Jet Circus

Jet Circus


Hard and heavy kicking groove rock ‘n’ roll


Jet Circus broke new musical ground all over the world, with the relaese of STEP ON IT, (1990) shocking with a totally new sound, based on a blend of metal, hard rock, funk and dance rythms. Jet Circus is one original band with it's own brand of hilarious and hard Rock 'n Roll where musicianship and energy is on top.

The new album LOOK AT DEATH NOW (2005) is the follow up album, close enough to sound like the same band and different enough to stand out in it's own raw power. Top rated reviews from all over the world testify that Jet Circus rules in it's own hard rock genre.


Look at Death Now (Album, Hypersonic/Rivel 2005)
Step On It (US Album, Sony/Epic 1990)
Step On It (Japanse edition, Virgin Records 1990)
Step On It (European edition, 1990)
Victory Dance (Single 1990)
Be-Bop-A-Lula (Single 1990)
Motion Factory (Various artists, 1992)

Set List

1,5-2 hours of JET CIRCUS original, old and new classics.