I think that my music take influence from blues and soul with different rhytm - latin with sounds of music underground - we are looking for living together of these languages


Jetinsa play the piano at 5 years of age with classic music and than with gospel and after with jazz in concerts as solo -
Luca play the bass at 12 years of age inthe school and in bands of punk around 1981-82 and than all genr. rock and fusion , he worked in many gigs with italian artists-
Simone-play & study drum at 14 years of age - different styles as he take the certificate at the subsidiary of london ECM - in Bologna.Our influences are from the music of blues -punk-underground- the story is simlpy : we have the same age- borned and lived in the same city with different experiences of music but after some years we had a meeting to talk about music & what we can given of new to the people -so we played all the night ...


gigisong groove

Written By: annarita bortolamasi

In the night I go to find an answer at my dark despair and so I feel something more - I don't know - I don't see - a different world

gigi this song is for you

I see the yellow lights in front of me and now I take all the strenght
to go on

gigi this song is for you

You don't love me and now I know the reason of all when you hold me far from the people's view

Let me free - there's something more than you


NUVOLE - single released in the year 2004 -
GIALLOEBIANCO -LP released in the year 2006 -

Set List

"gialloebianco" with live improvisation form 5-7 min.
"Johanna" " " 5 min.
"just now " " " 5 min.
"gigisong " " " 5 min.
"nuvole " " " 5 min.
groove version - the live show change with the double interpretation of the same pieces