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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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"Je T'aime one of LA's hidden music treasures"

One of the newest and most promising bands in the LA area is the 3 piece Je T’aime with their high energy shows keeping their fans mesmerized and attracting new fans at every show they are poised to make some serious noise in 2013. If you have not had the chance to see them yet make sure you look them up and go see their next show. Derek Goodwin-Drums, Mike Brunner-Guitars and Claude Racine-Vocals make up the band and each member brings ferocity to the band. Claude defiantly channels her fellow Canadian Sarah McLachlan vocally but with the growls of another Canadian Morgan Lander thrown in just to mix up the sound. Derek and Mike keep the flow of the band moving throughout the vocals with the ease and speed of bands like Thrice and The Used. Together this band has put together a very strong sound that at times does draw on Flyleaf but is unique and all its own. Luckily for those that had heard of them they returned to Long Beach for an inspired birthday show for Claude.

Opening the show with an instrumental jam session used for sound check was a great idea as it gave everyone a chance to see just what Derek and Mike could do and by the time Claude joined them on stage everyone was ready to bring the house down. The first song “Coming For You” is a great song that really shows the crowd what they are in store for with Je T’aime. The personal nature of the song writing is showcased with “Come On” and “Let It Fall” off the bands 3 song EP. The EP is good, available for only $2.97 on ITunes and was even recorded at Matt Sorum’s (Guns and Roses) studio. For the 35-40 minute set the band just tore up everyone else who took the stage that night. “Bye Bye Minion” and “Don’t Tell Me” were also highlights of the set. But probably the 2 songs that stood out the most were “Let It Fall” the bands first single and everyone in the crowd’s favorite song and the cover of Queen’s “Dragon Attack”.

If you want to see for yourself what the buzz about Je T’aime is then just head over to the House of Blues on Sunset November 16th. There is no doubt that this 3 piece will be a band to watch for in 2013 and beyond so make sure you get to one of their shows soon. -


Still working on that hot first release.



The genesis of Je T’aime can be traced back to July of 2011, when founding members Claude Racine (vocals) and Derek Goodwin (drums) met via the wonderful world of Craigslist. When the two first met up in Glendale, CA, it became quickly apparent that the musical chemistry was undeniable. “It was crazy how we had the exact same influences, creative vision, career aspirations and work ethic,” said Goodwin. They began working with several guitarists before stumbling upon guitarist Mike Brunner in February 2012. "There was an instant professionalism about Mike,” recalls Racine. “Not only was he on time for his audition, but he was beyond prepared and was hands-down the best guitarist either of us had ever worked with. We knew right then and there that we had to have him.” Bassist Blas Perez rounded out the band, and the now complete Je T’aime immediately got to work rehearsing and writing new material. A few months later, an opportunity to play live surfaced – a fundraiser concert benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Je T’aime opened the show and assaulted the crowd with a thundering set in flawless manner. Their thick and powerful signature sound and high-energy stage antics literally blew away the crowd. It was this performance that caught the attention of the benefit show’s organizer, and now current manager, Sanjay Advani. “When we booked them, we had no idea what we were getting as they didn’t have anything recorded, nor had they performed anywhere in the past. We added them to the lineup solely on a recommendation from one of their friends. Little did we know they were this amazing and tight, stadium-caliber band.”

Since the foursome came together, it has always been their goal to put out hard-driving rock that was rough enough hang with the likes of Thrice and Rise Against, but still offer fans the rhythmic beauty and harmony of bands like Evanescence and Dead Sara. Influenced heavily by another female-fronted band, Flyleaf, Racine sprinkles both warm, smooth vocal tone as well as her well placed, pitch-perfect screams over Brunner’s gritty and catchy guitar phrasing to deliver heavy, powerful songs with a positive message. Racine challenges listeners with topics ranging from human empowerment to illuminating mankind’s responsibility to itself. “On the other side of fear is freedom / Insecurity, conformity, we don’t need ‘em / Burn the blanket now and leave them / Hold the torch up high and make them come” Je T’aime dares us to challenge conventional thinking and not be afraid to chart a new path, because in doing so you can spur a thought revolution.

Je T’aime’s live performance is confident, tight, and filled with targeted power. Their blistering live set and stage presence exhibited in intimate venues pack enough octane to ignite a crowd the size of Wembley Stadium. Goodwin does a masterful job of driving a tight pace and bursting into perfectly timed sonic explosions with Racine to ignite audiences into a frenzy. Perez and Brunner keep the performance colored with flavorful hooks and a wall of sound that causes even the most academic prog rock snobs to pull out the ole air guitar. Still catchy enough and relevant with today’s youth, Je T’aime has been able to take the next step in the musical evolution, harboring the best traits of their vast range of influences and create a fresh recipe for alternative rock metal that can appease both mainstream fans as well as hardcore purists.

In October 2012, the band recorded their first EP, “Let It Fall”, with producer Marc Jordan (and mastered by Howie Weinberg) at Drac Studios and LooseFang studios in Los Angeles, CA. Je T’aime is actively gigging the LA scene with plans to complete recording of their first full-length album by Summer 2013.

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