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"Some Reviews of JET CIRCUS - LADN"

Great Brittain - CROSS RYTHMS
A solid and heavy album that is full of attitude, this features crunchy guitars and gritty vocals and should still please old fans of the Jet Circus but will also appeal to people not familiar with the pioneering group. Another great aspect of this album is the positivity it breeds within the listener; the songs are wonderfully cheerful and are destined to raise your spirits, if not a broad grin across your face!
"Look At Death Now" is chock full of metallic excellence, from the powerhouse-foursome of head-banging openers (“One Dime Scape Goat,” “Man Rules,” “Godless Happiness” and the title track) to the beautiful fullness of string-enhanced ballads (“The Way You Bless Me” and “Fears of Tomorrow”). Gomer’s deep-to-wailing vocals are brilliant and engaging throughout.
High-octane. Smokin’. Brain-and-bone-jarring. Electric. Yeeeaaaahhhh!
If you are expecting 'Step On It' part 2, I'll save you the trouble. This is not it. 'Look at Death Now' is a more hard rockin' recording with straight ahead rock hooks and thought provoking lyrics...
More of the 80's-90's metal bands looking to please old and new fans alike should give this CD a spin to see how it's done. Pick this one up today. I've not been able to quite put this one down yet as it's been making it's way back into my CD player.
This is a fun, solid and hard rockin' CD. The music on this disc is surprisingly heavi and is a combination of crunchy guitar riffs, funky, gritty bass lines, a bit of groove and a ton of attitude. Ez Goméz also rips out some excellent leads, which is something sorely missed in some modern music.
This CD, the latest release from Jet Circus, has that little something extra that takes it to a whole new level of musical quality. The CD grabs you attention from the hard rocking track one, "One Dime Scape Goat," with its wailing guitars and forceful vocals and doesn't let go of you...This CD is one musical thrill ride that you don't want to miss out on!
Been a long time since Step On It was released in 1991. Ez Gomer took his time releasing a second project, but it was worth the wait. This April, 2005 indie release offers a dangerously raunchy fusion of bass-heavy motorcycle rock, metal, and blues. Hearing it for the first time is like an after-the-rain fresh breeze wafting through a biker rally on a hot day..
This is just a solid, heavy, full of attitude, rockin' fun album to listen to.  Crunchy/fuzzy guitars, monster grooves, crazy leads, soaring solos, gritty vocals, blood curdling screams, and lots of  headbanging.  I must say that I have enjoyed this album quite a bit, and I dare say that this will please old fans of the band, but also will appeal to people that couldn't stand Jet Circus in the past.
This is a fun solid rocking release with attitude and monster grooves. The guitars are loud sounding and with some very sophisticated crunchy riffs. A different disc to be proud about and a fresh affair for you to breath. I say it again it got the raw “attitudes” of some dirty rock scene somewhere in the States. This is headbanging cool hard rock with some metal and with a nice production and some crazy musicians that knows how to have fun on stage or in the studio.
Netherlands - ART FOR THE EARS
They released their debut album in 1989. This remarkable hard rock effort got attention from all around the world. High were the expectations for the follow-up..Now Jet Circus returns with a production of Ez Gomér alone. Still he manages to make remarkable music.
Netherlands - ROCKEZINE
You can write a proper album review of this album by just listening to the first couple of moderations. The intro of the first track with its profound drums with razor sharp guitar riffs and slightly shrill vocals characterize this album from beginning till the end. There are no real surprises on “Look At Death Now”, the only remarkable thing is the cheerful vibes on “Look At Death Now”
Netherlands - DREUN
Both high and low, crying or clean, it sounds all just as pure and vigorously. This unusual mix really stocks as a bomb! It batters, it rams, it booms the pans of the roof. Or such as them in G - Various World Press


Look at Death Now (Album, Hypersonic/Rivel 2005)
Step On It (US Album, Sony/Epic 1990)
Step On It (Japanse edition, Virgin Records 1990)
Step On It (European edition, 1990)
Victory Dance (Single 1990)
Be-Bop-A-Lula (Single 1990)
Motion Factory (Various artists, 1992)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jet Circus broke new musical ground all over the world, with the relaese of STEP ON IT, (1990) shocking with a totally new sound, based on a blend of metal, hard rock, funk and dance rythms. Jet Circus is one original band with it's own brand of hilarious and hard Rock 'n Roll where musicianship and energy is on top.

The new album LOOK AT DEATH NOW (2005) is the follow up album, close enough to sound like the same band and different enough to stand out in it's own raw power. Top rated reviews from all over the world testify that Jet Circus rules in it's own hard rock genre.