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Jet Black Stereo


Something you haven't heard before, An image you've never seen before and an attitude that's been lost since the 80's!



Starting as an idea brewing in the minds of five best friends grown musicians, Jet Black Stereo has evolved into a dedicated rampage of songs, meant to be heard by thousands. Toronto, Canada has no doubt been the birthplace to a number of talented musicians, but no band like Jet Black Stereo.

Growing up with each other was the easy part, even when we were in different bands with completely different sounds and scenes; we always found time to spend on the side. Whether it was writing songs or just hanging out, it was really important to us to keep close ties with each other be it whatever we we’re involved with at the time.
If you really wanted to, you could easily separate us, some by style, some by personality, and some by the decades of music that we have been inspired by.

“Just look at Dano and you’ll think the guy just stepped out of a time machine that had destination 1985 written on it. Unfortunately this could be good and bad. “Good” in the sense that he looks different from every other dude but “Bad” in the sense that he would actually listen to 80’s music.”-Nazzy

Nazzy and Dano have the sort of love-hate relationship where there’s always two sides to the story.

“Nazzy is appropriately nick-named ‘The Celebration’ because he’s the type of clown that will do anything at any extent for a laugh. I don’t mind it cause I’m usually right there with him. However, I am a little worried about his wardrobe.” –Dano

Everyone knows there’s that line between a motivator and a control freak, GM always knows where the line is and how far to one side he’s on at all times.

“G.M. Gianmike? More like General Manager in the sense that he’s the guy who maintains as much order as possible in the posse. At the same time he knows when to screw around and make sure the rest of the band is having a laugh. A real ladies man as well.” –Monti

Yet as crazy as times get, there’s always one guy you can always count on to step it up in every situation.

“Monti is by far the most creative person when it comes to outdoing an old song with a new one. His energy on stage plays an important role when trying to keep the viewers interested and wanting more, and trust me, they always come back for more. Sometimes not just for the music”-Danny t

There’s always someone that’ll have their hand in everything the band does or is interested in doing, and that someone for Jet Black Stereo is Danny T.
“He’s got a passion for words and an intensity about his voice that I just can’t describe. Just when I think I’ve figured him out he’ll open my eyes to a whole new side of things. As much as they say I keep the guys in line, it’s Danny T that keeps me focused. It’s like were playing a game, and one of us is always trying to out due the other.”- GM

Each of us has had plenty of experience in the business and on the road touring Canada and the USA, with many radio and tv appearances including a date on MTV Live Canada, and dates with many major label acts such as Hedley, Matthew Good, LA Guns, etc and played many festivals with indie bands along the way. We have also landed some solid endorsement deals with great companies like Gibson, Dean Markley, Radial Tonebone, Hiwatt, and Fernandes to name a few. A couple of our members have also been working closely with Duncan Coutts of the platinum selling Canadian band Our Lady Peace, and have already learned so much from him along the way.

Jet Black Stereo is a diverse sounding band that ranges with rock and pop, with melodic chorus', epic sounds and measures. Which may be what helps them maintain their consistancy on myspace's Top Canadian artists. Working with A&R Select in Los Angeles, CA, we've managed to get our first self-titled EP on ITunes, Napster, and every major online retailer.

The guys also support a number of different charities such as Invisible Children and WWF. Lyrically, our songs bring up so many different issues that it’s hard to keep track on what we’ve covered and what’s left to cover. The lyrics we write are always dressed around catchy guitar riffs, sing along melodies and synth sounds that will either bring you back to the 80’s or shoot you right back up to the present.

"Jet Black Stereo rides the wave of unbridled enthusiasm and an infectious zest for making powerful rock music."- A&R Select

With everything happening in the industry today, from so many different bands and so many different sounds, the guys in Jet Black Stereo have done something that almost seems impossible to some. The buzz has started.

Written by: Danny Trivelli


Not So Burlesque

Written By: D. Trivelli, S. Monti, G.Polichiccio

Not So Burlesque

-Verse One-
Your skin is ever so inviting
It's a masquerade of repair
But when you recycle these words
You'll find, It's so much easier to sell
Yourself to survive.
I'd hate to see you cry
I'd rather watch you ?

Bring me back down
I'd rather watch you ?
Bring me back down
Then see you cry

-Verse Two-
She lives in hell but she don't know
Her envy, everyday, it grows
And if you look into her eyes
You'll see the lust for all her demise


Hail mary, full of grace
Help me fly
And deliever me from this fight

Take Me Away

Written By: D. Trivelli

Take Me Away

-Verse 1-
We don't deserve to be your products
And live somewhere in between
Our lives are not for sale
Your suffering, your suffering

You got what you want

This is about the time I hear somebody say
We lost it, we lost it
It's just another name to add to the list
We lost it, we lost it

-Verse 2-
What would you do if it was your son or daughter?
You wear your golden heart like a medal of honor

-Pre Chorus-


You take me away
(their comin to take me away)

Comin Home

Written By: S. Monti, D. Trivelli

Comin Home

-Verse One-
Is anybody keepin track of the days this time
I'm goin crazy cause I'm losin my goddamn mind
Where am I? Am I alive?
This place is scary lookin, losin my will to live
I'm hearin fire cause it's flyin right by my head
I'm so scared
I wanna go home

-Pre Chorus-

Kill your time with all your fashion
Your drugs and technology

We're comin back one day
Watch it, watch it
We're comin back one day
It was worth the wait

-Verse Two-
"Yes sir, please sir, can I leave this place forever?"
"No", He said
Boom there goes the bomb
And now I'm dead,
I ain't goin home



You sit in your silence, your watchin the door
A knocker comes knockin
You heart hits the floor
A man dressed in darkness, no look on his face
He hands you a letter, Your world falls down.



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Jet Black Stereo(2008)
1. Comin Home
2. Take Me Away
3. Not So Burlesque
4. Settle the Score
5. The Piano Song
5. Dirty South

The Demo Sessions(2007)
1. Not So Burlesque
2. The Piano Song
3. Settle the Score

Steady radio airplay at:
*The Rock Show
100.3 FM CKMS Radio Waterloo, Canada

*ARfm ( & River Gibbs FM ( UK)
*DarkCompass Radio
*Overgroundradio (Tampa, Florida)
* Zaldor Radio
*London Kalling Radio (London, England)

Set List

1. Comin Home
2. Take Me Away
3. Not So Burlesque
4. Settle the Score
5. The Piano Song
6. Dirty South

The set may range from 30 to 40 minutes.