Jet Brennan

Jet Brennan


Jet Brennan, singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist writes and performs short and bittersweet songs, delivered in a stripped-down style with a Celtic lilt.


Guitarist and singer/songwriter Jet Brennan is a graduate of the School of Bars and Busking. Uncompromisingly plain but never simple, his songs are delivered in a stripped down style with a Celtic lilt. From a Scots/Irish background, Jet grew up to the sounds of Irish airs, Scottish reels and pipe bands. Originally a drummer he switched to guitar at fifteen. Moving to England in his late teens, Jet made a living playing rhythm guitar in local bands with a covers repertoire of Neil Young, Steve Earle, John Prine etc. He discovered a knack for writing songs that people enjoyed hearing and branched out as a solo artist, touring Ireland and Scotland on foot (quote - "I don't do driving!"). In 1996 Jet won the UK Voice of the Year contest, breaking with tradition by performing his own composition, Easy Morning, rather than a cover song. The song attracted attention and led to a performance on BBC Radio's Folk on Two as well as local radio stations. Over the past few years, Jet has concentrated on writing new material and armed with his trusty Martin, headed out on the road to test out the new songs. Jet's song, Cruel Coincidence, is an uptempo fingerstyle guitar plus vocal, that had audiences dancing and chanting the chorus when he first roadtested the song in Brittany! His latest track, Hashish to Ashes, a fingerpicked slow tempo country number, has been described as a three handkerchief production! The song has just reached the semifinals of the 2007 UK Songwriters competition!


Hashish To Ashes

Written By: J.Brennan/A.Cambray


I’m sick and tired of hashish
All my money’s burned to ashes
Fed up with the same old lousy deal.
When I get to drinking
It’s then I get to thinking
That nothing stays the same old way

When I wake up in the morning
I hear your voice calling
I reach out and you’re gone
And it’s hard to keep on going
It’s a hard row that I’m hoeing
Without you by my side.

I remember when I met you
I swore I’d never leave you
Nor let you down
Now I stand defeated
A man who life has cheated
A ship that’s run aground.


Cruel Coincidence

Written By: J.Brennan/A.Cambray

Music: J.Brennan Words: J.Brennan/A.Cambray
Inspired by reading Truman Capote's book, In Cold Blood.
Cruel coincidences find
The strangest corners of your mind
But I am here just to remind
Of that lost sorrow left behind.
I should have let you go
I should have let you go
But how was I to know
Cruel coincidence of mine.

Just move my feet
To the same old beat
Kick up the dust on the same old street
There ain’t no reason I can see
To let it happen naturally.

For my example, and I quote,
Every book Capote wrote
But I couldn’t tell you
Note for note
Or every word that he wrote.

I should have let you go
I should have let you go
But how was I to know
Cruel coincidence of mine

So goodbye to you my friend
This is where our story ends.


I should have let you go
I should have let you go
But how was I to know
Cruel coincidence of mine.

Easy Morning

Written By: J.Brennan

I woke up this morning, threw back the covers and got out of bed
Walked to the window,sunlight squeezing through the shade.

It's another easy morning, another easy day
Evenings leave me feeling much the same way.

Can't help but wonder what went wrong with this love of mine
Just like a fine wine, a little taste and you were gone.


Turn back the pages, count down the years and see your face
Soft and warm there, smiling in the summer sun.


Heart Of Mine

Written By: J.Brennan

I coud see you ther, I'd know a thousand times
You're standing there for me
And as the southern breeze blows in this face of mine
I see the sunshine in your smile.


Oh-oh-oh heart of mine
This is going to take a long time

When I ask you do you feel alright tonight
I see the answer in your eyes
like the stars that shine on a warm July evening
I never ask the question why.


Let's talk about this converstaion
If you've got the inclination
I've thought about stepping sideways
but i don't think this move is on

When I see you there I kiss the open sky
I'm ecstatic in your arms
Like the autumn leaves on a cold October morning
By your presence I'm entranced


Black Is The Colour

Written By: Trad.Scots

Black is the colour of my true love's hair
Her lips are like some roses fair
She has the sweetest smile and the softest hands
And I love the ground whereon she stands.

I love my love and well she knows
I love the ground whereon she goes
And I hope the day it soon will come
When she and I will be as one

I go to the Clyde where I mourn and weep
Satisfied I never can be
I write her a letter, just a few short lines
And suffer death a thousand times.



Easy Morning
Heart of Mine
Cruel Coincidence
Hashish To Ashes

Set List

Cruel Coincidence - J.Brennan/A.Cambray
Angel Of Montgomery - John Prine
City Of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie
Ride Me High - Bob Dylan
Hometown Blues - Steve Earle
Easy Morning - J.Brennan
Steel Train Blues - J.Brennan/A.Cambray
Pocahontas - Neil Young
Paradise - John Prine
Every River - Richey/Angelo/Littlefield


Speed At The Sound of Loneliness - John Prine
Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson
Ship Of Fools - Bob Seger
Hashish To Ashes - J.Brennan/A.Cambray
Heart of Mine - J.Brennan
Tecumseh Valley - Townes Van Zandt
Lakes Of Pontchartrain - Trad.
Fields of Athenry - Trad.
Black Is The Colour - Trad.
Bird On The Wing - J.Brennan

1h 30 mins