.The production on the tracks is good and Jet Phynx and we are really feeling the track “Club 2 Club,” on his Myspace. To give you a sample, we have “Notty Party,” which some of you might like more than “Club 2 Club,” but the latter does more for us. Both are solid tunes though." - Hipster Wave

"Alternative Pick of the Day"

With a unique sense of fashion, an up-beat style of music, and an undying desire to live “that life,” Typical Friday Night (TFN) brings a new video to the scene aptly dubbed “Bout That Life.” Directed by Dan Centrone, this bright visual coupled with the King Patrick’s production gives Hip-Hop heads something they’ve never seen before. With EDM and Hip-Hop joining forces and with the attention that’s been given to the new genre over the last year, we can only expect big things from TFN, comprised of Jet Phynx and Broadway. From their crazy get up’s to their party lifestyle TFN is up next, so follow along via @TFNParty on Twitter and enjoy - All Hip Hop

"World Star Hip Hop: TFN Bout That Life" - World Star Hip Hop

"Jet Phynx takes page from Lady Gaga's book"

What do you get when you cross hip-hop, a futuristic anime superhero, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga?

The answer: Jet Phynx.

Jet Phynx (pronounced Phoenix) is visually the most striking and boldly definitive character in hip-hop today, this side of Nicki Minaj.

Poised to be a fashion icon, the concept of his style -- both visually and musically -- evolved from a culmination of observation, advice and criticism. By all accounts, the Delaware native, who has opened for Flo Rida and Gym Class Heroes and will tour in support of his CD "The Art" this summer, started out a "normal" hip-hop kid wearing baggy jeans and rapping

over the "boom kack" beats more typical to the genre.

Jet always had an interest in fashion and stayed on the cutting edge of the latest trends since he was in his early teens.

"My older brothers were into clothes at a young age. I grew up in an era where there was the Malcolm X stuff, Kriss Kross rockin' stuff backwards, then to the Cross Colours, rockin' starter jackets ..." Jet told Allhiphop. "Then (I) got influenced by what Roc was doin', so I got into wearin' Iceberg and Rocawear. I was totally always a fashion kid. I just never paid much attention to it as far as a style and as a brand."

Jet's official background in fashion began when he scored a job at Flava Clothing and worked his way up to assistant buyer, where he was privy to the showroom floors of major clothing lines such as Akademiks and LRG. The job also entailed attending fashion shows, which further cultivated his flair. When he got the opportunity to intern at Interscope Records, Phynx began to understand the importance of the correlation between fashion and successfully branding an artist.

"I started seeing what it was about to have a brand, and it kind of sparked my interest. It's not just about the music. It's about how the artist looks, how the artist moves, how he talks."

Phynx's colorful imagination went beyond the thought of simply branding himself by wearing the latest trends or rocking a distinctive haircut. - The News Journal

"Rule4080 catches up with Jet Phynx"

Rule4080 met a lot of very creative people from the Indashio Event during fashion week – like the fabulous sisters of Mercura Sunglasses who have their Sunglasses placed in Lady GaGa’s new video “Telephone” Feat. Beyonce – to now introducing the world to an amazing artist, expressionist, and unique individual who has mastered his own craft with fashion and music. His name is Jet Phynx.

Joey Too Fresh got to sit with Jet Phynx at The Swarovski Crystallized Museum on Mercer St.
Jet broke down the basics from his influences in music to his unique style in fashion to Hip-Hop and art. He has worked with The Neptunes, Kanye West, and has done shows with numerous artists. Jet is influenced by the 80’s and his musical interests range from Outkast to Guns and Roses to Prince and he also mentioned MF Doom – how’s that for a mix?!

He describes himself as a canvas and through his expression and attitude and style he creates his own masterpiece.
Jet Phynx has an album coming soon called “The Art”. You can check out his music video DARK LIGHT Feat Brawdway
Rule4080 will feature Jet Phynx’s music very soon. For now, enjoy the pictures and check him out at WWW.JETPHYNX.COM


"Jet Phynx on Tim Qualls Show"

The Tim Qualls Show Interview

- Tim Qualls

"Who's Gonna Sign these peeps?"

Hanging in the I VIP room I found Jet Phynx - He said its not the clothes that make you but you that should make the clothes. This is where fashion can be a eclectic canvas for ones self. Jet Phynx(pronounced Phoenix) Is much more than your average Pop artist, being that he is also college educated in Fashion Merchandising as well. & Brawdway
Look for these two people to be going places. Check their video out on YouTube -

"Russless Blog"

Self proclaimed jetsetter and socialite Jet Phynx filled the gap between shows with his brand of fame and fashion induced pop. Later Phynx, who self designs his highly stylized stage looks, tells me he’s been hanging with Gaga and Kanye and is en route to Europe and Japan to continue his global takeover. -

"Live at F.A.T. Jet Phynx performs"

Jet Phynx’ live performance can only be described as an experience. With attire that’s so left-field, it’s a sight to be seen, not just heard.

A set from Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is a special one, with his left-field attitude shining through with each song. While the attendees stood in awe, trying to make sense of his outfit (and whether or not he can actually see out of those shades), he brought the energy and performed for a crowd of people looking for something new and cutting edge.

Phynx brought on his partner-in-crime, Broadway, to add a tad of performance art to his performance. Equally eye-catching, she managed to add an extra touch of sex appeal to Phynx’ bravado-laced presence. And announcing his work with Lady Gaga and Kanye West, it all makes a lot of sense.

Watch for him to make his way to Toronto once again in the near future. - Fashion. Arts. Toronto

"Skope Mag Artist to Watch"

Skope: What were you doing when you found out you were selected for Skope A2W April 2010?
Jetphynx: I just got picked up from the airport heading to Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, checking emails on my backflip. I was with my camera crew and Brawdway, we already were popping bottles of champaign, we just had even more of a reason to toast!
Skope: Now that the weather is nice will you be out playing live this summer & spring & where?
Jetphynx: The show goes on through any weather. You will always get an energy packed, slightly vulgar, outrageous performance from me, NOMATTER WHAT. I will be performing outdoors at Milwaukee Pride Festival in June, and many festivals throughout Europe in July – August.
Skope: What motivates you everyday to get up and create and work on your music?
Jetphynx: When my father passed of throat cancer, he said to me “ The world did not get to hear me, make sure they hear you”. Ever since then, I took on the promise to be the voice of my father. Motivation is a staple in my career, I feel anything less is a lie.
Skope: What bands & musicians before you heavily influenced your sound?
Jetphynx: My father was big on Jazz music, and traveled the world. We used to play this game where he would play a record and spread out different album covers. I had to guess which artist I thought the record belonged to. I grew up to Guns N Roses, Prince, Jay-Z, even MF Doom.
Skope: What is coming up for you and where can readers learn more about you?
Jetphynx: I am releasing my debut album “The Art” this summer. My buzz-worthy record “S.T.S.” is available on itunes now! Loads of shows, fashion, and special appearances. This summer is all about “Getting Shady & staying Fargo-Glam”. You can learn more about my Shady Socialite Movement & Pre-Order my debut album at -

"Fashion Indie Writes about debut album"

“The Art” is a record inviting you into Jet’s elite “gallery” of life experiences, women, fashion, and a little upper echelon socialite action.

While “The Art” may seem flashy and a bit celebraton, the true message in his work is to celebrate and embrace creativity. Jet Phynx is the futuristic front runner of great avant-garde artists.

This album is stamped into musics time-vault and will encourage great works through out current and future generations.You can snag a copy at Best Buy, itunes, and other online stores.
- Fashion Indie

"On The Rise 2010"

Jet Phynx And Brawdway

Coming outta the same camp The socialitz are making elegant and fasionable waves in the 302. Jet Phynx a long time music maker outta of the 302 is sharpening his musical approach and getting ready to unleash the glamourous lifestyle of the socialitz. Brawdway Jet's protege is making some noise on a couple of features off of jet's new joint....and the world is waiting for that glamourios sound. Not to mention brawdway is a cutie...Shout out to The Socialitz from DarkWonka keep doing yall thing!! - Dark Wonka






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Parris Duncan, also known as Jet Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is an American Rapper, songwriter,recording producer and Videographer. Jet matches a keen eye for visual branding with an undeniable ear for popular. Sounds like a Kanye West student sharing a dorm with Travis Scott and Big Sean. His production is very abstract. Lyrically he has a way of talking to himself with his adlibs. Jet is a visual conductor with a minds of a mad scientist. From new age to all there's not area jet doesn't fit in with. Jet Phynx is just a creative weirdo.

Now days hip hop artist are pop culture.

 Jets socialite credentials are impeccable. DJ Slice of 2 Live Crew mentored him in the art of Hip Hop and fostered collaborations with artists Flo Rida & Gym Class Heros. This led to Jets debut mix tape, Rise of the Phynx, which sold over 12,000 units worldwide and grabbed attention in URB Magazines Next 1000. Small town guy with big dreams had features songs with Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West. 

Jet Phynx has the faith, charisma, and intuition to sustain excitement and style. His rapping, and relentless work ethics will work its way into your heart and impresses long after the final encore. He extends far beyond the usual range for Hop Hip artists making him a new exciting artist on the rise in popular culture. Jet writes and delivers numerous masterpieces, both for himself and for others, and has created the new lane in today's market of popular culture . Jets latest Mixtape ,  "WARNING"  draws the listener inside the exclusive world of high fashion, art, Film and the lifestyles of achieving the status of the young, wild and very reckless. 

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